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thinking of moving to secondary art teacher to teaching children with special needs

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Becca-Middleton, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. I am a secondary art teacher and I'm thinking of a slight change in career. I would love to work in a school with children with special needs. During one of my placements I visited a school for children with autism and found the experience very rewarding. I have also worked as a nanny for a boy with down's syndrome which I really enjoyed too. Obviously I need more experience but wondered if anyone had any advice on next steps and what an employer might be looking for? Any advice gratefully appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey,
    It sounds like you have some really good experience already. I work in a special school for pupils with challenging behaviours, so firstly I guess you need to figure out what kind of SEN you are intereted in. There are some good courses about depending on what you want eg dyslexia that you could ask to go on for CPD. Other than that, keep an eye open for special jobs, there's a search on here for special schools. Possibly you could arrange a day observing / assisting at a special school doing art lessons if you have one locally? Only other thing would be to consider being flexible, due to small numbers I had to teach humanities rather than history in my first special school. Good luck!

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