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Things supply teachers hate about class teachers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Quentin2, Feb 16, 2010.

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  2. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    No, no need to do that! You have posted some really helpful replies to people.
  3. Well said, Quentin. My thoughts exactly. I would also like to add that I don't like their smugness and thinking they are better than us mere supply teachers. And they do all those stupid thoughtless things like you have mentioned, and they still have the gall to whinge and moan about how bad supply teachers are. Do you know that not once when I have filled in for a teacher did s/he leave the whiteboard laptop and there wasn't even a manual board to write on, and I wasn't even allowed to have photocopies!! I always have to find a way to teach more creatively in these situations without basic resource, and still get ignored or treated rudely by staff who like to put down supply teachers in their bitchy staffroom conversations.
  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I left my computer and IWB switched and logged on for my supply today. We're not all bad!
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    strange that staff treat you rude......I have always found most staff kind to me..maybe its my wonderful personality!
  6. Agreed, OSM...a bit of charm goes a long way!
  7. Can see how this would be oldsomeone's first hand experience but yours? Don't think so.
  8. I don't think that Supplies are any worse than me but as sometimes we don't know who we are getting either. Like there are good teachers and bad ones the same goes for Supplies. We have 3 supplies in our school this week to cover us for subject changes next term. We've had quite a variety of skills, abilities and approaches but no-one has been rude to them. Yes the resources in our school are very basic and we are all aware of this. Only 4 KS2 classes have IWB and staff use their laptops to operate them. I won't open that argument again but maybe if supplies feel that the environment they are working in is not that good then imagine what it might be like for that class teacher who has to go in everyday and work in it and know that it isn't going to change ! There may be a reason for the class teacher being away and it may not be as a result of a course. The teacher next door to me in since September 2008 to the current term has missed a total of 7 months. We are grateful for the work done by the supply and I am sure she would have appreciated things different to how they were but I helped her all I could as did everyone else.
    Yes I struggle to teach with resources and equipment that hasn't changed, improved or even been replaced in the 8 years I have been there but I do my best. Maybe my inital reply to the OP comment on what it was like for Supply teachers came across as crass but it didn't meant to. I was defending how I run my class with what I have to run it with. The school I work in once issued everyone with a passcode for the photocopier and we were limited to how much we could photocopy !. Literally the Head would check how much people had done.
  9. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    The checking of photocpying is quite common in some schools.....some give you on ream, some make you use a key, some make you sign in a book and some make you leave a copy of everythng you photocopy!
    If you aint got an IWB then its no problem as long as your organised....but it means you have to do a bit more at home........its when you arrive in a new place and find you have nothing.....then the fun begins.
  10. Not a problem in our school because if someone phones in sick, next move from us as staff is to go in and sort out activities for the Supply on their way in.
    I've done it many a time and we check after every lesson with Supply to see if they are ok.
  11. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    now thats the sort of school i like lol
    thank you!
  12. We also take out the kids known to cause a problem and/or draft in an LSA from another class.
    Some of our kids when told "Miss isn't in tomorrow" just ask "Where am I going ?". In fact some ask to go to a particular teacher instead.
    OK all kids should behave for all teachers but it's not like that in real life.
  13. I can't get past this!!

    If schools have bought IWBs they MUST have bought either laptops or PC with video splitters to operate them. IWBs do not work without a PC. They don't work by themselves and no reseller would have provided them without provision - either by themselves or from within the school's resources.


  14. I am at that stage of refusing to do many things, even sticking stuff in books. How 5 glue sticks are meant to last a term with 30 children using them to I don't know. 30 children's whiteboard markers to last until July 2011. I could go on.
    Lap top was collected today so maybe I'm in for a replacement. Fingers crossed !
  15. Had been a supply teacher for 8 years before getting a permanent job and I loved it. Only time I didn't enjoy it was when I was told they were a lovely class and they weren't. Much easier to cope with children if you know how to start the day with them.
    I also liked getting lots of instructions because then I knew what I was expected to do and how the school did things.
    Can only apologise for my cluttered desk but I have a busy classroom and life outside of school.
  16. You are have itSPOT on! I totally agree with you.
  17. If I'm on a course and I know Im getting a supply I always leave everything laid out. Any workshets are all labelled with names/groups and books are left on correct tables or in grouped piles by the door (just in case the TA happens to be off too). I leave my computer turned on and whatever resources Iv planned for are there and ready in including any IWB flipcharts/powerpoints/internet sites that I'd planned to use. I leave a not with days objectives then longer detailed notes for each lesson...however I do not always expect the supply to follw these exactly. If the objective is covered thats fine...they may have their own idea for activities and own resources they wish to use. That's fine.
    I leave my file on the desk which has groupings, timetables and maps of the school (massive school) as well as names of teachers in the infants, the head, the deputy and the office staff. I leave my sticjers and small prizes visible and let them know of my behaviour stategies (raffle tickets and Golden Time minutes).
    I do expect the marking to be done as otherwise I have no idea who had support/who met the objective etc...

    If I'm off unexpecedly it's slightly different. I always prepare for it...just in case. I leave the weeks planning on my desk every night, a basic timetable for the next day with objectives and if I have time I prepare any flipcharts the night before too. That way If I am off sick everything is there if it is needed and if I'm not...well then my prep for the following day is done. Im lucky that I have a brill TA who is NEVER off sick (she has come in like dead man walking before now)...and Im rarely off.

    Iv had supplies who like the detailed notes and some who prefer to just look at the objectives..whatever is fine, everyone works differently and all teachers will set up for supply in different ways and all supplies will teach in different ways..way it works.


  18. I have been a supply teacher and was actually offered my perminent post after doinng supply at the school.
    I think there are good supply teachers and bad ones, just as there are good and bad class teachers.
    Whenever I know I'm going to be off I leave all of the planning and resources on the table for the supply. I dont particularly mind if they dont do exactly what I ask as long as what they do is worthwhile.
    Was particularly cross with the supply teacher who did Letters to Santa with my class on the 1st November!!!!!! Think that she must be made to come back and deal with my hyper year 1s until after Christmas.
  19. Know exactly what you mean - and I had left all the plans. This was an arranged supply so all plans and sheets left. Literacy was on a non-fiction text. She decided to do descriptive work on a fiction text - obviously couldn't be bothered. She didn't even mark the work.
    However, recently had a brilliant supply who did her best to follow my plans (and I was off sick so not everything photocopied); evaluated each lesson and wrote on my plans; left me notes about the children. Would have her back again like a shot.
    As a previous poster wrote, good and bad supply teachers; good and bad class teachers. Let's support each other - especially the ones who make an effort, whichever side of the fence we are on.
  20. "She didn't even mark the work."
    Do you realise that supply teachers don't get paid time to mark. We are generally paid for ten minutes after the leaivng bell. It can often take longer than that for all the children to be collected! Of course you can mark some at lunchtime after preparing for the afternoon and grabbibg a bite to eat, but it's hard to get thorugh a set of books in this time unles you 'tick and flick'.
    I have recently become a supply teacher - I always do the marking in detail, tidy up and leave notes for the class teacher. I am often the last person to leave!!!! That's about 2 - 3 hours unpaid work!!!

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