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Think i may have finally done it ....

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by kyrabeth, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Been offered a job (subject to a sucessful day next monday working with the team and looking round etc). A 1 year contract in the first instance. The only concern is its a school in special measures and their conditions are demanding!
    I feel awful for wanting a job so badly for years but now being hesitant about taking it.
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Well done! Being offered a job is an important stage towards being employed. :)

    I take it that you're not an NQT? Schools in SM aren't allowed to employ NQTs as they cannot divert resources and time to giving support.

    Let us know what you decide, best wishes from us all on this forum.

    Posted from my Galaxy Tab
  3. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    How far in to Special Measures? Sometimes the 'extra rigour' of the observations and assessment procedures can really help a school 'pull together' and you can get more support from fellow colleagies than in schools where everything is 'fine' and staff stay in their own classrooms meaning as a newcomer you can feel iolsated.generally more decisions are made with collegues and you hace a greater concensus.
    Plus what you will gain will only enhance your skills.
  4. I finished my NQT year in January. Been in and out of special measures since 2001 and apparently will come out at next inspection.
    There is just a few parts of the school that im a bit worried about -
    • No TAs - they use other teaching staff instead (how many of my PPA lessons whould be taken up being a TA for someone else)
    • Daily learning walks.
    • Books marked every 2 weeks and then assessed by SLT
    • Full lesson plans for each lesson (also assessed by HOD and SLT)
    • 38 staff members left at Christmas
    • Only a 1 year temp contract to begin with to see if i can adequately perform.
    Any advice or thoughts would be very much appreciated ...
  5. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Why would your PPA be taken up in this way? Have they said it would? PPA is meant to be sacrosanct and not open to direction by the head.
    Do you mean by the head/SLT, or that you'd have to do one every day? If the former, I suppose it's one of the ways the head is attempting to maintain standards in a school in SM.
    I'm not persuaded that asking for books to be marked fortnightly is an outrageous request.
    How 'full' is a 'full' lesson plan?
    The second of these points may have something to do with the first, but there's always a high staff turnover in schools in SM. If they've been in and out for this length of time, it's last-chance city for the school, because if it doesn't pull itself well out of SM, it will be forced into academy status.

    • PPA - He briefly talked about it and i didn't really take on board till afterwards so need to clairfy.
    • Learning walks - Im not sure if its just SLT or if other staff get involved too.
    • Book marking - im not too fussed about this just this plus everything else seems a bit much.
    • Lesson plans - from what i saw were very detailed like when i was on my PGCE
    • Staffing - Other people have said the same.
  6. Hi. I think you should not worry too much and give it a shot. It's a job after all! But could also be a good experience and stand you in good stead for future job seeking. Probably good that it's just a year - if it's a bit of a nightmare you can move on. I took a job last September in a national challenge school which tbh i might have thought twice about if jobs weren't so thin on the ground - and, like you, had nagging doubts about it after i took it. But i love it!! It's definitely hard work and fast paced - with lots of monitoring and scrutiny (but this is to weed out the less competent staff i guess as the school needs to drive forward quickly). Some of the forward thinking staff are really inspirational and seeing such quick and dramatic impact on students' achievement is really rewarding. Good luck.

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