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Thinking of applying for Senior Leadership posts soon?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by TheoGriff, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Thinking of applying for promotion to AHT, DHT or Head?

    Moving on in your career can sometimes be tricky. Not quite sure where to go next? Don't really know how to produce an application that does justice to your skills and experience?

    Help is at hand!

    There are two sections in this post. Helpful things that don't cost you a penny, and the route that involves paying for professional advice to give yourself the edge over other candidates.

    The free stuff first:

    1. Get a headstart over the other applicants. In a normal year, the peaks in job ads for Leadership posts are October, March/April and January. Starting soon! Start preparing now before the adverts come out.

    2. Find out about the jobs available. Most jobs are advertised in the TES, but your Local Education Authority may well also have a website that gives their posts. You can search the TES online (although nothing beats the pleasure of sitting down with the paper copy of the TES Jobs and a bar of chocolate on a Friday night!), and more importantly, you can set up several JobAlerts here on the Jobs section of TES Connect. These automatically send you a message when a job that fits your spec is advertised.

    3. Don't be too picky in your choice, or in the spec that you set up under the JobAlerts. Be as wide as you can in the geographical area, and consider other types of school - don't forget independent schools, for example. So set up several different JobAlerts to give you the widest possible range of possible jobs to consider applying for.

    4. Do choose wisely. Don't be daft and waste time and energy applying for something when you do not correspond in the least to their person specification.

    5. Get all the advice that you can. Careers Services, various websites, etc. Find out what makes a good application.

    6. Get the best specialised professional advice - for free. Here on the TES Forums, the experts are just that: experts in education. Experts in appointing people to teaching posts. How many teaching appointment panels have the various appointment consultants been on? How many teaching applications have they read to shortlist?

    Well, we have! Thousands of'em. John Howson gives career advice in the Careers Forum, while my advice comes on the Independent Forum and JobSeekers. John answers your questions regularly on his forum, and on my two forums, as well as answering queries, there are also some useful clickables inside the Welcome Forums. Try this one for starters, then look at the others:

    How not to get shortlisted

    Here's what other posters say about this help; first from someone trying to get interviews:

    Dear Theo: Executive summary works- I have an interview

    And from the other side, from someone who was shortlisting the applicants:

    taking Theo's Advice

    So, take the advice of the real education experts, for free!

    Get the best professional advice - paid for.

    The experts at TES also offer a paid consultancy service. Paid means shelling out cash, so it is for those who are very serious about their job application, and feel that their chances could be enhanced by this extra input. This might be a useful investment if you are in one of these categories:
    • Teacher looking for promotion, perhaps not quite sure of the career path for you
    • Middle Leader now ready to move on to Senior Leadership post
    • Going for Headship
    It could well be in your interest to invest in the right professional guidance, advice and support to give yourself the edge over other candidates.
    But it comes at a cost, of course.

    £40 - £80: Application Review Service
    £50: Seminars on applications, executive summaries and interviews. Next one Saturday 10th December.
    £100 - £200
    1-2-1 telephone guidance sessions, Careers Advice
    £100 - £200 1-2-1 face-to-face sessions, Careers Counselling or Applications Advice
    £350 Individual Interview Training and Application Support
    Yes it costs you!

    But just work it out. If you get a promotion, your monthly salary will increase - and so will your final-salary pension and lump sum. So see it as an investment to increase your chances of having that take-home pay.

    Contact for more information and booking: advice@tsleducation.com

    The TES Careers Advice Service - the details

    Our team is different from other companies offering career consultancy: we are all education experts, specialising in advising and supporting both teachers and school or college leaders.
    We have seen thousands and thousands of job applications, and know what makes them stand out, for good or for bad! We have done performance reviews and identified career paths for hundreds of colleagues. Try our different services.

    1) Application Review Service.

    Firstly there's the Application Review Service. We don't write your application for you, nor do we give you a model to copy. But we do give suggestions to help you produce an application that is highly professional, and focuses on how you meet the school's needs.

    See here for further details: Application Review Service

    2) One-to-One Career Counselling Sessions, or Application Advice Sessions

    For those of you who are looking for the way forward in your career, the One-to-One Career Counselling or Application Support Sessions are invaluable as a practical assessment of your potential in the current job market, and showing you just how to present your strengths to employers.

    We can't make a job appear where there isn't one, we can't guarantee that you will get a job, or even an interview. But we can help you in an overcrowded market to showcase your skills and experience, so that a school can see just how much they have to gain from appointing you, and provide suggestions to help you find the right career path.

    We know what we're talking about. Professor John Howson does the Career Counselling, either on the phone or face to face. He is joined by TheoGriff who does the Application Support Sessions.

    See here for further details: One-to-One Career Counselling/Applications Support

    3 Individual Interview Training.

    In this half-day session, you will have the opportunity to discuss how to present yourself effectively in both your written application and the appointment interview, with ‘mock' interview practice to put into effect the techniques that we show you.
    We will:
    • Help you identify your strengths and develop strategies to illustrate them
    • Consider possible questions for your job level and area
    • Suggest techniques for answering questions
    • Work with you to identify examples in your professional experience that relate to specific job competencies, for focused answers to questions
    • Emphasise your professional qualities
    • Advise you on your personal presentation and the non-verbal messages you may be communicating
    • Be supportive; we'll tell you what you are doing right and how to build further on this
    • Be honest and, if necessary, blunt. We'll tell you where you are going wrong, and suggest ways to remedy this
    We won't:
    • Provide you with model answers
    • Tell you how great you are just to make you feel good
    • Pull the punches
    Contact for more information and booking: advice@tsleducation.com

    Customer feedback
    "The service is highly personalised and effective... people need to know!
    .....my most sincere thanks .....the telephone session and book were inspirational. I have today learnt that I am to become the new Assistant Deputy Headteacher ........ from January 2011. The wonderful support and care provided by the TES and the adviser were significant contributors to my success.
    I have shouted from the roof tops nothing but praise for the service received. "

    "I had experienced numerous applications for secondary SLT posts and found myself coming the proverbial second at interview or not even getting shortlisted.
    I read and acted on Theo's advice as well as paying to have a one to one session with Prof John Howson, when recently applying for a senior post... and got it!
    The TES career service, as well as Theo's, are well worth the time and investment in drawing on considered experience to help you make the best of yourself.
    Thank you guys... I am now looking forward to developing my career in semior leadership."

    Dear Everyone... I met TheoGriff!

    Theo's 'One to One' careers service....

  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    I don't think that I made it quite clear.
    The only Getting a Job seminar before Christmas, and thus before the January jobs rush (hopefully!) is on Saturday 11th December.
    A morning in London instead of shopping . . .
  3. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

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