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Things you love, or things that work really well, in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Rainbow Flowers, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hi Winni
    This is a brilliant idea - I'll be trying this one out!
    Thanks :)

  2. I saw a suggestion on here last year that has worked really well - I invited children to give themselves as a class an animal name. I put up pictures of their chosen animal & when we did thank you cards for visitors during the year we used the animal as a motif - they loved it & it really became part of them.
  3. Another idea from here last year which I've used is to have themes of music - some for getting changed for PE (eg. Mission Impossible) & 'feel good' music - have lots of these. I use Brenden's random name generator as an alternative to the lolly stick idea (though I love that too!) & I use the free timer from the fiery ideas website for all sorts of things but especially for tidying up. Re. tidying up - I use cushions as an incentive - I choose either children from the tidiest table or 8 children who've really helped during our 2 minute tidy up sessions to have a cushion to sit on throughout the following day - what a timesaver this has been for me and our cleaning lady!!

  4. Hi Rainbow Flowers. The trays can be used in lots of different ways, but this is how I use them:
    When the children finish a piece of work instead of just all putting their work in one 'finished' tray I ask them to think about how well they did that piece of work.
    They put it in the green tray if they enjoyed the work or found it easy and they felt they achieved the learning intentions without much help.
    They put their work in the yellow (or orange) tray if they found the work tricky and needed a little bit of help but think they achieved the learning intention by the end.
    They put their work in the red tray if they found the work really difficult and needed lots of help. Children who don't think they have achieved the learning intention put their work here.
    When I mark the work I always start with the red tray as I know these children were having the most problems. I can mark their work knowing that the child is anxious and is not confident in this area. I then know that these children will need my support first next time. Sometimes it also highlights children who are coping fine but lack confidence and also those who are really confident but are unable to recognise when they are having difficulties.
    I try to mark the child's work in a pen that is the same colour as the tray they put their work in and then over a period of time I am able to track pupils' understanding and confidence in their abilities. Its a system that works really well for me.
    I know it sounds complicated trying to write it all down. If it doesn't make sense let me know and I can try and clarify what I mean.
  5. missied

    missied New commenter

    I have a learning log book. Children are invited to jot down what they have learnt that day onto a post it note which is then added to a poster on the wall. At the end of the week we read through it and 'discover' they've learned loads. These then get put into the learning book which children and visitors can look at whenever they want to.
    Traffic light cards (afl strategy) each child has a set of 3 pieces of laminated card (red, orange and green joined with a split ring). During lessons these are on the table and children turn them to the colour reflecting how they are finding the work. It means those who are struggling can show me without having to actually ask or feel embarrased. At the end of the lesson I use them for children to show me how they feel they have managed the work.
  6. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Loving the learning log book idea missied.[​IMG]

    Also remembered about this idea that I got from a MAGAT meeting. I have used several and they work as well with all kids not the gifted and talented. Am planning to do one a week as an open learning challenge.
    Check this out...GENIUS

  7. Great ideas missied!
    Lovely idea for a thread too Rainbow! Thanks!
  8. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Art in a Box from the Tate has just turned up. Pretty good, child friendly and dead easy to use.
  9. Jilly bean, thanks for this tip. Sounds a great idea

    As you know just starting out so looking for all the tips I can find! This is a top one and I am loving this thread.

  10. sladdinfamily

    sladdinfamily New commenter

    I love the idea of Art and Music of the week. I used to use Word of the Week (WOW) with my Year 4s. It was a word I thought they ought to know but might not and was included in their weekly spelling list with the definition too. If they ever used it in their stories they got an extra house point! I now teach Yr2 but am thinking of introducing it with my next class.
  11. I love the "Things You Really Need to Know About Me" idea and will be using it with my mixed Y5/6 class! I'm starting a maternity post - and finally doing the last little bit of my NQT Year, in September and I'm really keen to have lots of pastoral things going on.
    I also like the idea of the learning book [​IMG]
  12. This is a very good idea. Useful so as any child can be pricked at random and not same children chosen to often to take registration book to office e.g.[​IMG]
  13. wow love the learning log idea! so simple yet great!

    I apologise if this already been mentioned but for tidying up i use the 'secret trash idea' that i saw a teacher do when i was a trainee...it works a treat! explain to the children that you will pick an object that is out of place or on the floor prior to tidying and you will look and see which child finds it...that child can then have a small reward such as team points. I've had year 6 this year who were rubbish when it came to tidying the classroom but they love the 'secret trash' tidy room in 2 mins!
  14. Your webpage is amazing. I am an NQT going into Year 1 and having music and art of the week is something I would love to do, but I really didn't know where to start as there is so much art and music out there to choose from. Your ideas have really inspired me, i hope you dont mind but i will be borrowing your current ideas for my first few weeks. I would love to hear about any other creative ideas you have- you sound like the sort of teacher I dream of becoming!
    Something that I also want to do in my class is to have an author of the month/week, and each week have different books by that author for the children to explore and then get them to write a book review when they have looked at it in their own time- just a sentence about what they liked, disliked and a picture of something that they remember from the story. I was thinking of making this into a display to go around the reading area.
    Thank you for your ideas everyone- i love this thread!!
  15. What a fab idea! I've got year 2 this year and am really going to enjoy using this strategy! [​IMG]
  16. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Wow thanks lucindanearn! That's really lovely to hear! Email me if you like and we can have a chat

  17. What 'feed good' music do you use?
  18. have you used 'tarsia' to make loop cards. it is the best free program i ever downloaded. now have boxes of loopcards and jigsaws on everything from addition to integration for A level C4.
  19. Have used this idea myself and works well with all ages - but have a try at this - great after an art and craft lesson - tell the children they have to pick up 36 pieces of rubbish each (for example) and to show you before they put it in the bin, you'll be amazed at how many children carefully count the pieces and how tidy the room is after! For those that you feel have may be done this too quickly say to them, as you look at their hand, that they've only got 33 pieces of rubbish and then watch them go collect 3 more pieces (try not to giggle!!)
  20. Could I trouble you to explain how you use the coloured marking trays? Sounds like a good idea I would like to use. Thankyou

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