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Thinking of changing schools

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teachershift, Sep 23, 2018.

  1. teachershift

    teachershift New commenter

    I'm after some advice please, I started working in a new school after May half term. I joined an academy that is part of trust, after being in a state primary. The staff at the new school are very welcoming and I've been made to feel a part of the team. I haven't however been able to settle, there are so many expectations in the trust that I feel that as a teacher I'm unable to put my own spin on things, English and Maths classes are streamed, which I do not agree with, on top of this the marking policy means I am marking 90 - 120 books a day. So is it too soon to jump ship? I've already to my head who has advised against it as I will find it difficult to find something else if I have left so soon. Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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