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Things that annoy a drama teacher............

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by HSdra, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Boys fighting with the excuse that it's 'part of our drama!'
    Kids talking all the way through other performances.
    Other staff walking in and chating when students are obviously showing work.
  2. To right! "No masticating in the drama space" - always gets their attention [​IMG]
    Love this list btw - may I add
    Assemblies that overrun by 20 minutes - thereby depriving GCSE students of rehearsal time the day before their practical exams and the utter indifference/lack of apology/flippant apology provided by the member of management who was busy waffling on about how great they were at school/worked hard etc to the entire year group.[​IMG]
  3. Love this topic - made me chuckle!

    I want to add:

    - children being told to rehearse without props as they don't need any in today's lesson nor have they been asked to use any, only to find them picking up random objects around the room.
  4. Here! Here!
    <h3>While devising a performance A level Students sitting down and discussing it to death instead of getting up and doing it!</h3>Students coming out of character during a performance and whispering instructions to each other!
    All black costumes in a black box drama studio.
    Minimum Target Grades, Fisher Family Trust Grades which have no relevance to a student's ability.
  5. Love the comment regarding assemblies because that's exactly what happened to me on Monday! Except it wasn't an exam day!
    Can I just add to the list:
    Being turfed out of your teaching space so that the millions of exams can be held in January, March, Summer, November etc and having nowhere to go and teach your lessons then being told that there is a free classroom where tables can be moved and when you get there it's like a shoebox!!!!
    also - my Y9s struggled to get in a circle and it made me chuckle but they didn't see the funny side!!!
  6. japonica892

    japonica892 New commenter

    Being asked to explain (with AFL information) why Little Johnny didn't get his predicted FFT target (because he has absolutely NO talent!)

    So with you on the cover....'Can I take them to my classroom and do research?' or 'Oh Mr so and so said the lesson would be too noisy so we watched a film'....ahhhhhhhhh!

    Being told when an outside theatre company is coming in that the space is needed for Yr 8 Jabs and could I find another space!

    Also agree with the Yr 7 saying' when are we going to do proper drama?'

    Ha ha love this thread should make it into a pocket book for miserable days!
  7. First time using the forum and this was just too funny to miss!!!
    Adding: Watching as students perform their work and migrate to the corners/back wall of the room...what is wrong with the middle of the space?!?!
    After detailed explinations the student who was talking all of the time coming up to you and asking...what are we doing?
    year 7 students constantly wanting to play Bang!
    Students trying to take their shoes off in my windowless carpeted room (which has been down for around 13 years) after they have just had PE
    Going to type this list and put it on my wall!! :)
  8. All posts so true. Mine is pupils explaining what was successful about a piece of drama. "It was funny"
  9. NVW


    Circles are a nightmare - typically starts with girls on the left side of the room, boys on the right, big gap between. I say 'right, let's mix it up!' and one brave girl crosses and stands between two boys, who then move to the other side, getting the whole group rearranging themselves about the space. Once they've all 'mixed it up' we are left with all the girls on the right and all the boys on the left. I'm losing the will...
  10. At least your students give you flowers!! My ungrateful kids just left me with the mess to clean up!
  11. I've yet to receive flowers. I work at a K-12 and teach all levels. I have an average of 9 productions a semester.
  12. So true! This post made me laugh out loud.
  13. The one thing that annoys this Drama teacher the most?

    Drama teachers moaning constantly and not realising how good they have it.

    I spent an hour at an area curricular group the other evening, listening to most of the others moan, moan and moan. You don't like it? Change it.
  14. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    You waited a year to make your first post and that's the best you could do?
    (An "area curricular group"? Sheesh).
  15. I teach performing arts and I get:

    "Oh well at least its a fun subject that children WANT to do" which makes it so much better when you get children who chose it because they are "lively" and its "good for them"

    My year 13 a-level class were USELESS last year - I had a full class a total of 10 times the entire year. When they came to lessons, they sat there, barely speaking, while I planned their entire showcase as they "weren't really sure what to do". Spent the year tearing my hair out.

    And finally an investment banker friend of mine raising his eyebrow every time I said I taught performing arts because apparently "performing arts = lapdancing" in the financial world - charming!
  16. Being told in staffroom that drama is just messing about : could not stop to chat had double messing about with the AS group. Plus I love the look of panic when I put cover in someone's pigeon hole ...
  17. these posts really making me giggle
    1. Drama Studio being used to store heavy gym equipment over the summer, ruining the special shock absorbing flooring.
    2. Budgets - or lack of them. Having profits from shows hived off towards other departments.
    3. Having your studio space used to store chairs and furniture and being told to work round them, then being told (having pointed out the health and safety issues) that the area was not supposed to be used at all but having no where else suitably equipped to go to.
    3. Budgets - or lack of them and then being expected to provide resources and foot the bill for displays/performances/concerts for open days/evening/reward ceremonies etc.
    4. Budgets - or lack of them and ALWAYS dipping into your own resources and not necessarily having everything returned after including fire proofed backdrops which you have painted and large stores of costume.
    5. Getting given disruptive or low achieving students as a doss/easy GCSE subject when they clearly have no drama skills whatsoever, and hate your subject (and probably you as well) as some sort of therapy class for them. (No offence meant to the students - not their fault).

  18. twigtwig

    twigtwig New commenter

    I think all of these things have happened to me at some point this week.....it's good to know we're all in this together as sometimes i think that every other drama teacher has a class of angels who produce work worthy of the RSC
    Roll on half term...or should it be role on half term!!!!!!
  19. Students knocking on imaginary doors in the middle of a scene.
    Students using chairs to be cars and dragging them around the room going vroom, vroom (yes even year 10!)
    I agree about all of these, especially asuming we are good public speakers, I clam up when speaking in front of staff, fine in front of students.
    Oh and year 12 asking to do a mood board for Road and doing it all about Brecht instead of Berkoff as asked.
  20. resources4drama

    resources4drama New commenter

    And they always have the steering wheel on the left.....

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