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Think I've just flunked my grade 7 piano exam!

Discussion in 'Music' started by Mrs Mo, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Yes, do let us all know how you got on!
  2. My experience of the grade 7 piano exam last week was so similar to yours and tonight I found I had just missed out. 97 marks! I know I can do it at home but I had very shaky fingers doing the scales at the start which upset me for the rest of the exam. I am going to have another go though as I feel I am nearly there, and should be able to play the same pieces for the retake before the spring 11 deadline. I feel the examiner made the right decision though and that with a bit more practice the confidence will come. Hope you had more success than I did. best wishes and keep going..
  3. Oh, sorry you just missed out Misabeat. How frustrating. I still haven't had my results yet, but I think I know what they'll be. One of my problems was that on a couple of occasions, I launched myself into the scales, only to realise I was playing the wrong one, so I had to stop and start again with the correct one! Not very impressive! My teacher said that they come down quite hard on you if you have to start something again, but I felt it would be better than to plough on with the wrong scale. I will retake it again if I fail.
  4. OH MY GOD ... I just scraped a pass! Scored 101! Ruddy hell, talk about a close shave. I know it is not a good pass mark but I am pleased as I was convinced I'd failed!
    Have only looked online - haven't received results & comments in post yet.
    A nice Xmas present![​IMG]
  5. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Whey-hey! Well done!
  6. Somehow those words just don't fit with my image of Florian......
  7. Congratulations, Mrs Mo, and Merry Christmas!
  8. Is Trinity also London College? Thanks for all the information
    everyone-I may give it a go in 2011...I just need to find a good
  9. Well done Mrs Mo! Just been readin this thread cos it reminded me of when I failed my Grade 7 AMEB piano exam many years ago. Worst thing was that the examiner wrote that my Chopin Waltz in C# minor had note values distorted beyond recognition! Well whose fault was that?! It sure wasn't nerves although I was as nervous as hell. The teacher should have picked me up on that. I was a teenager under his supervision in piano lessons. Anyway I changed teachers, whole new repertoire and just managed a pass the next time. That was it for me though. Don't need any 'grades' to do my thing as a primary music teacher. ny spare energy I have as I head into retirement age is chanelled towards helping my little guys do great stuff in the music-room and performing for the school community.
  10. Yes - Scales and Arpeggios are the KEY. Every proactice should start with substantial attentio to these. I have a big poster on my classroom wall:

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