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Thinking of starting a book club for parents .....

Discussion in 'Book club' started by colliedogxxx, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Was just wondering if any one has done this and if so what did u do ? How often do u think we should meet ? and what books would u recommend ?

    Many thanks ;-)

    Should add I am in a small primary school 121 on roll
  2. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    Think this is a fabulous idea, at primary, you'd probably get a good response. I'd choose a relatively easy read to begin, you don't want it to be too highbrow and put off prospective parents. You could set up a blog/school web page for everyone to contribute and comment?

    If you've a local library, they'd probably be willing to help as well.
  3. thegoose

    thegoose New commenter

    I started a book club for parents in a small rural school. I sent a letter out and asked who might be interested - think I included it as part of Worl Book day. We met in school 'community ' room once a month (about 8pm when kids in bed)- month to read book seemed enough time for all to read. I chose first 2 books (One day then Sacred Hearts) and provided discussion questions. I then left the group and they continue to meet once a month in eachother house. I have heard through grapevine (I've left that school) that they still meet 2 years on! Hope this makes sense x
  4. Thank you for ur replies I have drafted the letter and it's ready to go out tomorrow or next week. Really liked the idea of using the school website to start a discussion forum for the parents to talk about the books we are reading and no spoilers ha We're going to meet 1st wed of every month, thought we could have nice coffee and biccies swap books and talk about the book weve read and I'm sending out the book list tomorrow - I've got 12 books for a years worth of reading. Thought we'd start with water for elephants - I've just started it and I'm really enjoying it. Good idea about not meeting in school that could be something we do in the summer. Thanks again for help I'll let u know how it goes - did go on a website for book clubs to get the suggested reading list and there are ideas for questions to go with the books too. Just waiting for the school website to be updated.

    Happy reading ;-)

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