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Things that annoy a drama teacher............

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by HSdra, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. And call 911 for the Police, even when the drama is set in the UK!!!
  2. corblimeyguvnor

    corblimeyguvnor New commenter

    Following on from the door, students miming knocking and stamping their foot on the floor to make the sound. Also students in a naturalistic style piece who mine a phone using thumb/little finger! Drives me insane.
  3. ...Very very funny posts. Anyway...

    62) unrealistic parents who think their kids are definitely going to Drama School based on the fact that their child did ballet tap and modern aged 6.

    63) email today from pastoral head: '' any chance of a few of your students doing an assembly for us next week based on alcohol misuse amongst 12 to 14 year olds?
    Reply: '' No sorry, Dave, we are doing a 10 weeks SOL on domestic violence at the moment. We can't just stop and magic something up''
    response: ''.... ermmm, domestic violence? Go on then, we'll have that''

  4. How about the attention seekers who: Either; come in late-deliberately to be noticed.
    Pull their trousers up over their knees in the circle.
    When a pupil accidentally has contact with them-they scream and get out of their chair/throw themselves on the floor!
    Cross their legs in a camp manner with their hands on knees.
    And finally- the dreaded horse riding mime!!
  5. The fact that drama is on a rotation with PE - as in, one week basketball, one week football, one week hockey, one week............ drama! Whhattt??!
    Agree with so many of these comments though - the 'could you just get your kids to put something together for parents evening tomorrow?' is always a favourite...
  6. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Having just been made Head of Performing Arts, so now trying to sort out the entire faculty. Preparing for a showcase on Halloween and then when I'm in the middle of teaching a lesson the Head coming in and saying we need some students to do a fifteen minute performance in 8 days, can you find them a script and rehearse with them? Erm, when exactly do you think I have time to do that?!
  7. I'm dance but as a Performing Arts team we used to get it all the time, "I envy you're job, it must be so nice to have it easy and get to be creative all day!" After a while I stopped defending myself and resorted to sarcasm such as, "Oh yeah, it really must be." And again, all other departments telling pupils to avoid GCSE in the subject as it was meant for 'fun'.
    I could go on but I'm winding myself up, haha!
  8. In response to 'poor tom's' comment - I am a trained primary teacher and now a drama tutor on the B Ed programme and someone who is passionate about drama. As a drama teacher I thought that we would support colleagues who at least make an effort to use drama ..... I am disappointed by this comment ......
  9. Would we support colleauges who at least made an effort to use Chemistry / Physics or anything else.... and got it wrong?
    We would support them if they asked for help! I'd like to see visiting drama specialists ( and Music / Art / Pe) in all primary schools!
    Love this thread.....the door knock / foot stamp thing kills me!
    'Writing!!!! Thought this was Drama, Miss?'
    'Why do we have to take our shoes off?'
    ' It was good.....'cos it was funny'
    Things that don't annoy me..... the last kid leaving the room, smiling and saying 'Thanks Miss, that was brilliant'

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. With a great deal of respect to most of my class-teacher colleagues...I have seen so many school shows with my own children in, at Primary school...I am Drama-trained (Theatre Studies Degree and Drama PGCE) and I work as a specialist drama teacher in Primary. So I know how fantastic it is when class teachers (as they often do) use elements of drama in their teaching; and I support them as much as I can. I am planning an INSET day on Mantle of the Expert...My comment was not about 'colleagues who at least try to use drama' but 'School productions run by primary teachers.' You may well be disappointed by my comment; I am (as a parent and as a specialist who knows the full power that drama can have) disappointed by school productions run by primary teachers.Of course, there are always exceptions to a rule... and I do live in hope :) As a tutor on a B.Ed programme, I know you won't have enough time to cover even the basics, and I sympathise. I'm sure you encourage your students to join ND and NATD and use their conferences. Perhaps you might also have some sway with your local employers (LAs, Academies etc) to facilitate funding and time off for teachers to attend such conferences.
  11. Its good to know Im not the only one....
    1) When the props table is just too irresistable not to be messed with.
    2)"The hall and stage are out of action for how long?......A badminton competition!"
    3)"They love your class, playing games for an hour"
    4) Fed up of defending drama against 'real' subjects, "we dont just dress up and fanny about on the stage".
    5)"No Johnny we cant play Splat all the time"
    6) When devising, improvising...everything really, year eight boys fascination with explosions, fighting and death.
    7) Year 3, 4, 5, & 6 fascination with poo!
    8) Year 11 student describing The Emcee from Cabaret (seen in a live theatre production) as "the dude with the white face" AARRGGHH!
    9) Letter from a parent "My daughter can not join in the dance rehearsal due to religious beliefs" (I will argue with most, but not God.........a part in The Crucible, me thinks, hmmmm) (the family are not religious by the way)
    On that note, God help all Drama teachers, everywhere.
  12. On a more serious note, and observing some of the responses on here, number 6 above.
    Cecily O'Neill once said to me that Drama teachers complain because the boys always want blood. She then asked 'Why not give them more blood?'...as opposed to dismissing that inclination as something to be unwanted and hence eradicated?
    Interesting words from Cecily. Could there be just a tiny bit of, I dunno, something, in the fact that most Drama teachers are female, and it is an aspect of male response they feel sort of irritated by?
    It resonates with the debate from years ago when it was discovered that little boys didn't much take to reading when the content was stories, but if given a chance, would read a lot of non fiction material.
    I sometimes wonder what would happen if we gave some of our students this:
    as a piece of stimulus material for some devised Drama !
  13. Lost what number we are on
    On the note of feet.

    -"Why does it always smell of feet in here?" (face palm)
    -Boys fascinations with pulling their socks over their knees over their trousers
    -Business manager "Yes I know other departments use the stage lights including SLT to show off the school on open evenings etc, but the blown bulbs/fuses other staging needs come out of Drama's budget!"
  14. marking a great many practical assessments, but also having to set and mark homework and written assignments because "now we have a marking policy and every subject must mark homework and have written assignments"

    Overheard advice by Head of Year to boy: "Don't take Drama as a GCSE option, you're too clever for that".

    A-level essay "Shakespeare was determined to use some of Brecht's devices"......
  15. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    "..... because Shakespeare knew that, three centuries after his own death, there would be a famous playwright called Brecht so he thought he'd get in there first with a few techniques of his own before Brecht stole all the limelight". Nicht war?

    I'm starting the numbering again, randomly starting at:
    101 The girl in Year 11 who produced a KFC meal from her copious bag 15 minutes before the end of Blood Brothers at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. How the smell wafts.... (Okay, a bit specific, but it happened).
    102 Whole groups who fail to turn up to an after school rehearsal for GCSE having obviously agreed not to come amongst themselves but not having bothered to tell me.
  16. Great thread :) With the foreword that teaching Drama is mostly the best job in the world...
    103 Stage being used as a store room, because of ease of access through scene-dock doors. (Think stacks of new desks, exam chairs, lockers, timber and anything else that needs storage.
    104 Drama being cut from the school curriculum to make way for more respected subjects
    105 No, "Drama queen" does not equate to "good at Drama"
    106 Drama is last subject on the school reports (though before PE and PSHE), why?
    107 Worth a 3rd mention, Headteacher delivering long-winded speach at the end of the school play
  17. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    Plinth? We'd have KILLED for a plinth. We had a slightly raised curb.
    If we were lucky.
  18. cherryaimless

    cherryaimless New commenter

    You had a slightly raised curb?

    We had to stand on our tip toes and hope we didn't topple over.

    (Sorry. Couldn't resist taking it that one step too far...)
  19. my faves are:

    206: You're not gay? But you teach drama.
    207: (in front of my desk at parents evening): No, lets not waste 5 minutes here.
    208: We're having a curriculum review. Please justify your subject. (the only one asked)

  20. I get annoyed by drama teachers with no sense of humour ;)

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