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Things that annoy a drama teacher............

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by HSdra, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. at the end of every puppet scheme of work: "Right, you can take your puppets home now" " Miss don't you want to keep them?" "You are a class of thirty. Between you, you have made about 60 puppets in this project. We have 7 classes of thirty this year, can you see why we don't want to keep all your puppets....?" "But you could keep them all on your desk, Miss, they can keep you company..."
  2. What's wrong with the phrase "area curricular group"?
  3. New one I think-fresh from tonights HOD meeting. You start to make a valid,serious point in the discussion and the others just smile or chortle as you are, of course, the "entertainment"
  4. Been trying to stop myself adding this one, but after a rubbish day I can't help myself....
    A week before being due to move into the new, shiny, state of the art £32 million new school building, being told "there is no specified space or facilities for Drama. But some of the outdoor spaces look a bit like mini- amphitheatres" Jolly good. My question 'Why' was met with 'well, you're not on the National Curriculum, so we think you were probably forgotten back at the design stage.' Oh, I feel SOOOOO valued.
  5. I bet the outdoor spaces only "look like" mini-amphitheatres.I'd have been tempted to ask if they looked like Roman or Greek amphitheatres - I couldn't honestly do much effective teaching (of the kind of theatre I want the kids to learn) with a semicircular orchestra. Though no doubt there would be options for Frankie Howerd-esque titification.An 'Academy', by any chance?
  6. sasbme

    sasbme New commenter

    Too many truths. . .

    1. Being mean and cross with any child who dares walk across the special floor with shoes on - and same floor being used for the busy refeshment area for parents evening.
    2. Ties worn around heads
    3. Students who don't rehearse, but instead of humiliating themselves hit the top grade critera
    4. "Can I bring a gun in as a prop Miss?"
    5. In the middle of a performance - random gangnam style dance-off
    6. Year 7s wanting to play dogs

  7. encava

    encava New commenter

    Headmaster - Why is the stage extension out?
    Caretaker - It's for the show
    Headmaster - What show?
    Oh dearie me, what a laugh I had at that
  8. 1) The GoCompare man
  9. encava

    encava New commenter

    Drama teachers who teach by PowerPoint
  10. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Don't really want to hijack the theme of this thread, but could you expand?
  11. And schools which don't bother to equip their drama teaching spaces with projectors and whiteboards. 'What would you use them for? Drama's about playing games, isn't it?'
  12. Characters called 'Bob'. I've banned that name, along with names of anyone in the class, for a character's name.
  13. Characters called Bob Marley, who every yr 8 thinks they alone discovered! Am I old because I dont find the name hysterical?
    Apologies, not been on line for a while, been playing games n stuff!
    Random number 253- children wanting to thought track for a dead character. "I'm dead" really? Was my explanation nit clear?
    254 - children desperate to play babies!
    255 - boys who always wear dresses and wigs at any opportunity ( this include male staff!)
    256 - people who teach your subject but dont move from the safety of the desk!
    257 - staff assuming that you'll perform for any event!
    258 - parents who try to force their kid into productions, even though they have requested to operate lighting desk, because they played Mary in the nativity once and said " please, for I am with child"
    259 - children who wont move to a group, even though you have explained everything and begin the next task, they then say, everyone is in a group now, what shall I do? Errr join a group?
    260 - people who think teachers are rubbish at discipline, teaching and that we all start at 9 and finish at 3? Dont know about the rest of you, but come production nights I am in school the full Sunday before- due to exams in hall! Then start at 8 and will nit see my other half until 11pm,unless it's the last night and there are three million speeches!

    Wow this is quite cleansing!
    Please continue and I promise I wont be away as long!

    Just thought of another one!

    261 - I dont perform miss, I dont like it, ah well, sorry Jeff, you will perform something at some point.
    262 - teachers who think stage fighting is hitting each other with broom handles and blocking it! Which you then have to stop before a- injury b- your projector or speakers get smashed!
  14. I misread 'injury' there. Thought you were talking about having to go before a jury. Equally possible.
  15. encava

    encava New commenter

    Lesson objectives, stimulus and tasks all displayed constantly on Power Point and so on for every lesson ad nauseam
  16. NikiQatar

    NikiQatar New commenter

    Other members of staff who come and mention that they are trying to find a costume for their little on who is in reception class. "She is going to be a senorita, do you have anything suitable in the costume cupboard?" Errrr, you are aware that we teach students from 11 years old to 18? What could you possibly think I would have in the costume cupboard to fit a 4 year old?
  17. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Students who refuse to work with anyone else in their class claiming 'no-one likes me Miss' perhaps that's because you've never made any effort with them!
    Kids who choose GCSE Drama because 'I thought it'd be fun Miss' and then proceed to complain when they realsie how much coursework they have to write - were you not listening to me at options evening?
    When students create a performance, you watch it and give them feedback - you then ask them to go and improve their work based on your feedback and they decide to completely ignore your feedback and instead do whatever they feel like doing to the performance and invariably end up making it worse.
    madgemarie likes this.
  18. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Time to resurrect this thread as we all need a giggle at this time of year.
    Students who, because they have been exerting themselves in the lesson (i.e. they stood up for more than two minutes), need to refresh themselves by spraying Lynx all over themselves - outside their clothing - just before they leave the room.
    They really think it works, bless 'em.
    madgemarie likes this.
  19. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    The parent sitting a few seats away from me last night at a junior school production who waved to her child on stage at least once a minute for nearly two hours.
    At one point, she half stood up to do so.
    The child soldiered on, trying to ignore her, thus causing even more frantic waving.
  20. Ah members of slt who do something similar, but instead of waving they smile and nod at your lead roles!! very distracting.
    What about staf who watch all your hard work play out on stage and then say how they would do it differently? - where were you during the rehearsal process when I asked for help????
    Being compared to your predecessor
    as for the people with the over powering Lynx!! what about the people who do not wear any and therefore alientate themselves rom the group who do not want to do any physical work with them as they are not the freshest of flowers!
    Kids who know you don't wear shoes in the studio and moan every week about how unfair it is!! and fail to wear clean socks!!! or in the summer don't wear socks at all so their feet stink!!! and then so does your carpet!!
    Kids who draw a penis on the back of chairs! - or even better your staging!!
    Kids who get stuck on a scene, so you help them out with an idea and direct it toshow the what you mean, they then say 'wow that's a good idea' or 'that's good, lets do that' - gee thanks guys, I know its quite a good idea, that's why I suggested it!!
    boy's who think other boys doing drama is 'gay'! I dare you to tell Ray Winston that!!! / or Jason Statham!


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