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Thinking of moving to Abu Dhabi with 2 kids and non-teaching husband HELP!

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by celticreature, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I suspect you get lots of requests like these but I would really appreciate if you could help me. I am a mature (45!) year old teacher with 4 years experience, 2 in FS , 1 Reading Recovery and 1 Special Needs under my belt. My husband was born and reared in Kuwait and I lived out there (in a previous life as cabin crew!!!) for 3 years too. We are thinking of selling up and coming out to Abu Dhabi (if I can get a job) as are sick of the life in the UK. My husband is not a teacher, he works in Cargo Admin at the airport here but he is confident he could find a position as he worked in Kuwait for 10 years before coming with me to UK. We have 2 kids 8 and 10.
    Please can anyone else who has 2 kids (and a non-teaching husband) and is teaching in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the middle east please tell me if it is affordable and what packages I should look at. There is so much to look at it is a bit over whelming. My work life here consists of getting up at 5-6 am to 'do a bit of planning/assessment before my own kids wake up. Going into school at 8 sometimes 7 am. Coming home at 6.30 pm and working at least one of the weekend days. Also an awful lots of my holidays are taken up with work. Yes I am a perfectionist but the whole thing means no work-life balance. Is it any better out there??
    Sorry its such a long post and please, please somebody reply!!!!
  2. HI,
    I can only tell you my experience. My wife and I moved out to the UAE in September for my teaching role.
    1. I have to sign in with a finger print scanner before 7:30am and out after 3:30pm.
    2. It is a private school so class sizes of 20 or less.
    3. Cost of living is pretty similar to UK, I would say a little bit cheaper overall.
    4. make sure you get a good package, health insurance, flights and housing etc. Simply not paying rent or a mortgage goes a long way to our savings.
    5. My wife earns a good salary and works a lot less hours compared to back home and as it is tax free we are financially better off here.
    6. There is a strong work ethic out here, the holidays are at the end of every term so no half term breaks which does play a big factor in the stress levels.
    7. weather is pretty good too.

    best of luck

  3. Thankyou for taking the time to reply Gappy. I appreciate it. Will certaintly look into the overall packages when I apply!


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