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thematic planning- olympic games

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lagerlover, May 1, 2008.

  1. I've been looking too-again for Year 6 after SATs and can't find anything. So will be looking withe interest at this thread! Will post if I see anything in the meantime.
  2. there is something, I've seen it...let me have a look
  3. We're doing this too - I have some stuff that I have found. A lot from an australian site that I thought that I could adopt. If you leave your email I'll send it on.
  4. loulou20

    loulou20 New commenter

  5. I am also planning olympic theme with yr 6. I would be grateful if I could also have details of Australian stuff. Hope you don't mind


    My email is pam.bendle@ntlworld.com
  6. Will send you stuff that I have but am currently away with the kids from school and an posting from my phone. Will send you stuff on Sunday.
  7. I think it would be a great idea to hold an olympic event in a school. Has anybody ever done this? Any tips on how to organise one?

    I think the children would benefit a lot from this and in 4 years time the event will actually held in their own country!


  8. WolfPaul

    WolfPaul Occasional commenter

    Given the HR record of the host country, I am steering well clear of doing any Olympic related activities in school this time. I might sit doen with my class and discuss why.
  9. Could I get a copy too please?

    Ancient Greece and olympics would be quite good, there is also an olympic dance linked with this on the LCP file that I will try and route out!
  10. loulou20

    loulou20 New commenter

  11. BBC Schools website has quite a good interactive resource that I'm going to use with my Y5 to help compare ancient and modern olympics.
  12. clarej11

    clarej11 New commenter

    Sorry to be a pain but this is such a great idea I would love it if someone could forward the info on? Thank you

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