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Thinking of changing my behaviour management system with unruly Yr 10s, does this sound sensible or suicidal?

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by worksleepwork, May 7, 2011.

  1. I'm an NQT and wasn't strict enough with this Yr 10 group at the start and I am
    still suffering for it. The naughty girls think I'm a joke and the good
    girls have despaired of me.
    The system I have been using involves telling students to get their planners and put them on my desk for a warning, then this goes to a detention if I have to speak to them again, This works fine for most of my classes but I'm still not on top of this one Yr 10 class who play me up so much I lose track of whose planners I have and it disrupts the class so much to be constantly asking them to get planners which gives them an opportunity to flounce across the class and take forever looking for it etc.
    SO I am considering changing my approach and having all of their names up on a flip chart and adding ticks for good work and crosses for any disruption (ticks - merits, crosses - detention etc). I think this will help me to keep track during the lesson and means I am in control of reporting the transgressions not worrying about them sneaking off with their planners at the end. However, I'm quite nervous as my HOD has advised me not to change tack as he wants the whole dept to use the same system. I'm also worried if it looks a bit primary school and won't work for them. However, I'm at the end of my tether and I'm really failing them as a teacher, so I'd really appreciate your thoughts on this and any other advice you may have.


  2. I really empathise with your situation, it sounds awful - is it a girls school or just a class of only girls? I teach KS4 drama in a girls comp and if they are not on side it can be a real struggle. Have you made your expectations absolutely clear? is there a routine at the beggining of the lesson that is unquestionable? I started as an NQT with a year 10 class (now my year 11's) and although thier behaviour is generally very good, I feel I should have been stricter with them from the off as they do tend to take the pee from time to time! I agree with you that you need to change tack - the planer thing is too fussy and time consuming - your
    HOD needs to be supportive as not every approach works with every class. I feel you need to have a very clear, talk with them (YOU talking, NOT them) where you again make your expectations very clear and also, make the consequences of them not following your expectations very clear as well, whether that be a warning then detention or whatever else your school does, and follow through consitently every time. What subject do you teach? keep your lessons boring and simple until they start towing the line, why should you bust a gut planning amazing lessons when they act up for you like that??? Also, be very straight with them, they are not babies and they know exactly what they are doing - tell them exactly what they are doing wrong and what you will not tolerate any more - phone calls home can also be very effective. Have you had a look at the behaviour forum? there is often excellent advice for behaviour management on there.

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