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Thinking of starting a PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by SanamChaudhry, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Hi there guys,
    Im thinking about starting a pgce in primary. Im a mother of two, a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. Just wanting to know how tough the course is, and is it feasible with two young kids. The elder wil be full time school and the younger one ill put into daycare. Will i be working evenings and do you get many assignments to be getting on with throughout the year. Just wanting to know if its feasible with other obligations!

  2. I did a PGCE last year, and yes it is tough. During the uni weeks (about 10 across the year) I was at uni 4 days a week 9-5, and the rest of the time during the year was spent at school. On school days I arrived at school by 8am, left school at about 5/6pm and then would usually be spending minimum 2 hours doing planning/marking/assessment/coursework etc. in the evening. Sometimes a lot more. I would also work at the weekends. Planning is a lot heavier for a PGCE student than it is for a qualified teacher, as we were required to produce a written plan in a lot of detail for every individual lesson we taught, and then evaluate them at the end, as well as making/finding resources, marking, meeting targets etc etc. In terms of assignments, we had about 30 mini assignments to do across the year in each placement, as well as 10 masters level essays (2000 words) and the QTS standards file (33 standards, 2/3 pieces of evidence for each one). My pgce was quite an average one, but some pgce's have a heavier workload, and some slightly less so ask around. I went to bedford uni by the way.

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