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Thematic topics

Discussion in 'Primary' started by bluerose, May 30, 2007.

  1. On Creative yahoo group some topics are being discussed thought id bring out the ones that have specifically asked for advice re topics

    Seaside y1/2
    Has anyone done anything for the Seaside(Y1/2)? We're at the very
    beginning of the creative curriculum process and I'm trying to find a
    way to organise the teaching of this topic. Should I do themed weeks?
    e.g. a week on creatures, a week on holidays etc? or would it be better
    to block subject areas and teach this way? Any help/advice would be
    greatly appreciated.

    Y5/6 The Lion the witch and the wardrobe
    Based on ideas found on here and TES trying to link year 5 and 6 topic
    History: WWII (Britain since 1930's)
    Literacy links in with significant authors and thought of other books
    to look at eg War Boy and Anne Frank
    DT is food technology so planning to look at rationing and cooking with
    limited ingredients, would also link to healhty schools eg why were
    they more healthy then and look closely at diet
    Role Play thought of anderson shelter or mayb 1940's style living room
    also wondered about a snowy kingdom in another room for more creative
    work linked to the book and literacy thoughts rather than the history

    The mummy lower ks2
    Lower ks2 covering egyptians and sculpture as main focus want to do
    this more creatively than in past any good suggestions have looked at
    scenario cards and love those also like idea of museum. Staff were
    thinking of museum in class as wow starter but i think that would be
    better growing during topic so what would we do for wow starter
    I know museum could be role play but as more than one room and that
    could be placed between classrooms theres room for other areas to
    develop, maybe explorers desk with maps, log books, artefacts. What
    else could we have

    The Toy story y1/2
    Y1/2 topic based loosely around the history unit of significant people
    looking at the brothers who started Chad Valley toy company as its loca
    and then being able to do lots of work on toys as for some chidlren
    they will literally only just have come out of reception.
    Any suggestions re this, have posted brainstorm linked to skills in
    planning files

  2. I am currently working on ancient Egypt for next year, have been collecting resources etc and will definitely share ideas when I get somewhere! We are being very cross curricular next year so am going very slowly to make sure it is perfect.
  3. On the Seaside theme I would begin with a trip to the seaside taking loads of pictures and a microphone for children to record their thinking.

    Back at school brainstorm what the children know and want to know then use this to look at the PoS for KS1. See what will be covered by this work and then plan for it. Make your maths and literacy and science cover this theme and you will find the immersion in the topic will pay dividends.

    This topic lends itself really well to cross curricular work and history. Look at English Heritage they have some good stuff on history of the seaside. There is also a company called History off the Page who bring and excellent seaside day to school.

    Build a seaside role play area even for Y2!! I know but it works.

    Look for books on the Seaside Ice Cream for Rosie is excellent with lots of maths opportunities and Sandhorse Michael Foreman / Dolphin Boy Foremand and Morpurgo / One World Michael Foreman is excellent for looking after the planet.

    Good luck.
  4. Thanks for those suggestions Pat were advocating role play right through ks2 so no problem with y2.
    Whoa pickle if youre not on yahoo group do join as some things there that might help.
  5. jlfrith

    jlfrith New commenter

    Re Egyptians
    YPO do a pack of Papyrus paper - 10 sheets for about £4.50 - great for special art work or writing.
  6. thanks for that
  7. When planning a topic based curriculum it is important to make sure all subjects can be easily accessed, making subsequent learning relevant to the life of the children. (Yates 2000)

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