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Things You Would Never Hear A Supply Teacher Say

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Gold1996, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. I had to chuckle when I saw this as I've actually said that quite a lot of times recently.
  2. I meant that in reply to 'I'm sorry I'm busy that day' :)
  3. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I know of a school in which the weak SMT pamper to the small minority of poor behavouring students to the extent that one very senior SMT told the poor behavouring kids that the supply teachers cannot impose the schools behaviour disclipline policy, because they are not trained. So your story highlights how poor unsupportive SMT's can hamper the teaching of the majority of the decent kids.
  4. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I do apologise I meant to say they are not trained in the schools behavioural policy. However it does not hide the fact that they undermining the supply teachers and even the kids say the school is awful, because the poor behaviouring kids seem to have to do something extreme to get a detention.
  5. Such myths, lies, lies and more lies and <u>utter prejudice</u> from a member of the SMT!
    I know of many highly intelligent, highly experienced supply teachers who not only know by heart a particular school's behavioural policy but many other policies from various schools, can contrast and compare; and critically evaluate each one as well....!
    As for myself I have been to many behavioural training workshops, face-to-face, online etc etc so one wonders what the ulterior motive this guy/gal from the SMT has?
    Has he/she not considered that many gifted and talented teachers purposely choose supply, exact awe-dropping classroom disciplline in many cases and can out-think the SMT?
    I suspect this SMT member has'nt actually got the guts for the supply teaching environment and would prefer to cosy up to a nice long term position with regular monthly salary credits???
    How was this weak SMT member "selected"? One wonders if he is given to totally unprofessional ACTIONS BY backbiting and backstabbing to PUPILS!!
  6. That sure rings a bell!
    And how about - "no, I don't mind hosting a PSE lesson on teen pregnancy"
  7. On the subject of SMT:
    Thank you so much for 'popping in' to my lesson and then sharing a joke with the most insolent member of the class who I've been battling with for the last half an hour!
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    "Oh you're the Head are you? Nice to meet you. I'm the mug who's pay you cut by 30% when your school switched to flat rate earlier this month."
  9. I do enjoy being left no / insufficient / inappropriate work by the absent member of staff - it's a rewarding challenge...
  10. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Or that should be said to the senior SMT, "I do not mind you undermining me in front of the kids, I am not to use it, usually the senior SMT back up the teachers, like your HoDs due, but it makes me appreciate your school".
    I must be honest, it is unusual for any senior SMT to undermine the supply or permanent teachers, that is usually down to moody TA's in primary schools or poor qualified CS in secondary schools.
  11. baileysonice

    baileysonice New commenter

    I'm new to supply and I've been shocked at how TAs, midday supervisors and even cleaners seem to think it's acceptable to undermine supply teachers in front of the class...grr! I just console myself with the fact that I'm getting paid far more than them per day!
  12. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    One of my earlier posts to this thread was based on an occasion when a young female teacher (who didn't even think to refer to me by name) addressed the class I was about to take with the comment "Don't worry, Mrs X will be back tomorrow". Don't Worry?! I'd got more teaching experience than her and the rest of her bloody department put together, including the HoD I was covering for. With an attitude like that I reckon it's her classes who should have been worrying.
  13. jmntsp

    jmntsp New commenter

    Don't console yourself baileysonice! Immediately say, 'could I have a word with you outside in the corridor please,' and once outside tell them in a menacing undertone that it is unprofessional and completely unacceptable to undermine a qualified teacher in front of the class and that if they EVER do it again you will make a formal complaint to the Head about their behaviour. It works for me.
  14. I've had my professional conduct questioned by a labtech in front of a class and made a point of taking her down about 4 pegs in front of the class and then the HOD at lunchtime.

    As a supply, you are a soft target for neer do weels.
  15. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I've had a couple of occasions where I've clashed with some kid, usually over something trivial like 'please come into the room, sit down, get started' etc. and shortly after they've stomped out of the room a member of staff who doesn't feel the need to introduce themself turns up. I'm then told in front of the class that said stomper outer has stuff going on/issues etc and needs some 'TLC' as if I've somehow failed in my duty of care. This is the point where I indicate the two pieces of A4 I was given on arrival (register and cover sheet) and politely inquire about how I was supposed to deduce this based on the available evidence - also in front of the class. I don't give a sh*t how far up the greasy pole they are.
  16. It's ok, supply teachers are **** and won't get anything done anyway, I am such a good teacher, it's just down time I suppose, I'll have to get them all caught up.... poor me, I am so dedicated, I'm up until 2am planning every morning and spend my summer holidays marking. Nobody knows what it's like to be so dedicated and so brilliant. I really am harried.
  17. As a fully qualified, registered and highly experienced secondary supply I actually love rising to the challenge of taking on prejudiced, smug, permanent staff on the schools' payroll! So any petty nonsense and unfair cliche, dimwit criticisms and mischief making behaviour will always be countered by me usually with eye-popping backdowns on their part. PS I'm no miracle worker but I will not accept any bullying from any quarter...bottom line: the kids want me back and that's what matters because "Sir, can actually teach and explain properly!"

    Criticism of any supply teacher in front of the class is unprofessional and unacceptable. By all means have a humdinger of an argument in the prep room, staff room but not in front of the class. A united front should always be shown to students by the present adults!

  18. Stuart Dann - Lipson's a dump and the head's a ***.
  19. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The following would not be said by a permanent teacher either:

    Today, class, we are going to dissect this whole pig with a circular saw and then we're going to do some in vitro fertilisation! Please stand around this state-of-the-art operating table but give my many assistants plenty of space to assist me.
  20. Phew! You must be glad to have got that off your chest, HC!

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