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Theme ideas

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sdickenson, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Have just been given new theme to be used in autumn term with year 6 - the demise of the North East pits and industries. HELP. Any ideas welcome.
  2. I'm going to assume that you are in the North East, otherwise it would be an extremely strange choice! I would do it as a local history project, e.g. lots of interviews with people who lived through it, finding out about everyday life at that time, going out to do field trip to see how places have changed through the decline of the pits. Unfortuantely Billy Elliott is a 12/15, otherwise that could be a really good story to study. I'm sure there must be another story set in that time out there. I don't know any details, but there was a thriving community of miner artists which might be a good link for art.
  3. imc


    Don't know how faraway these might be but the National Mining Museum is great for an underground visit.
    It might be worth getting lots of local maps from different times and identifying the coal pits/colleries throughout the last 150 years or so - when we did this we found over thirty within a 2 mile radius of school. You could also look at how housing changed during the development of the pits and what industries have replaced them.
    Anothwer idea would be to make a model mining village - many large pit owners would set up theor own complete with housing, shops, sports fields etc. You could alos look at the miners' strike and how this affected family life - theres lots of images and videos on the net.
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter Forum guide

    For your music you could have a look at this site:
    There is also a CD of the songs available on Amazon (or MP3 download), but you do seem to be able to download it for free at other places too. Have a search on Google.
    If you follow some of the links on the left of the sunniside page there's a lot of information that might be useful for your topic.

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