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things needed for PGCE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kchambo, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Hey guys
    Not sure if there is anything on here already about this but i'm starting my PGCE English in Sept and was trying to get together a list of things I might need.
    Does anyone have any suggestions/recommendations (aside from paracetamol and bottle of vodka - obv not together!!)
    Would be much appreciated if anyone can offer any ideas.
    Thanks! x
  2. I have seen a thread about ths stuff (what present to buy someone starting a PGCE).
    I have just bought lots of lever arch files (Tesco was cheapest for £1 each!) and stationary (wilko's is cheap and quality). I bought printer paper and ink. If you want compatible then 7 day shop are really cheap but for genuine then justinkandpaper are better for mine (£10 less than the norm).
    I have been looking at a £9 laminator from Wilkos, but think Ive spent enough.

    It would be good to know anywhere with offers on/ cheap for items.....
  3. I'm starting an English PGCE in September too. I have been following that PGCE shopping list thread and seeing all the various ideas and tips people have been sharing but I am going to wait and see what I find I need in September. I don't really have the space for it at the moment (I'm in my Mum's spare room for the summer), plus I will have to move with it all so it seems sensible to just wait and see. Plus as courses and school are so different I could easily get carried away with things that I don't really need!
    Obviously there are staple things that I will need so I will do a quick once around Wilkos once I get to Brighton - assuming they have one - blimey it would be a nightmare if they don't! I love Wilkinsons for a bargain!
  4. Thanks guys. Does anyone know the link to the 'shopping list'? Just so I can get a few more ideas
  5. Yep it's in the Student Teachers Section here
  6. Some useful tips here too in the presents thread adarsta mentioned above.
  7. oooh yay, presents! Lol. Doubt i'll get many of those but my partner is in the army so can get me lots of free stuff including thousands of those plastic wallets. I've started compiling my list. I've made sure to include wine! Good luck everyone!
  8. I went to Home Bargains today and found some really funky lever arch files. I have 15 of them now as people have bought 10 and run out by Feb. Now worried about how much work it will take to fill them!
  9. A USB Memory stick, a big academic wall-planner and a holiday - pre booked for next July! (something to look forward too)good luck though, the PGCE is great fun!
  10. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter


    I know it is tempting to book it end of June/early July to save money but there are loads of people on my course who still have not secured a job for next September but are having to give up looking as they're going on holiday. Schools recruit right up to the end of July - give yourself the best chance to get one!
  11. Don't think i'll be booking any holidays for a while yet! Especially now the bursary has been cut for my subject. Besides, like you say, it's better to try and secure yourself a job first and then look forward to the next holiday. Whenever that will be..... lol. x
  12. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I agree. Don't book ANY hol until you have secured a job, but the second you do get one make sure you book something fabulous whilst the schools are still in because it will never be as cheap again!
    Start the job hunt in Jan NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE the whole point of training to be a teacher is to be a teacher, its dire for jobs at the moment (I can't get a post and have been looking over 12 months now) so don't think you can start looking in May/June and bag one (some people do but most people don't) xx
  13. Yeah, exactly what I did.. I started looking in February and got the job in March on my first interview, i guess it was just luck... I also completed the skills tests before xmas and it was a massive weight off my mind! I do know some people on my course who are still looking now having not even put an application together until May/June! Jobs, especially in DT are hard to come by at the moment so i knew i needed to start early. As for suggesting a holiday, you will know that the PGCE is a massive mental drain and I just needed that total chillout time! It really did spur me on towards the end! Plus, it was only 7 days :s
  14. Thanks for the advice guys. And congrats on the job Luke. Bet that must be a huge weight off your mind. I'll hold out on the holiday for a while...
  15. I have booked my holiday for the week before I start my PGCE. Thought I would enter it in the right frame of mind :) If I find that during holidays I have as much done as Im doing and have a couple of free days I might book a late deal...

    Well done on the job. The jobs bit at the end is a bit worrying, as even if we manage the course it doesnt mean we will get a job.
    Any advice on preparation we can do to make it easier? or get a headstart?
  16. I would get yourself post-it notes...
    A comfy hoody (for sitting round in the evenings while marking and planning, may as well make yourself comfy)
    A huge mug and a massive supply of tea bags.

    Several pairs of comfy shoes (Primark can be quite useful for this - more so if you're a female), as you'll probably spend a huge chunk of your day in them and you don't want blisters, plenty of plain(ish), sensible but comfy clothes as making a good impression is always important.

    Get yourself all the generic stationary (highlighters, pens etc) from Wilko to save some pennies.

    A list of good (probably non-academic) books to recommend to the children to read in their spare time to encourage them to read for fun!

    Good luck :)
  17. akirk

    akirk New commenter

    This is all great stuff, especially the mug! One that is big enough to carry a nourishing cup of tea...
    This is my 5th year of teaching, and my additions to this (excellent) list would be;
    > Find out what the school resources are like (laminator, hole punches per department, etc.) before you splurge in Staples.
    > Memory sticks are great for transferring your work, they are inexpensive for sotirng a large amount of data but I use an external hard drive - a 500GB hard drive with all my music, audio books, photographs, units and schemes of work and films/documentaries on it so I can transport it from one computer to another (great if you have a school laptop and want to free it up, or work between home and school). I also ensure this is backed up in at least 1 other place - I would be devastated to lose 4 years of resources.
    - oh, and try to establish a "cut off time" for when you finish work, a time where if you have worked up to that point you know you have to stop and do something frivolous or spend time with loved ones. My first two years were hectic and I was up until all the ungodly hours crafting lessons and it is too much. Set yourself a time to be finished and stick to it, your brain is no good if you keep hammering away anyway.
    I wish everyone the best of luck!
  18. I am also starting a English PGCE in September. I am trying to get orgnaised with my reading lists etc but in terms of the balance between being in uni and learning theories, and being on placement, is concerning me! A lot of people have suggested use folders etc, even per class, but what are you all thinking for the theory/'in uni' days - will a notebook do? Or is single standard A4 lined paper and folders enough? I am not 100% sure on how the individual modules are going to work at the moment - this will not be available until we start. I just want to get organised and buy everything I need now instead of having to rush to shops come September!

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