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Things that annoy a drama teacher............

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by HSdra, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Bellatrix

    Bellatrix New commenter

    Yes, yes and yes.
    **** circles
    Year 10 boys being obsessed with guns and making them out of rolled up paper when not allowed to use the one prop gun the department has in every piece of work during the year
    Year 9 girls declaring that they'll work much better in a group of 9/10 because they'll definitely be more focused if they can work with all their friends
    Hearing a parent in the audience of the school show say loudly "well they get paid for it" when the Head is doing her 'thanks' speech - yep, absolutley, unlike the geography teachers who get to leave at 3:30 on the dot each day I get paid exactly the same to spend every evening and weekend rehearsing
    Having a really scary experience every results day wondering if the practical examiner was even vaguely fair and knowing that any kind of remark will have no effect whatsoever
    I had about 50 of these in my head when I started typing but now a student has come in to complain that it's not fair I won't let them (6 year 8 girls) put on Wicked without a licence and to a backing track and that I'm sooooooo unsupportive...that'll no doubt result in a parent complaint where I will have to explain to the Head for about the 20th time that anything that is still on in the West End generally doesn't have released perfromance rights, so no, we can't do Sister Act / Wicked / anything else she's heard of because it's on a poster in the underground....yawn...
  2. Pupils who, when reflecting on their mock examination and asked how they would improve their work, say 'bring more food to eat.'
    Colleagues who assume we have and want to borrow: judges' robes and wigs, rabbit ears, gold crowns, Civil War costumes, swords, Marilyn Monroe wigs.....how big do they think our cupboard is! (By the way, whoever borrowed our one stage telephone, please bring it back.)
    Groups who , in their devised pieces, insist on walking around someone saying ominous things until the person in the middle screams and they all fall to the floor - even though you ask them politely not to. And any groups who fall to the floor more than once in a piece.

  3. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

  4. cherrybrandy

    cherrybrandy New commenter

    staff who 'helpfully' bring in all their tat,old clothes, make up, tatty handbags and scarfs, dump them where you sit in the staff room because 'thought they'd be good for drama'.No thanks! I'm not the rag and bone man!!
    also,so pleased everyone elses boys always want to fight! I've found at least making them fight in slow motion makes it more fun to watch!

  5. We can see how much more fun it is to watch in slow motion - my boys - while accepting the H&S aspects of slow motion - still think it would be 'better drama, sir' if they did it at hyperspeed, even though the audience get to see diddly squat. Maybe I should try videoing them and playing it back without the sound to another group for comments...
  6. - 'Why do we have to sit on the floor? It's dirty and these trousers are clean' - then later rolling around on said floor.
    - 'You can't get a job from GCSE Drama anyway' - said a GCSE drama student. I think you'll find I did!
    - 'Are we going to do some drama today Miss?' - Said the Year 11 students. Still images, thought tracking, marking the moment, etc - ALL drama! Grrrrrr! Tell the EdExcel exam board that they aren't, then we can just 'act'.
    - 'We're just going to look in the costume cupboard for a *really specific prop*' - nope, we don't have that...no, trust me, we definitly don't!!!
    - When someone farts, the whole class has to react to it. Urgh!
    Plenty more, I'm sure they'll all come flooding back when we return to school next week!
  7. master p would like to add that all these things are equally irritating to a serious drama student
    you have our support, folks!
  8. wiemaranerlover

    wiemaranerlover New commenter

    All that has already been mentioned, plus parent(s) ringing to complain when an understudy has to be appointed, as their own little darling could not be bothered to learn lines or even improvise, with less than a week to go to opening night...

    Maybe I'm lucky, the Head never does the thank you speech. It's always either me or this year, two of my lovely Year 10 boys, neither of whom chose drama, volunteered to do the closing speeches and thank yous for me. Did a much better job too!

    This year's pressie was an Avon hamper - much prefer the flowers of other years [​IMG]
  9. As I walk through the school, or stand on playground duty, or get the bus home, and in these innocent pursuits encounter some kind of untoward behaviour that may be occurring in my vicinity, and move forward wearily to stop it occurring, I am sure to hear the rousing cry of "BUT IT'S DRAMA, MISS, WE'RE ONLY ACTING..."
  10. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Going back to school after a holiday and asking for the project / essay / notes to be handed in.
    And being met by blank stares.....
  11. Ah yes, I love this one!!!!
    Asking for the research into the topic to be brought to the table to discuss and finding that several 'forgot' (more like couldnt be bothered.)
    Or just as good, they remembered, but only last minute and have therefore copied everyone elses down verbatum!
    I have done it, it's in my head...... really? along with all the other vast knowledge you left there last term????
    As for Ray or Winston being gay, I don't think so.......??
    Number 567 - students who say 'I don't like Drama', to which you respond, 'well I don't like you, but we each have our cross to bear don't we?' (they then look offended) what we really want to say is, well I'm not surprised, you're not very good at it anyway!!!
    568 - People borrowing costumes then leaving them where they last used them, so you look to the cleaners like some scruffy urchin!!
    569 - people who are offended because their budget is cut and yours is only cut slightly - sorry sir, but if you want a school production we need the new lights and microphones, they cost money - Im not out blowing it on rubbish......(oh and don't your department use the lighting etc when they need it? perhaps we should charge rental space like they do with music studios etc???)
    570 - kids who get a main role but then stop trying........
    571 - kids who don't get a main role so don't bother turning up at all!!
    572 - boys who think that at a first time round, they will get to do all the technical stuff in the show (even though they don't know how to power up the desk!!)
    573 - people who have done lights and sound for 3 shows and think that you can't possibly know how to do it as you are new to the school................... yes, thanks, never used a lighting or sound desk before...... would you like me to show you how to adjust the reverb and gain, or are you actually going to do it when I ask?? (instead of telling me how complicated it is.....)
    574 - kids who know where rehearsal schedules are but always look surprised when you see them and say 'you havent forgotten have you?'
    575 - kids who know they have controlled assessments (performance) are off sick, but don't ring to tell you or the other people invovled. grrrrrrr
  12. This thread has just cheered me up after a rather **** day!
    576 SLT/Inset training telling the whole school that students like working in groups doing practicals. Then why oh why Year 9 boy do you always sit there and moan when i ask you to get up and perform
    577 Students thinking they can do a performance without rehearsing it (mainly boys)
    578 Talking when you are 'modelling' what you want them to do - id like to see you do it better
    579 Students taking offence when tell them you are going to phone home because they have no manners, and they tell you that they do so you ask them to use them instead of talking during others work
    And ditto to the inability to sit in a circle!
  13. I know it sounds churlish, but...

    the one student in this class who answers everything. I mean everything. It's like he is streets ahead, always on the ball, remembers everything you teach, has great ideas...

    It's the curse of one hand waving, waving in the air, you try not to see him... but nobody else wants to volunteer anything.

  14. sounds like you need to revert to primary methods - write everyone's name on a lolly stick, put them all in a jar, draw one at random - that person is securely in the frame
  15. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Great when you only teach one group - when you have 10+ groups a week that's a lot of swapping and changing (though eating the lollies in the first place could be an interesting few days).
    Use a random number generator (online or substitute the lolly sticks for numbered slips) which accords to a number allocated to each child for the duration of the year.
    Or tell him to shut up and give others a chance.[​IMG]
  16. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Has this one cropped up.....
    Students who can't think how to link one bit of action to another so say, usually totally inappropriately, "Anyway....."
    As in:
    A: Oh God, she's dead! She was only sixteen and I loved her so much.
    B: Anyway, I'm going to KFC. Want anything?

  17. Always using their own name for their devised character...even at A-level.
    Worse, when you insist they come up with another name, either going with "Bob" or "Hugh Jass" or if it's a policeman "PC World" cue hysterical laughter from audience and actors alike.
  18. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    When your school insists on Saturday school every single week and then when it is your turn you spend two weeks planning it, to be told at 4:40pm on the Friday before your Saturday school that you will only have lower school students as all upper school students will be having IELTS lessons, despite the fact that they already have 7 hours a week of English (including dedicated IELTS lessons) and IELTS is not a curriuculum it is a test of your English! This is especially annoying when you have planned activities in which students are required to speak and write in English, therefore practising their English skills and expanding their vocabulary. Apparently this will not help studnets who have to pass IELTS and because we are a private school the Deputy Head explained all this to me by saying 'we have to keep the clients (parents) happy' there is no consideration for what is best for the students just how to keep the parents off their backs.
    Sorry, rant over.
  19. is it wrong that I just burst into hysterical laughter at that!!???
    PC World - love it! (but don't worry I won't recommend it)
    Having groups who ask why are we writing?? that's not drama?
    Hmmm what is drama? - 'dunno miss'
    Can't do drama miss I can't do anything that might hurt my foot....... 'but did you not walk to school? were you not kicking a ball about earlier? do your feet affect your hands when I ask you to clap?
    all I ask is that you join in or at least make an effort.
  20. twigtwig

    twigtwig New commenter

    SMT - "why isn't little Sally going to get her target grade?"
    Teacher - "Cause little Sally is a mouth breather who can bearly spell drama let alone achieve her target of an A"
    SMT - "But ofsted..."
    Teacher - "Ofstead can come teacher if they want and i swear after 3 minutes of talking to a blank face they'll happily shoot her in the head"
    These are the kind of dream conversations i have in my head during line management meetings!!!!!

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