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Thinking of moving to Wales - need some advice on primary teaching

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by indianperson, May 13, 2013.

  1. Hi, I've been working in London for the last couple of years as a primary school teacher. Although I love it here I am thinking of moving to Wales as some of my family have recently relocated there.

    I wondered what differences there are with teaching primary in Wales v England? How hard is it to get a job? Has anyone out there made the switch recently?


  2. Hi,

    There are some big differences between Primary Teaching in England and Wales. The biggest difference is the Welsh language. There are 3 types of schools:

    Welsh medium- everything is taught in Welsh

    Bilingual- as the name suggests children are taught in Welsh and English

    English medium- Children are taught in English but are taught in Welsh. Children and teachers are still expected to use incidental Welsh.

    Curriculum wise KS2 is very similar to current England KS2 (I believe I am 3-7 years). However KS1 does not exist and instead 3-7 year olds are taught through the Foundation Phase. It is very similar to Foundation Stage and has some elements of old school KS1. There is a huge variance between formal learning and learning through play.

    This year the Welsh government is bring out a new Framework. I have had a read through it is high on ICT.

    Just like it seems in the rest of the country the competition for jobs is fierce! There are easily 60 people going for one job.

    I hope that helps.
  3. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    I hear of a newly formed agency that specialise in primary but pay above typical agency rates - They may be worth enquiring with - celticteachers.co.uk or similar if you google.

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