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Things that annoy a drama teacher............

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by HSdra, Oct 16, 2012.

  2. 210 LAMDA exams which teach young people to sound off monologues very prettily, but completely fail to address the essential teamwork aspect of Drama.
  3. And my response to the head teacher would be along the lines of "I totally understand IBS being someone who suffers from it too but you don't hear me farting loudly in class!!"
    Loving this thread cos it's all so very true. Loved the one about the LAMDA student too - I had one of those and she didn't understand why she could get the highest grade at LAMDA but "only" get a B at A Level....hmmmm
  4. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    211 Girls who wear skirts that are far too short and/or tight for ay knid of practical activity
    212 Running a three person Performing Arts Department and having to organise whole school Saturday sessions (which every other department also does but every other department has at least 10 members of staff!)
    213 Whe the student council help themselves to your stage blocks for their Halloween Party

    214 When students decide to use the dustpan and brush as a prop and break it, no it was not meant to be a prop the cleaners use it to clean the floor.
  5. 215 When year 7 students have had only one lesson and you are told that you have to provide accurate levels for all of them - which you will be held accountable for forever!!
  6. NikiQatar

    NikiQatar New commenter

    216: Students who play "the child" by shuffling around the stage with their shoes on their knees......URGH!!!
  7. 216a Students who play "the grandparent" by shuffling around the stage with some form of stick as though they are on the Liverpool Care Pathway. When challenged with "Is that what your gran is like?" they take great offence and say "No" with the word "Obviously" implied.
    Most 14 year olds' grandmothers are actually in their 40s (or even late 30s).
  8. Ummmmm, re-read this thread and note that yours is one of the few negative moans not in good humour. It is clearly in humour and is a testiment to how much we all do actually love our jobs. Shame this is all your could contribute.

  9. Gardening Leaves

    Gardening Leaves New commenter

    I have never visited this forum before, but someone directed me to this thread and thought I would find it funny, as an ex-Drama (but mostly English) teacher.
    Thank you all SO much! It's wonderful!!
    Now mine:
    The kid who farts loudly when you have a completely blacked-out space and you're doing soundscapes.
    As SLT, being made to swap Drama covers with colleagues because they will never do it.
    The kid who says they don't have to do Drama because their mum says it's just playing.
    The kid who just sits and will not get involved or say any a word and their mum says it's all right because they are shy ...and anyway it's not a serious subject, is it?
    The parents who turn up to parents' evening but then spend ten minutes telling you what a waste of time Drama is.
    A Head with a prejudiced and ignorant view of what a Drama production should be. ["No we're not f ing well doing 'Joseph' or 'Annie'!" she mutters under her breath.]
  10. 367 When you've been away on a theatre trip for a very long day, or even a residential, and you get back to school and the parents come to pick up their kids.... and not one of them thanks you.
    367a There is one kid whose parents don't come to collect, so you wait with the child.
    And you wait.
    And you wait.....
  11. Don't worry - I don't think rookery1 is a Drama teacher.
  12. The fact that law schools like their students to have done drama is because... they learn elocution!! Nothing to do with developing analytical and communication skills.
  13. Okay...

    397. Hat syndrome. Kid enters the room, see's a hat, has to put it on their head.
    This can be substituted with any other prop or costume that has been left in the studio.

    398. Having your room used for injections, academic reviews, leavers day etc... and being told you can use the maths room instead.

    399. SMT passing new policies which completely ignore the organic and physical nature of drama. A written comment for every student once a fortnight. Really? What would you like me to do? Tattoo them?
  14. The default American accent for some students...

    'Thats it' at the end of a performance

    The fact that SLT assume you like giving NQTs INSETs on voice training and can fit it in to your schedule

    No matter how far in advance you book the hall/stage for rehearsals, whatever SLT do overrides it.
  15. Suzjayne

    Suzjayne New commenter

    400 or 401 GCSE drama students who can't rehearse "because one of their group is absent". So they sit and talk about their weekend instead.
    402.Boys in year 8 who always want to do plays which feature drugs or being drunk. Or want to beat each other up.
    403. The American accent. All the time.
  16. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    404 Boys who always fight in their performance no matter how many times you tell them not to
    405 Your room being used for just about everything and you being re-located to a Science lab instead, how can I teach Drama in there?
    I love the one about the GCSE group who can't rehearse because someone is away :)
  17. 406. Can we swear, Sir? - if they need to ask, then: NO!!
  18. 407. Theatre companies and providers of Saturday drama classes regularly dropping off 800 flyers with a note instructing the head of drama to please distribute to all students. No, I would not like an unpaid post doing your marketing!
  19. Emails such as:
    "XYZ Theatre Company have a free workshop for teachers on blah blah blah. It will be led by Jacques Leboeuf, Amii Dongle and other leading lights trained in the Lecoq method. There will be a free three course meal. Please feel free to bring up to 10 students with you. We hope that you can come tonight at 5.30pm".
    Three weeks later:
    "XYZ Theatre Company has gone into administration following its lack of support by the local teaching community".
  20. Yep! And a million emails about workshops in schools by 'professional actors'. Unrelated to school curriculum!

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