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Things supply teachers hate about class teachers

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Quentin2, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. I hate it when you:
    • Leave your desk full with clutter
    • Give me complicated carousel group activities which the children have obvioisly never done before.
    • Forget to leave enough pencils for the whole class
    • Don't leave me a password for your whiteboard laptop
    • Don't leave me a laptop
    • Leave pages and pages of verbose instructions (just leave me the learning objectives - I am actually a trained teacher)
    I'm glad that's off my chest.
    And if you want to complain about supply teachers then you have to start your own thread.
  2. Brenden

    Brenden New commenter

    Should have posted this in the 'supply teachers' forum
  3. Waterfin

    Waterfin New commenter

    I don't know....how many of us non-supply teachers go on there? [​IMG]
    In these days of AfL, feedback is only constructive if read by those it is about!
    Glad to say I don't subscribe to any of these nasty habits (apart from maybe the leaving lots of instructions one, but that is cos I never know what calibre of supply teacher I may get)
    Plus....as suggested I started my own [​IMG]
  4. My desk is full of clutter because I've been working all day, had an after school club to do followed by a staff meeting and I wanted to get home in time to feed my own children
    The class do know how to do complicated carousel activities, they do them all the time,
    The pencils are in the drawer marked "pencils"
    The password is written on the laptop
    The laptop is attached to the whiteboard
    The instructions are there to help you in case you have no idea what the schools policy is on x, y or Z. If I just left you the learning objective I wouldn't get what I wanted from the children, just what you think I want, and I haven't got time to re-do the lessons again

    Glad I got THAT off MY chest.
  5. Be honest....what you really hate about class teachers is, the ones with good classes are rarely absent, those with difficult classes are frequently off. I know it's a **** job, but don't blame class teachers. We are your life blood.
  6. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    I did supply for years, paid the mortgage on it as a single parent of two and really loved it. It makes my blood boil when peole say it's a '****' job. For me it was a hundred times better that a permanent job. Have you actually ever done it? I 've done both. First permanent, then supply, then permanent.
    Do yourself a favour and try not to make assumptions.
  7. My post makes no more assumptions than OP. I am not attacking anyone, merely responding in similar vein to OP. I have done both jobs, and like you, the pattern was permanent , supply, permanent. I was glad of the supply money at the time, but appalled at the attitude of some staff towards supply teachers. Since then, I've always ensured that all supply staff get a warm welcome.
  8. I don't see why we have to complain about each other at all. What are these threads trying to achieve?
  9. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    I was trying to say that not everyone thinks it's a **** job willowisp. People seem to assume that the supply teacher desperately wants a permanent job!
    That you are polite and warm towards supply teachers is good news, but it would be hoped that teachers are polite and warm to everyone, setting a good example to their pupils.
  10. Of course Shower, but we both live in the real world, don't we. I've been treated like an idiot in some schools, by people who've never met me. Why? Because I was "just" supply. Equally, I've not worked in many schools where all staff treat each other with respect, let alone the children.
  11. Agree with you, Lisamarie.
  12. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Lead commenter

    Agree too both of you.
    Sorry you've worked in schools where people are horrible.
    I have too but luckily have been in some nice ones, one in particular, which was streets ahead of any others but sadly the headteacher retired and it went downhill
  13. Often happens... people don't realise what a lovely school the've got, until something happens...eg. head leaves, and suddenly, things are different. I did a couple of terms in one, where deputy took over when head moved on. Disaster! Within weeks, an unhappy shambles.
  14. The best school i worked in ......
    Left me a supply teacher pack with school rules, names of adults, children, timestable etc
    Showed me where the toilets were, allowed me to get a cup of tea, smiled at me and asked if I had a good day....did not look cross when i filled in the lunch register wrong on the first time
    Come on, lets accept not all schools are the same, just as not all supplies/class teachers are the same......some are insanely nice and prepared, others are just ....rubbish...
    Remember this is a place to vent, so maybe nothing constructive will come out of this thread, but i sure as heck will feel better saying what I think!
    P.S i have been both, and i think i was a pretty good supply, at least i marked all the books even if it did take me up to 5pm! (my supplies never mark my books, or at least pretend!)

  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Password - that's all I ask.
    Group names - not just higher ability / lower ability (have you ever had to ask a child what ability group they are in)
    Other than that, I am really quite flexible
    Just don't get annoyed if I turn up at 9.10 when I live 35 miles away and I get a phone call at 8.15
    Or if I leave a class outside because at your school you go and collect them after play

  16. I have been both. I was a supply teacher for 5 years and have had a permanent job for 8 years.
    I have never been off sick so when a supply covers my class it is an advance booking. First I will defend myself.
    1. My desk is sometimes cluttered. I know where things are and the only things I keep on my desk belong to me, paid for by me so I wouldn't expect a supply teacher to need to find anything. I leave everything a supply teacher needs laid out on a desk by the class door. This includes my own purchased pens for marking, stickers, certificates and small prizes if needed.
    2. I always extra pencils (paid for by me) just in case Johnny says he's lost his pencil.
    3. I don't have a white board and quite frankly when mine is installed. I will not be letting a supply teacher near it. No offence but these are expensive machines and I am sure that suppy teachers are perfectly able to use one but i would be concerned if a teacher turned up and stuck thier own usb pen into it, risking a virus. Especially if they go from school to school. Surely it is not beyond a teacher to teach without these days. I do !. ( I know the benefits too but it is hasn't killed me).
    4. I do leave instructions to accompany the work. This just covers what I would like each group to do. You don't know my children and they don't know you. I just want a smooth day for my children. If I know the supply teacher then it's different but there are good and bad supply teachers just as there class teachers. We've had supply teachers complain about not having an LSA, having to do duty, a sudden change in the planning (ie longer assembly that we forgot to ask them permission to do) etc etc.

    As a supply teacher:
    1. I took an emergency stash of stationary ( just in case)
    2. Appreciated any info left (how ever detailed)
    3. Did what I was asked.

    I was always in work and often had more than one offer of supply each day. Guess I did something right !. That's how I got my job (1 day's supply was enough to get a job offer for the following year !).
    We have some brilliant supply teachers and are our first choice but others who we've had just want a day's pay. Stroll in at 8.45 (advance booking). Leave at 3.10. Don't mark and leave the class like a tip. They don't get asked back. It seems that the supply teachers we're getting apart from our regulars think they are doing us a favour.
  17. alihatherall

    alihatherall New commenter

    I prefer as many instructions as the teacher is prepared to leave me!! But I do like to use the IWB, expecially if there's free time - a game from the BBC website or a ppt quiz is always a good time filler!! My stick is full of useful games and activities, it's a shame not to get a chance to use them! And I wouldn't dream of not marking work, I assumed that was part of the job as supply, and not because I want to be invited back! (Though that would be nice.) But I think the days are long gone where you get offered a permanent job after doing supply at a school, surely that's not allowed!!!
  18. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Nonsense! I got one at xmas and another supply teacher in our school got one a week or so ago.
  19. I do not mind the clutter or the lack of pencils or the massive note ... teachers are busy people I used to be full time ...

    There are other teachers in the school who will help and support you in my experience ...
  20. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    As a supply i find a huge variance of work left or asked for...In the worst school,usually on a monday, there is nothing, no planning, no eveidence of work completed and often no work marked in books....why do lots of teachers want all thier kids work on loose paper?You often find other years are working independently and have no idea of what the other is doing and so can offer no guidance.....not even last weeks plans are available.or the mid term plans. You dont see a head, or a dep, or even in some schools , another teacher!
    Then i kick in with my own work.....but find often no laptop,no paper,shortage of pencils and often not even suger paper for use in room, or even a basic white board.
    In the better ones im given a supply pack and taken to the room.Even be shown the staff room and offered a cup of something!
    The teacher leaves me a seating plan for normal and group lessons.often good notes and resources ready which i then deliver with all the skill i can muster.However, i stil have to adapt to both the organisation and delivery of the lesson..and realise what all the shorthand initials stand for!
    I love the head to drop bye and ask how im getting on and sort out any glitches or problems, the hardest is when the class teacher is coming back and forwards to get stuff.then the kids 'forget' and turn to them rather than paying attention to what im saying.
    All classrooms have their quirks......but i have to say im impressed by teachers who are organised, work filed and up to date,desk's tidy and displays relevant and up to date....and I dont mean this modern insistence in which huge learning targets are displayed prominently across a room........in one school they where 30 cm high and the width of the class room.....and that was each one!

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