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Theo's Mistletoe! Come and greet your favourite posters here.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lara mfl 05, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Not sure of Middlemarch's gender, so some Weihnachtsgebaeck for Middlemarch for all (her?/his?) good honest advice.
  2. Oh go on then! I'l reminisce and get all gooey eyed...

    All the cookery types, CQ (if she forgives us and comes back) BP (teacher, my teacher), MAJ and Jaxx for putting up with my fiscal ineptitude (and wishy washy socialist leanings)...
    ... and everyone else, all of you, yes including YOU
  3. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    Awww, it's the personal touch that does it, you know!! [​IMG]

  4. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    To ALL those on the Bereavement thread,who may need some extra love at this time,
    particularly Belledujour, Seadream,Lalad, forestje, magicsurfbus, nutella,celticqueen,inky among them.
    Share them nicely now!
  5. Pucker up Theo....no tongues...promise.
  6. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    Cor blimey, Lara - I've given enough 'subtle' clues ove the years (female avatar, references to self as woman, recent post - which you've referenced to another poster - in which I describe myself as female, etc).
    I am woman, hear me roar!
  7. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Yes you have, but I made an error recently with another poster, so I'm just 'covering myself'. [My painkillers for recent surgery do seem to be rotting the brain cells somewhat too!]
  8. rosievoice

    rosievoice Star commenter

    Merry Christmas Theo, and also to
    Bauble in his bar
    who displayed great patience teaching me how to copy and paste images from t'interweb, because, as he discovered, I'm not very good with this new-fangled computery stuff.
    Happy Christmas, both. xx
  9. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Mwah back to Bauble!
    (Why are people giving out cream cakes and biscuits under the mistletoe - is this a new thing? I thought it was all about getting a quick snog . . .)

    TheoGriff. Member of the TES Careers Advice Service.
    I do Application and Interview one-to-ones, and also contribute to the Job Application Seminars. We look at application letters, executive summaries and interviews, with practical exercises that people really appreciate.
  10. Awww...thank you Rosie. Just be comforted in the fact that we can't all be nerdy ,anorak wearers. :¬))
    I totally agree, Theo, a snog is all that matters.....but an eclair afterwards wouldn't go amiss.
  11. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Depends on one's gender and the recipients!
  12. I've just had a very jolly 3 hour liquid lunch.......I'll snog anyone [​IMG]

  13. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    As a student I was once so 'tired and emotional' I was found embracing a petrol pump...
    These days, mind, one glass of wine is my limit. That's the menopause for you.
  14. welshchocoholic1

    welshchocoholic1 Senior commenter

    For Theo, for all his help and support [​IMG]
    Though I am a little bit concerned about Mrs TG! Hope you've kissed her under the Mistletoe?!
  15. Fellatio with a petrol pump, middlemarch ...rather negates the..."do you spit of swallow?" question.
  16. Christmas snogs to you all (no tongues)

    mwah mwah mwah
  17. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    Christmas snogs allround and an extra big sloppy one to Theo.....mwah, mwah, MWAH!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  18. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    ohhhh.. there are quite a lot of you to snog! theo, elfie, tangerinecat, seren, cq, bethannnie... to name but a few. tafkam and bectonboy too, for services rendered to all and sundry. ;)
  19. impis

    impis New commenter

    Pucker up then all you chaps!!

  20. bfudge69

    bfudge69 New commenter

    A kiss under the mistletoe? I wouldn't kiss some of you under anaesthetic! [​IMG]
    Sorry. I love that line.
    A great big christmas kiss for everyone. No funny business, honest. [​IMG]

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