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Things you love, or things that work really well, in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Rainbow Flowers, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. What a fantastic thread! As a student preparing to go out on placement, I have noted lots of the ideas presented here and can't wait for the opportunities to try them out. Thanks to everyone who has shared.
  2. I am an American first grade (P2) teacher who often uses TES resources. This is my first opportunity to contribute.
    By the end of the first full week of school, I pretty much "know" my children. Then, we have a class meeting and I "hire" every student for a important, classroom job. We discuss the requirements and importance of every position. We discuss, too, the results for a job poorly done; informal verbal warning, formal verbal warning, written warning, and firing.
    <font size="2">I spend a lot of time on "how-to" 1.) get the class quiet, 2.) play a teacher-chosen CD or the radio, 3.) pass and gather papers, 4.) take attendance and post it, 5.) open the door and welcome guests, 6.) assure that backpacks/bookbags are stowed safely, 7.) place homework in numerical order and check for those who did not submit it, 7.) lead the classroom line, etc............................ The list goes on and on. </font><font size="2"><font size="2"> </font></font><font size="2"><font size="2">I firmly believe that I am there to teach and they are there to do the work, so I turn over "power" very early in the year. It makes for a busy, self-directed, group of children who monitor one another's behavior and job performance. It is a big time investment, but it frees me to teach.</font> </font>
  3. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    I use a similar idea to lollysticks. I ask a pupil for a number (1-30) and count that number down the register from the person I asked. They try to land their mates in it at times by counting but I counter this by counting up the register to mix it up. You can add several twists but it does get their attention.
  4. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    As an ice breaker with a new form (especially Y7) I give them each a piece of scrap paper and get them to write down (without showing anyone else)
    a) a word to describe themselves
    b) an interest
    c) an achievement
    d) an ambition

    We then stick them into a hat, pull them out one by one and try to guess who it is. You get to know a lot about your form in a very quick time.
    I use variants with older pupils like
    a) you're most embarassing experience
    b) someone you secretly fancy but are too scared to tell

  5. gregodowd

    gregodowd New commenter

    Sorry, missed that this was a primary forum!
  6. think concept is still good one for primary

  7. cheryl13

    cheryl13 New commenter

    Yeah I do this too...and i have different colour lolly stick for different abilities just so i know depending on the question!
  8. Hi all,
    Fab post, really enjoying these ideas. I always have a word doc open when I am on TES site so that I can quickly capture good ideas that my goldfish mind might forget!
    I will be making a 'proud wall' for my classroom where we can display work that children have tried really hard on and achieved something. Each week I will refresh the display, so it can stay up all year.
    I love the raffle ticket idea, think that is brilliant and will even work with the little ones.
    I have only recently got into teaching, and want to be the best I can be - this forum and site is inspirational and one I will be using reguarly!
    Does anyone have any good themes for grouping children in early years/KS1? Most people seem to do animals, but I was trying to think of something more inventive?!

  9. I have a 'happy book' in my classroom. ( The kids named it!) Basically it is somewhere for the children to write things that they have enjoyed at school. It might be an enjoyable play time or a lesson they enjoyed or just an over all comment that they enjoyed school today. It makes me feel good on a stressful day and it gives me an idea of what to repeat.
  10. TanyaLOwen
    as we use a creative curriculum i use ideas from the topic for that half term. for example our topic was space and my groups were stars, moon, sun and Earth. then for uner the sea i had Nemo, Dory, Bruce and Marlin. i do hope this helps

  11. I love the idea of the 'Happy Book'!
  12. The Happy Book sounds lovely.
    We wanted to group our children with something we could use all year so we have chosen precious stones - and there are resources on ********** which helps. Last year in Year 4 we used big cats for our groups and insects for Numeracy,
  13. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I've done group names in French, as that's the language they learn. I have animals for Maths, fruits for English and hobbies for reading.
  14. What a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing it! I'm definately going to be using that with my yr 3 bottom maths class. It will be a brilliant way of getting them to learn their times tables!
    As I am typing, I'm actually mentally doing the dance in my head with different counting patterns! [​IMG]
    Just a quick question - do you put the music on in the background whilst you get them to do the dance so they keep in time, or do they just learn to keep up? I ask as my class is open plan with no door! I can just imagine my the looks I'll get from the class opposite and as my Head shows prospective parents around! [​IMG]

  15. bluey9

    bluey9 New commenter

    At the end of each day play m people 'what have you done today to make you feel proud' children write on a label what they have done that they are really proud of. You can either post the labels on a display or put in a book, creating their own record of personal achievement. You can suggest ideas for them , such as maybe a child who keeps calling out could feel proud when he has a day of not doing so

  16. I use this all the time! really works x
  17. What a great idea! Do you have a ready made 'bank' of music - or just choose what you like each week?
  18. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    Thats a fantastic idea bluey9. Although how you have time at the end of each I don't know! Might try it once a week to begin with.

    I know its not an idea, but I love this website http://www.phillipmartin.info/clipart/homepage.htm It has brilliant clipart for all kinds of topics, and is created for school use.
  19. An idea that's worked really well in my writing area (Y1) - copy the class register and let the ch. play at being teachers. Mine spend ages reading each other names, days of the weeks and love ticking off who's in. I've also added some blank registers so they have can write each others names onto it. Give them some clipboards and they're all scribbling away

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