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Things I would never have done were I not teaching overseas

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by chiefoyibo, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Gone for a drink with the son of a Puerto Rican tightrope walker.........
    Eaten grasscutter...........
    Talked at parents' evening to women wearing the wealth of a small nation in jewels...........................
    Experienced the smell of a West African market..................
  2. Great post! Been driven around the streets of China at great speed in a stolen taxi. Rode all across Ethiopia on a dirtbike. Become a *%$@ *^@$&*% in Cambodia. Met innumerable freaks, weirdos, outcasts and misfits - I love 'em! So many things that despite my (relative) anonymity I'll refrain from posting 9I was a bit wild when I was younger). I've been living abroad continuously since the age of 20, ten years. I'm sure I'd be quite a different person had I stayed in the UK.. or perhaps I never would have..? Excuse the off-topic self indulgency.
  3. Taught the children of ambassadors
    ...........................Worked with people who are even more bonkers than I am.......................................
    Watched a storm arrive across the African plain during the rainy season........................................Been to a garden party at the British Ambassador's residence
  4. be on holiday at this time of the year.
  5. afterdark

    afterdark Lead commenter

    Relished the UK rain after getting back from months in the desert.
    Had to explain what snow is.
    Had my passport confiscated by security at Tehran airport [for no reason]...and been grateful for the Times fiendish Sudoku which whiled away the hours whilst I waited to be rescued...
    Confiscated a teenagers earringsand then to realise they were literally solid gold cubes.
    Hearn children plead for more homework, ROFL.
    Seen a child get out a diamond encrusted phone.
    Sit in the VIP boxes and watch an international tennis match.
    Fly business class, as a teacher,
    Stay in a 5 star hotel for a teaching interview.

  6. Wow. I'm waiting for that.
  7. MisterMaker

    MisterMaker Occasional commenter

    Shared many of the above experiences; club class BA, First class PIA (BA is better), staying in opulent Hotels, teaching royalty & the well to do (¡Viva la revolución - they've been indoctrinating the working classes for hundreds of years, now the tables are turned!), dinner / parties at various diplomatic places (including the obligatory Queen's birthday bashes at various British Consulates), sunsets in all sorts of places, storms (including one desert storm) the likes of which you don't see in the UK, etc.
    Plus a few not mentioned: Rafting along Venezuelan rivers to see Angel Falls (wonderful), buying gifts for my wife from places like LV (painful), discussing education with Education Ministers (boring - they know nothing about education), plus a hundred other things that I'll remember when I click reply.
    Lest we forget - there's also many negatives that simply don't happen in the UK (or rarely do, and when they do you have the protection of unions). Whilst overall I'd say my life overseas has been better than it would have been if I'd stayed in the UK, we shouldn't pretend it's all roses and wine. [​IMG]
  8. Good point, in both my overseas postings the roses and the wine have not been up to scratch.
  9. Syria1

    Syria1 New commenter

    I've enjoyed the beer on offer. Eaten things I would normally associate with the garden pest or pet shop variety, climbed an active volcano, swimming under palm trees every morning, being able to spend money according to actual educational needs rather than some bureaucratic diktat, drinking the best coffee in the world and having someone else iron my shirts with a smile.
  10. swam with dolphins, a whale shark and its baby and sharks, travelled business class, been to more countries than a 46 page passport could cope with in 2 years. Walked up the Sydney harbour bridge. Eaten wild and wonderful things. Taught royalty. Got a variety of tropical diseases. Wished the aircon was more efficient at 9am. Met some whackos; all of whom I love to death! Seen and met some famous people. Eaten at the British Embassy. Mingled with Hoi Polloi at cocktail parties. Trekked through rainforests and seem Orang Utan in their natural habitat.
    Found myself.
  11. Met Rafael Nadal, Tiger Woods, Alex Ferguson, Michael Johnson -runner.
    Fishing deep in the ocean.
    Camped out in the desert.
    Tasted the finest exotic foods.
    Being able to teach kids and they ask for more homework and sit so attentively.
    Travelled 8 times this year abroad clocking up air miles. The world literally beocmes your oyster and your anchor is just about where you choose though often the heart goes back to your roots.

  12. the evil tokoloshe

    the evil tokoloshe New commenter

    Watched every international test playing nation and played cricket with friends and their kids on the outfield during lunch and tea breaks. All for the princely sum of sweet F.A. as I could get into the club for free with friends. Met most of the teams and even once cadged a lift off the Zim team whilst extremely drunk.
    Slept under the stars in the desert and read a newspaper by moon and starlight.
    Taken possibly every dodgy form of transport known to man (except riding an ox - note to self - must do that) including an overloaded kombi with no steering wheel (just a pipe wrench on the steering column).
    Hitched 2500 km and only went from one country to another.
    Caught a hippo whilst fishing
    Eaten as well as I do! Drunk as much as I do!
    Felt cold when everyone was wearing T-shirts and shorts in the UK.

  13. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    Drink beer at a school Spring carnival while watching/listening to a school rock band of Chinese elementary age children cover the Cranberries' Zombie (surreal, but they were pretty good).
    Eat some of the best Chinese food of my life on a rooftop restaurant while looking out on the Med and city of Alex (Egypt).
    Take our lives in our hands crossing an Egyptian street and almost getting run over by a donkey cart (the cart stopped but my son ended up getting kissed by the donkey, he's never quite been the same).
    Being able to afford out current month long trip through Italy, France and England. Today sitting on our hotel's rooftop terrace on the Amalia coast, drinking perfect espresso and surfing the net on my new Iphone. [​IMG]

  14. Do any of these schools need a special needs teacher?

  15. wrldtrvlr123

    wrldtrvlr123 Occasional commenter

    No, special needs teachers are unemployable overseas.
    J/K (but I don't want the competition). Seriously though, yes, many/most international schools will hire special needs teachers although generally in the form of learning support teachers (or SEN obviously for English National Curriculum based schools).
    I've managed to finds special education related jobs in Egypt, Japan and now China and every year there are many, many jobs posted.
  16. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Hitched across the Makgadikadi pans (probably a spelling issue there) and encountered a mass of migrating zebra.
    As a VSO in Nigeria I sat in the moonlight drinking corn beer, eating fried locust things in the compound of the school cook whilst he sang songs from the Biafran war on a 3 string local instrument. Possibly my best memory of all the years.

    Then of course there is being arrested for wearing shorts once in Nigeria... or being asked if I would like to buy any forex by Malawian Customs after they had established that I had none... or being greeted with big hugs by a former student of mine who worked at the Bot/Zim border and being introduced to every other member on his work shift...

    The list goes on, I'm sure everyone else's is more amusing
  17. msnessy

    msnessy New commenter

    Driven a Soviet tank in the Mongolian countryside.

  18. This could happen anywhere...
  19. Thank you worldtraveler. I am gonna look!
  20. Er.. is there an agency that deals with this? It would be a comfort to know that someone is vetting this.

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