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Things that are annoying me today

Discussion in 'Personal' started by grandelf, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Kids who answer back with rudeness and a sneer - typical chav lads at the school. Argue the T0ss over every point you make, sneer and 'WHAT' whenever you ask them to do anything. Then look around to their mates with a 'yeh that told him' look

    Kids who feel like detention is an optional extra. 2nd detention they have missed, even with letters going home.
    Drives who have no idea what white lines are for. Get the Fe_ck out of my lane, the white line isn't there as an optional extra, nor to guide you around the corner. Oh and don't you dare look at me like I'm something you have wiped off your shoe when I have blasted my horn at you because our wing mirrors are 2cm away from becoming very good friends.
    I'm sure there will be more.....
  2. dogcat

    dogcat New commenter

    Kids that start taking their coat off and then stick it back on when you've walked past, kids that pretend they haven't heard your 10th request to sit down.
    Drivers who do 20 in a 40 and just tootle along oblivious that I have a home to go to! Drivers that try and do 60 in a 40 and are so far up my back end I can hardly see them!
    People who never have a bad day and eat some chips to feel better, but instead turn to lentils and dry chicken!

  3. The first two might be effectively dealt with with physical pain.
  4. The new panting/grunting slightly constipated style female singers seem to have adopted lately. Is supect they are supposed to sounds as if they are in the throes of passion but to my ear it's like they are singing with a noseclip on while having a dump in an underwater bathroom.
  5. Parents who email you to let you know they have booked to stay with you during your half term without checking if you have made plans!

  6. The fact that my post has to be moderated before I can post??? When did that start happening? Must have missed something on here?
  7. People doing 35 MPH in the middle lane of the A2 with nobody in front of them for miles.....ARGH!
  8. That made me LOL! Brilliant description [​IMG]
  9. All of the above.
    Rude parents who think that they can tell you how to do your job, when their child will attend detention and that if their precious little darling can't concentrate in lessons after break tomorrow it's all my fault because, nasty teacher that I am, I am making little princess do a break detention for talking in my lesson and she needs to go to the toilet and get a drink.
    See '3 things that made me smile' for what I wanted to say to that!
  10. Even more annoying, kids that start taking off coat, shrugging it off their shoulder but still keeping arms in the sleeves
    Sixth formers deciding homework is an optional extra and trying to tell me how to run my lessons (e.g. no homework)

  11. Agreed about the vi formers and homework. Gave them a right telling off today! Also can't stand the people who are happy to eat the biscuits I bring to the prep room but don't bring their own.
  12. The swimming instructor at the pool I have to take my class to every Monday. She hates her job, hates kids (especially young kids - despite my class being GORGEOUS), moans about everything (usually for about 10 minutes while the kids stand waiting and shivering) and is just RUDE RUDE RUDE. I control my temper very well in a professional capacity, and dislike very few people, but I cannot stand the woman. Every week she makes my blood boil.
    When I ask my OH to do something towards cooking dinner and he sighs! Then waits another 10 minutes before getting up to do it. No, I dont enjoy doing it either, and now you've waited 10 minutes to do it the other parts are burning! But I dont want to turn into a nag so I only ask him once then wait patiently.

  13. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    Bus drivers who drive past your stop even though you rang the bell and the 'bus-stopping' light is lit to prove it! And same driver apologises with a grunt and says he isn't now allowed to stop until the next stop - leaving you with a long walk home in the rain!
    Teenagers who sit with their muddy shoes up on the bus seats. (Actually anyone who does this - but it tend to be teens round here.)
    Shops which display 'special offer' stickers on goods but then don't have the offer linked at the till, so you have to go to the customer service desk to get your 'refund'.
  14. The kid in my beavers group who believes all play involves using his hands and feet, who sits next to me when having a talk and proceeds to SHOUT out every single answer, giving the others no chance to talk.

    Sorry just got back and he is driving me mad.

    The other thing that gets my goat are shop assistants who never talk to you at the till, never look you in the eye. they just hold out their hand for the cash and carrying on ignoring you. Where are their manners!!!!
  15. egyptgirl

    egyptgirl Senior commenter

    The sixth former who told me that he feels that his January exam result will be so good that he doesn't need to do homework anymore and can walk into the lesson 15 minutes late.
    The man who sat opposite me on the train on the way home and talked very loudly on his phone.
    The Year 9 student whose mobile phone I confiscated calling her Mum from her friends mobile who then accused me of stealing her "angel's" personal property.

  16. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    The parent of THE most badly behaved child in my class, when being told her darling had pinned a child in the corner of the classroom and was, basically, kicking his head in, said 'Eeeeh, he's a typical laddie, isn't he? Just like his brother at the same age.'
    When asked what she was planning to do about her child's behaviour, replied, 'I'll talk to him tonight and make him say sorry'. This child is 5 years old.
    I wanted to punch her, really hard, right in her stupid mouth and patronisingly say, 'eeeh, sorry'
  17. Student Loan Company for incorrectly deducting 9% of nett salary.

    Student Loan Company for not advising of said deduction. In fact last letter from them confirmed continuing eligibility...

    Student Loan Company for only working office hours - basically when we are teaching.
  18. Steffiw, my friend (also a teacher) had massive problems with SLC. She reported them to the Financial Obudsmen and threatened to get the train to Glasgow during a holiday, with all her paperwork to sit in their reception area until somebody dealt with her and their *** up.
  19. The girls I've had in my squad for 5 years STILL wearing their bl00dy socks. They know they have to be in bare feet.

    And they left four mats out. ARRRGGGhHhHhHhH!
  20. Things that are annoying me today...EVERYTHING lol especially that it is still only Tuesday :( think I got out of bed on the wrong side

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