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thinking of applying for an english and media role

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by amylong, Sep 26, 2015.

  1. amylong

    amylong New commenter

    Good afternoon all

    I'm an English teacher with a tlr assistant leader ole with resp for KS3 at present-have just seen a job nearby for an English teacher with i/c media for ks4/5.

    I am definitely interested in teaching media but have not taught it before- I've looked at ads/news/film trailers etc though and done the media coursework elements in recent years.

    Do people think that an English teacher wanting to apply for an i/c media leadership role is possible with this little experience? Has anyone made a similar jump?

    Any advice or wise words welcome :)
  2. joannelovesbooks

    joannelovesbooks New commenter

    Hi Amy

    I am an English teacher and head of media (we offer media at KS4 and KS5). Before the summer we advertised for an English and media teacher for my school. It's a really good school with an excellent reputation locally but we had to advertise three times to get any interest and, even then, only had applicants from English-only teachers. If we had had someone who had even an interest in media as well as English we'd have bitten their hand off. If you are keen on media I would definitely go for it as there seems to be a distinct shortage of those people. It won't be easy going in as I/c media with no experience of teaching the subject but with your KS3 experience you will have some of what they are looking for and can build up the rest over time. Good luck!

  3. CandysDog

    CandysDog Established commenter

    In terms of an English teacher with no experience (but an interest) in teaching Media Studies, I'd say go for it: a school would probably prefer experience, but you may, as Joanne says, only be up against others with no experience. Plenty of English teachers become Media Studies teachers by being asked to teach it (including me), but they are usually known to the school.

    As for going straight into being a coordinated, I think that may be a step too far. I would expect anyone wanting to run any subject to have experience of teaching it. That said, if you don't apply, you'll never know...
  4. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    If you really are passionate about it, go for it. At the moment, recruiting teachers in ANY subject is hard. We are not getting the number of applicants we used to. In many cases, we get zero applicants for the jobs we advertise (I work in a mostly good school with a good reputation in a nice area!). When I went for my current HOD role 3 years ago, there were only 3 applicants, me (experienced and a specialist), 1 fairly new teachers with limited subject specific knowledge, and 1 English teacher with very limited subject knowledge. As a specialist they bit my hand off to get me in the role. Now we are trying to recruit a 2nd media teacher and we have advertised 3 times in a year. Each and every time we have either had no applicants at all, or 1-2 applicants with no experience who want to side step from English / Art into Media. We have considered all of those applicants (none of whom were suitable but that's besides the point).

    There are very few Media specialist teachers out there so it is not unusual for people to make the move from other subjects, although I have to say, going straight into a HOD role will be hard as you will be expected to have some serious technical and theoretical knowledge, particularly at A-level.

    If you are willing to learn the subject and all the topics taught (in a very short space of time!) and have some practical knowledge already, I'd say go for it. You never know!

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