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Things you love, or things that work really well, in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Rainbow Flowers, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Why oh why have I never used Breden's loop generator before? Just made about 10 to keep me going!
    giggle. xx
  2. Miss Piggywig

    Miss Piggywig New commenter

    Thanks that will save me hours.
  3. Hero - Mariah Carey, Shine - Take That, Beautiful - Christina Aguilera, Proud - Heather Small, Search for the Hero - M People, We are the champions - Queen, Sunshine - Gabrielle, Don't Stop Me Now - Queen, Mr Blue Sky - ELO, You're My Best Friend - Queen, Walking on Sunshine - Katrina & the Waves, Lovely Day - Bill Withers, Hold on Tight - ELO, Feelin' Groovy - Simon & Garfunkel, One Love - Blue, Lifted - Lighthouse Family, Simply the Best - Tina Turner, Reach - S Club 7, Flying Without Wings - Westlife, You Raise Me Up - Westlife, Ain't Got No - Nina Simone.

  4. Hi

    Just been on Brendan's site but can't find the random name generator! Looked under hosted downloads and not there. probably being thick! Loads of great ideas on it though so thanks Brendan xx
  5. Fantastic website!! Thank you very much for the link. WOW![​IMG]
  6. I love the ideas for music and art. I will look into art resources. I was thinking about what other mucis I might like to use. Thnak you for the feel-good ideas, and for the original Miss Roache's class ideas. These are my intial thoughts. For a year 5 class, so some to rpovoke thought about the lyrics too. I am not very knowledgeable about classical music or 2000s music, so anyone who can add some ideas for those, it would be much appreciated. I can see we will all have so much music, it will keep us occupied for days deciding which ones to use for our classes.
    Anyway, my folky and less upbeat (in general) collection is as follows:

    O Fortuna, Carmina Burana Carl Orff

  7. See I tried to do this and got told off in my school, as it was complained about that not every child was 'child of the day' - I did try and explain that every child had the chance to be on their individual behaviour, especially those who were a bit quiet and didn't really ever get picked to win anything else, but SMT weren't having any of it, so I wasn't allowed to do it. No wonder we had nothing but floods of tears on Sports day whenever anyone didn't come 1st.
    My timesaver -I don't really have any timesavers, as I'm new to primary, and obviously just not very good at saving time lol.

  8. Sorry about the formatting - why does it do that? It was fine in Word and in the message box.

    An an urelated matter, a good tip from Conscious Discipline forlow level annoyance (let's call her Miss Piggy) "Hermione pushed me" you: "Did you like it?" Miss P "No". You: "Did you tell her?" Miss P "No". you: "You need to say to Hermione, 'I don't like it when you push me, please...' " (whatever you want H to do instead, depends on context). You may need to get the to pracctice saying it to you first, if they are either very diffident or likely to go and yelel "Miss says..." in their ear at max vlume and accompany it with a bit of retaliation. It takes a lot of training and repetition, but over time, the class begin to sort out their own low-level problems. And you get a huge feeling of pride when you overhear one of the saying something like, "I don't like it when you pinch the pencil sharperner, please ask nicely".

    The other great tip, is for tattle-tales such as "Charlie isn't tidying up" You: "Are you telling me to help him or to get him into trouble? (they will sometimes be brutally honest and say 'trouble'!). Your reply in either case is to suggest they go and ask Charlie if he needs help tidying up, and they can help him. Game set and Match to you
  9. An earlier poster mentioned about writing nice things down about a star, we had similar in my first placement school. Once a week on a Friday afternoon, there was a VIP. They were chosen completely randomly so each child got chosen once in the year. The class wrote nice things about them on post-its, these were then read out to the VIP, and stuck onto A3. We then laminated them, stuck them up for a week on the door, and for the next week the VIP got to lead the line, pick the first hangman or anything similar. At the end of the week, they took their laminated sheet(s) home. It was great at getting children to think about what they valued in their classmates. Really a KS2 thing, in KS1 yout lots of 'they are nys" Also use it to get children using wow words, so links to LIteracy too! Everyone a winner. And if you have a mean SMT team like the poster with the chair, tell them it is a PSHE/ SEAL ongoing self-esteem project - which it is in effect.
  10. Great list - thank you rvelvet - I shall be adding to my collection!

  11. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Hi bluerose,
    I use a mixture of mp3, cd etc. It really depends on what I fancy and how I can get my hands on it! I did try letting the kids bring things in but all I got was High School Musical etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that per say, but it is my intention to open them up to things they might not experience otherwise. With older kids though this might work...
    My husband is a painter so I have a house (far too) full of art books! I would recommend 'The Art Book' as a really nice place to start. It is full of well known works by a load of different artists and spans all sorts of movements.
    Use as much or as little as you like from my site. I'm actually really pleased that so many people are interested in it. Like I've said before, I think best practice should be shared. Otherwise boring teaching will win out!

  12. Hi Winni, please can you let me know what your website address is? You've had lots of compliments and i would be interested to have a peep at the site!!! Many thanks :)
  13. silver2003

    silver2003 New commenter

    could someone let me know how you down load the stuff for loop cads etc on tarsia. Been to the website not sure what to do .

  14. jmb


    Will certainly be trying this one. Thanks for idea :)
  15. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Of course I can. I have had some really lovely feedback and comments...it warms a girls heart!

  16. Hi Winn1 - I too would love to do your music and art of the week with my Year 5s - your site is great. How do you tackle this though? Do you just ask them what they think, or do you have some preprepared questions, or do you do a little spiel about each piece? I am worried I won't know enough to be confident talking about them, or what the salient points are! Are parents involved? If so how? How much time do you spend on it?
    Thanks for any guidance you can give!
  17. On the lollipop idea I use coloured swizzle sticks. ( plastic drink stirrers which have a rounded top.) I use them in a reward system for table groups. If the group is working well they receive a coloured stick to place in their table box. Different colours= different points. At the end of the week they count up their points and the group with the highest score earn a reward. (Rewards I use are: using the digital camera, 30 minutes reading in the school library, using special pens/paints, viewing a video one lunch time etc it's really up to you what to include)... if you find the points are low and you feel it is not deserving of a reward you could set up the scheme having minimum points they must get in order to have the reward.
    They earn points for a range of things, basically you decide what earns specific points for your needs in the class. ( all on task, all complete work on time, all tidy their area before moving to the group time on the floor, all having neat writing,speaking nicley to each other, being helpful etc)

    I got this idea from a wonderfully organised Scottish teacher in our school.( I Iive outside of Europe) I adapted her system to suit my younger class. She has lots of well organised and well run incentive systems.

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