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Think I've forgotten what my classroom looks like.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Waterfin, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. We finished on the Tuesday and I spent the next Wed, Thurs and Fri in my classroom at the end of July getting it how I want it.
    It was a lovely break and I didn't think about the place. BUT...I have the sense of impending doom that always accompanies the last day or two and have realised that if I have forgotten what things I've got up on the wall etc, then I've probably forgotten a few things I intended to do that will no doubt bite me on the bum at some point.
  2. I have nightmares that someone has been in and messed everything up!!!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I always had the big panic that I'd got the dates wrong and it wasn't a training day but an actual school day. Always looked for children in uniform going to school.
  4. I know what my class looks like - lookslike a bomb has exploded! builders been in - sorry wrong tense - are in. Can't do a thing - have visions of getting in with chn sitting on very dirty carpet no resources, and no idea when it will bhe sorted - ho hum another new school year! [​IMG]
  5. SNAP [​IMG]
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm trying to forget what mine looked like when I went in during the holidays [​IMG]
  7. cinnamonsquare

    cinnamonsquare Occasional commenter

    I moved classrooms, half-unpacked, then abandoned ship. I think it was discovering the desk drawers jam-packed full of the previous occupant's detritus and unfiled absence notes going back 4 years that finished me off. I shut the drawers, shut the door and haven't been into school since.

    Thankfully we have 2 insets but I'm dreading it!
  8. Just been told my classroom will not be ready by the start of term. [​IMG]
  9. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    We've been banned from site all holiday because of the amount of building work and were only given 2 days notice that this would be the case. I had hoped to get in tomorrow (we're back on Friday) but the caretaker says I still won't be allowed on site. The only day we've got without children in Friday but we've got training for the whole day except an hour in the afternoon. I'm so not going to be ready for the children on Monday! Not good!

  10. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I moved all my stuff at the end of term, but the teacher I was swapping with didn't move any of her stuff, so I went in halfway through the holiday to find NOTHING done in my room - it was full of my stuff and her stuff!
    I went in today and, thankfully, she'd shifted everything. I had a good sort out, it's not finished but it looks much better than it did. I'll pop in again tomorrow or Friday and get it looking really nice.
  11. Thanks for your sympathy Loony tunes.
    I'm so not looking forward to going back to school. The builders have been in all holidays and were suppose to be finishing this week so I went in today hoping to start putting my classroom back together again but told no such luck. The work will probably not be completed until the middle of next week.
    I hate being disorganised. [​IMG]


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