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Thinking of moving to teach in Kuwait

Discussion in 'Teaching overseas' started by mroach1, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. mroach1

    mroach1 New commenter

    My partner and I have received job offers to work as teachers at the same school in Kuwait. At the moment all the information I can find is a year old or older and in general quite mixed reviews. Has anyone got any up to date experience of working and living in the country? Pro's and con's welcomed.
  2. perihelion

    perihelion New commenter


    I’ve just left there and you are welcome to start a conversation thingy for further info.
  3. february31st

    february31st Established commenter

    I know how Mr Trump would describe Kuwait and he would be correct!

    If its not one of the following best to avoid, the oldest English School, the younger English School, the British School of the country or the country English School.
  4. priceke

    priceke New commenter

    Can we start a conversation because I have an interview for a school in Kuwait. Generally reading very mixed reviews and even many reviews saying how you will find mixed reviews! Any advice is much appreciated
  5. perihelion

    perihelion New commenter

    Of course. I’m using my tablet at the moment and can’t seem to start a conversation although I can see them and reply...?

    Can you start it?
  6. honestandy

    honestandy New commenter

    hey perihelion sent you a convo thingy
  7. sarahlaureengray

    sarahlaureengray New commenter

    Hi my husband and I are doing the same so I would appreciate any information too. Not sure what to do. Thanks
  8. Cpease1

    Cpease1 New commenter

    I’m also intrigued, what would you recommend as a salary, what would you want in your contract etc?
  9. Teabagkarma

    Teabagkarma New commenter

    Be afraid, be very afraid.
    Alice K likes this.
  10. yorkie63

    yorkie63 New commenter

    I have been teaching in Kuwait for the last two years. Salary between 3000 and 4000 GBP might be possible, However the students are a different matter. Animals is the word our recent teachers have mentioned. Most are leaving after just one year. My contract never mentioned that.
  11. Happyaslarry2018

    Happyaslarry2018 New commenter

    Hello Yorkie63,
    I am looking for jobs in Kuwait and haven’t had any luck so far. Any agencies you know of I can apply to please.

    Thanks in advance
  12. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    Learn how to search this forum as there are many threads on here about teaching there; the sheer boredom of the place, the cheating and corruption in exams, the disgusting way female students are treated and abused and it is all swept under the carpet, the sick society that treats Asians like slaves, the behaviour of 99% of Kuwaiti students is 100 times worse than the worst inner city sink school in the UK - most have zero interest in learning and belong in a zoo, that you will never be supported by your school when any parent makes ridiculous requests or demands, most adult Kuwaitis are Little Managers but completely useless at just about everything including tiing their own shoelaces, many teachers go there because Kuwait is the absolute dregs of international employment and will take every / any teacher under the sun, regardless of alcohol issues, strange mental issues and other little ways that make them unemployable in just about any other country etc etc etc

    You have been warned.
    abikuwait and Alice K like this.
  13. kstainsb

    kstainsb New commenter

    How rude and narrow minded! Kuwait has its issues, I should know, I'm leaving myself this year! However there are many fine teachers with drive, commitment and passion, who just like saving 50k+ per year tax free and 11-week summer holidays!
    abikuwait likes this.
  14. yorkie63

    yorkie63 New commenter

    50K + What ?. I dont think so unless you are head of school.
  15. binaryhex

    binaryhex Lead commenter

    I never met any teacher on anywhere near £50k in Kuwait. About £30k is pretty typical for your standard teacher.

    If you search this forum for advice about teaching in Kuwait, they are nearly all as I described above. It's the back passage of international teaching jobs, which is why there are never ending adverts for teachers throughtout the year.
  16. yorkie63

    yorkie63 New commenter

    Reply to binary. My experience is similar. Im on 30K plus, HOD physics. The school is OK, but the students are the worse in the world I have encountered. No interest at all in education.
    As for Kuwait, if you are coming, GOOD LUCK. But leave your Kids at Home.
  17. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Saving 50K? From my experience (not first hand admittedly) earning 50K a year is not that common in Kuwait, much less saving 50K. If you could actually save 50K it might actually be worth living there and teaching those students (not for me of course, but if you are the type that likes/can tolerate that sort of thing then you could do worse, I suppose).
  18. kstainsb

    kstainsb New commenter

    50k USD. I didnt say GBP anywhere. We are international teachers, after all! Me and the Mrs saved USD100k last year. Both non-SMT, got a few responsibility points that's all. And minimal tuition (zero from me). Perfectly doable. AND that's with multi-trips to Dubai for a drink/sanity AND a dangerous obsession with expensive shiny things. However, totally agree about the comments regarding some students' attitude etc. I just object to these sweeping statements from forum blowhards, and don't personally like being labelled as an alcoholic schizophrenic misfit! There are many teachers here, all with different stories.
  19. dumbbells66

    dumbbells66 Lead commenter

    some of us can manage to save more than 50GBP ;)
  20. BondStreetBabe

    BondStreetBabe New commenter

    Yes it’s true; I’ve known single teachers bank their entire salary of 50k+ and literally live off tuition fees. As for teaching couples...!

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