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Things You Would Never Hear A Supply Teacher Say

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Gold1996, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. It's not true what they say at the agency that ''most schoolteachers are arrogant, self-serving elitists" is it?
  2. Don't worry I'm not bothered that you didn't tell me that Damian and Clayden musn't sit next to each other because they fight!, Phoenix needed his medication before lunch, Leo musn't be collected by anyone other than mum. Chardonnay needs to go to the toilet whenever she asks (she has a medical problem). Oh and the TA I should have had was unavailable today. It's all in a days work, and I am getting very well paid!
  3. I consider myself very fortunate [​IMG]as a fellow supply teacher told me about an excellent "Umbrella Company". [no, they DON'T make umbrellas, boy at the back. Stay behind and peel my grapes.].
    Therefore I get paid for [​IMG] meals allowance.
    The Cover Office agree to pay me another 1/2 day for any Parents Evening I have to attend.
    Just as well, 'cos the only regular job I could get as a supply teacher has been an average hour journey out and 90 minutes home. Except for the recent 2 hour journey home.
    Ok, I have to say it's a good school [staff very supportive, despite some difficult situations, exclusions etc etc.. and I'm going to be at my 3rd Parents' Evening in 2 terms on Thursday. The last one I went to meant I left to go to school at 06:00, got home at 10:35 pm.
    But here's something supply teachers might not WANT to say..
    "Yes, of course I'll wait for you to tell me at the last possible moment if you actually need me 'til the end of term. After all, I've got nowhere to go to, and I don't mind not being paid over the Christmas Holidays so not being paid for 3 weeks before the holidays too is just fine."
    Oh yes, and of course...
    "Please feelf free to truant from school in order to protest against the Tuition Fees problems. After all, with your mocks in my subject only 1 teaching period away you really need to waste your final pre-exam lesson in the cold, marching around. Off you go, and be careful of the naughty police. Don't forget to take notes for your Citizenship lesson after lunch."
  4. This is a bit insensitive and unnecessary.
  5. Who told you???!
  6. No, I'm NOT looking for a real job. That's why I went into teaching...
  7. I had this problem on my first day supplying. Also, I rather enjoy being given the wrong room on my timetable (not a room change! Just not writing the right room on the sheet) so I can stand in front of another teacher's class, not knowing the difference because I have never seen any of the children before in my life!

    "Indeed, I should have known that because child A is severely hearing impaired, I need to go into the drawer and get out a remote microphone, plug it in and understand how it works as well as psychically realising that child B has strong literacy difficulties, AND that child C has behavioural issues."

    "Of course I enjoyed the surprise fire drill with no one informing me where they need to be taken or where I need to go."

    "I do enjoy getting up for 7am every morning to be surprised by an unpaid day off an hour or so later when I finally give up hope of being called. THEN being asked to go to NE London from SW London, during a tube strike, for 2 hours."

    "Yes, I love being unable to budget for anything as I have absolutely no idea of how much money I'll be earning in the next week/fortnight/month. It keeps me on my toes!"

    Have just started supply while trying to find permanent work. I have been told by several agencies that there is a "recruitment freeze" on MFL teachers and would like, at some point in the next few years, to complete my induction!
  8. Very sorry for that block of text, no idea how to format it properly??
  9. All of these posts were excellent and very true to lie - a great, if sobering , read...[​IMG]
  10. "true to lie"?????????
    or even "life".....
  11. Oh how kind, post it notes. What a very minimalistic way of writing lesson plans. Ooh, Ooh, my favourite, ability groups are different colours, but what ability relates to each colour?
    Agency: We have 2 schools for you today, you can just leave at lunch and go to the next one. No, don't worry about finishing the marking, we'll tell the school you have to rush off to the other side of the city." No I won't worry about getting anything to eat or drink or even getting to the toilet or even the marking. Oh and one school finishes 15 mins later at lunch than the other school. You will let the 2nd school know I'll be late, won't you? I know I won;t be able to get across town that quick.
    School TA " What do you mean you aren't able to finish the marking? We never have that from any other supply."
    I just love being yelled at across the staff room by TA's "When you have made your coffee/tea you have to leave money in the tin. All you supplies come in and take all the drinks and never pay." My reply "Oh dear I'll just have to do the same then because you see, I've brought my own cup, coffee/tea and sugar. No real reason to pay is there? Unless you charge for the water?"
    "That's my cup why have you taken it?"
    "Don't sit there that's ............ place."
    "What? No you don;t leave when the marking is finished. You stay with the children until they are collected. Joe Bloggs is always here till at least 4:00pm, no, no-one else is available to sit with him. The other staff usually bring in the others who are late too" Blatently lying because the kid always tell you different.
    Oh, you only have 5 minutes to go through the work with me and i have to scribble down lesson plans for the day? You thought all supplies brought their own books and plans? Well of course we do, it;'s just great being telepathic knowing how far you've got, what topic you are doing and imediately knowing everything about your class from your vibes.
    TA "No, there is no computer, the proper teacher has her laptop with her on the course, so no, you can't use the IWB." My reply "So all the planning stating that the resources are on the computer and can just be used instead of printing everything out is a waste of time. Are any of the resources available in hard copy then?"

  12. Thanks Geriboo for bringing this thread back on track :)

    "Of course it's not a problem that I've just driven 30 miles in the snow and ice to find that you are closing for the day. Of course I don't mind not getting paid - it'll be so nice to drive all the way home and have a much needed unpaid day off. Happy Christmas"
  13. Yeah, I got round the no-plans-left-for-me thing easily. Class levels were pretty obvious, so in Maths, got the kids to stand to attention and make up and call out their own six digit number, remembering to add the word 'sir' on the end. In English, we covered child benefit forms and Legal Aid applications. Did my own thing for Citizenship last lesson. I pride myself in teaching children relevant and appropriate life skills. So I used my old tried and trusted, ready-made Careers Guidance Roleplay session designed just for lovely classes like this one.
    For the 'upper ability' students, they just repeated over and over - 'Would you like fries with that?'
    and because it's differentiated, the lower ability groups just practiced saying, 'Of course I'll find you a trolley that will go straight when you push it, madam...'
    And I even managed to get little Jimmy to leave himself alone for five minutes, and he practiced filling that container with Lego bricks spread out on the floor and pretended they were vegetables.
    Sorry, but the day's ended up a bit light on marking. Hope you don't mind.
  14. Derailed again.
  15. Sorry, we'll get back to the sawn-off shotguns asap. :)
  16. [:)Of course I am psychic! I knew that when the agency rang me at 7am this morning, that they were just having a laugh when they said "Your need to take Y3 for a whole day of art - go prepared! By the way they start at 9.15." Grabbing my trusty satchel full of Monet, Klee, Diego Rivera & Turner resources (covering most aspects just to be safe) I dug out my car and slid up the dale. Lugging this across the icy playground at 8.30 I realised immediately the head had a great sense of humour and theatrical timing (her rendering of quivering rage was to be greatly admired) as she informed me through gritted teeth that school began at 8.45 and she trusted that I had come prepared to take year 6 for an indepth maths workshop, covering all the work they had done this year and I was on duty in the yard before school, at break, at lunch time and after school!
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  17. It seems I get a call everytime that I let them know in advance that I can't work. When broke up with my partner and moved out had to take a day off and then they rang me and said "you sure you don't want to work Sunday?" (They already had me booked in 6 days that week - weekend club). Funnily enough I don't fancy working 7 days for you when I have to heart breakingly move all my things from my home on that one day! Also love it when they say "oh your working for someone else? Well just ring them and tell them you can't because you know they'll have plenty of time to arrange someone else for the afternoon you know."
  18. I would give you a detention but as I'll never see you again, I can't be a**ed. I'll leave a note for your normal teacher who will be pleased to punish you on their return.
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  19. Ummmm I have just started supply & I have said all these things! Oh dear...perhaps the novelty wears off. Ha ha. Have a good Christmas......cos I am here until then!
  20. haha!! this is hilarious!!! brrrrr!! As I am a supply teacher (not by choice and as I secure permanent work in the current climate) can't log in, can't go through doors but jet expected to be there when bell goes! IHAVEN'T GOT SUPER POWERS!!!
    Still! don't have to do planning :)
    can't survive through snow+xmas +snow again+half term+endless summer!!! ahhh!!!

    and the call... 2 weeks of silence through early mornings (make-up on coat umbrela and toddler in hand by door at 6) and the day I trust they won't...:-] they do!!!! run kiddy run :-(

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