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Things you love, or things that work really well, in your classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Rainbow Flowers, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Hey,
    It's the time of year where we are all busily scurrying around our classrooms trying to get them looking lovely ready for the next year at school.
    Anyway, I was thinking that we should all share our ideas for our classrooms to help make them even better.

    This year I want a listening box and a book review folder in my classroom - I have made more of a thing of my reading/book corner this year too!

  2. Hey,
    It's the time of year where we are all busily scurrying around our classrooms trying to get them looking lovely ready for the next year at school.
    Anyway, I was thinking that we should all share our ideas for our classrooms to help make them even better.

    This year I want a listening box and a book review folder in my classroom - I have made more of a thing of my reading/book corner this year too!

  3. GARDEN24

    GARDEN24 New commenter

    I am starting a job share in year 1 as an NQT - we have discussed introducing more interactive displays - that will cut down on displays being changed constantly too. I like investigation boxes for free play times including chn's springs, magnifying glasses, torches, etc. How are you going to use a listening box?

  4. purplepixie

    purplepixie New commenter

    This isn't my own idea so I can't take credit, but a new teacher at my school puts lolly sticks in a jar, and writes the children's names on each one. She shakes it to get attention, pulls names out at random to answer questions or take the register and so on and to make groups. Seems like a really good idea to me that I'm thinking of copying!
    Good idea for a thread by the way [​IMG]
  5. A timesaver really, but I always have a few sets of laminated name labels for displaying work. Tend to use a few bright colours and different fonts!
  6. The lolly stick are an assessment for learning strategy and I use them in my classroom quite a lot. They are a really great way of making sure that all the children are paying attnetion and that you are not always selecting the child who you know will give you the right answer (we do this without even thinking!)
    I also use colour coded marking trays (red, yellow, green) which gives an instant picture of who is coping and who is struggling. I've found this to be really effective in the upper school but about to move to infants so I'll let you know if it works as well with little ones [​IMG]
  7. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    I work in Y1 and have Art and Music of the week. I try to choose really interesting pieces that the kids might not get the chance to see at home or on telly. The parents know what the pieces are and because I change them on a Friday, they are able to check them out over the weekend.
    It takes a bit of thought but the children (and parents) love it. Talking about the works and listening to the music also gives you a handy 5 min filler! You can do the obvious and link them to your topic/theme but I like the idea of freedom of thought and enjoyment for enjoyments sake! When I over heard two boys dicussing who was better, Elgar or John Coltraine, I knew I was onto something!
  8. These ideas are great - thanks for sharing. I particularly like the colour coded marking trays.

    I use lolly sticks too - the children see it as a really fair system when choosing groups or someone to do an important job.

    One time saver I have is probably not original, but when the children hand in their book ready to mark they leave the book open on the page that they have been working on - it saves lots of time opening and trying to find their work!
  9. I may be being dim...but how do the trays work?
  10. Winni1 i really like the Art and Music of the week idea. Do you try to link them at all or are they totally independent? I'd love a few examples of what you used that worked especially well if it's not too much trouble?!! Thanks xx
  11. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    the kids in my class have to put a traffic light at the top of their page for literacy and numeracy and then put there book in a green, amber or red box for marking. you then know who got it and who didnt and also those who thought they did it right but didnt really get it etc. quite useful once the kids get into the habit of doing it!
  12. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Hey Bexla,
    Check out my webpage cos it has lots of pics and stuff which you are more than welcome to use as a spring board. Or email me: firoach@btinternet.com
    I really try to make each week totally different so for example I'll have old school hardcore art by someone like carravaggio and then Nice Weather for Ducks by Lemon Jelly. I also just invested in Art in a Box from the Tate. It looks pretty good and has pictures ready to use so it should save me some time. I got it for about a tenner on Amazon.
    Honestly I just love the idea of exposing the kids to something they might never come into contact with and letting them explore it without feeling judged. I encourage them to say what they think as long as they can justify it. My Y1 left me very articulate and confident which was reflected in their work and I am sure it has a lot to do with this. Give it a whirl! What have you got to lose?!
  13. winni1 what a great idea! This is one I'd love to use in Yr 6, as our kids don't often get to visit museums or listen to a wide variety of music.
  14. I love the lolly sticks idea - am definately going to use that.

    A lovely idea for a thread - wish I had some good ideas to share [​IMG]
  15. nmason

    nmason New commenter

    I use the fruit machine or type writer program to randomly choose children in the class. I use this for star of the week (or special pupil, whichever you like to call it. When a name is drawn the child gets sent out of the class and then the other children say nice things about the child and we add them to a sheet which I print out and put on display for a week. The child then comes back in and one child reads it out. They also take a teddy home for the weekend (my Year 5 love this, even the toughest boy!). At the end of the week I give them the sheet to look at when they are feeling down or lonely. I generally do 2 children at a time as there are weeks when it is too manic to fit it in.The children really enjoy doing it and I have good feedback from parents too.
  16. winni1 - your website is great - thanks for sharing! I am going to use your lovely art of the week and music of the week ideas for my new Year 6 class.
    This is an idea I use quite a bit because it has an element of competition, so loved by older pupils. I make 'follow me' loop cards for a variety of subjects and topics (numeracy of course, plus key vocab/ definitions from Science, History and Geography) and time the pupils. Then, I challenge them to beat the time the next day (usually by saying 'you'll never manage to beat that quick time..') Really helps kids to listen.
  17. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Thanks for the feedback guys. We haven't got a school site yet but it was only a fiver to registart my domain name for two years. Obviously I don't put kids pics or even their names up but all my parents know about it and they can use it to check up on the weeks art and music because they know the images will be safe for the kids to look at.
    I have some other things I do...
    I have pairs of children written on A4 card and they are my runners for the day. They do all the jobs and at the end of the day they put their card to the back of the pile. It saves loads of time sorting kids out and I make sure I pair up children who wouldn't normally choose to go together.
    At the start of the new year I give them a sheet headed, 'This is what you really need to know about me... ' They know I will read it and it helps me get to know them as individuals far quciker than ususal. We make a book and put it in the book corner so they can find out about eachother too. Aslo handy if you have a T.P. student in during the year.
    I've laminated a load of thumbs up shaped post its as finger spacers for left handers. I also have mini pom poms (fluffs) for the kids to hold whilst writing to encourage a good pencil grip.
    Will have a think and see if I can come up with any more...
    Am loving this tread btw!

  18. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

  19. winni1, I'm intrigued by your mini pom-poms to encourage good pencil grip - how do you use them?
  20. winni1

    winni1 New commenter

    Place one in the plam of the writing hand. Get the child to hold it in place with their little, ring and middle fingers. Then encourage them to grip the pencil in the standard way. Their middle finger will naturally ease out a bit to support. It is a fabby way to show a good grip because it usaully stops the two fingers and a thumb thing and rules out a fist grip. It is always good to remember that a 'comfortable and effective pencil grip' is what we are aiming for. But, too be fair, my little ones love the idea and it does help!
    Hope that all makes sense!!

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