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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I'm fairly ready, just want to get on with it now as the more I think about it the more I panic.

    The school on the other hand is not as ready as I am due to a lack of windows in one part of the building. Doh!!! Fingers crossed it will be in a good enough state for kids to come back on Wednesday.
  2. Is the team points the only reward system, or is it a reward system that runs throughout the school? I don't think anyone would mind if you had an individual reward system in the class too as long as you used the team points too. My class has team points that go throughout the school as well as a Class Stars system which is individual but also runs throughout school.
  3. Tidally

    Tidally New commenter

    I don't like the fast pace of school life! i am constantly working and not getting anything done at the same time. I'm going to leave the profession but don't want to aswell. Any suggestions? I have a family and am not spending any time with them.My children are feeling the tension because I am sooo tired and exhausted. I am a good teacher i know i am! :(
  4. Tidally

    Tidally New commenter

    I hate it at 3.30 because that is when I know i have 101 jobs I need to do and im not getting anywhere with it. I am sleeping,eating, school at the moment, my thoughts are in school constantly. I never switch off. I spend very little time with my family and my children can sense the tense atmosphere as I am constantly working. No one understands when i say i don't like it because of the workload. I am a slow learner/worker, it takes me ages to settle my children/prepare resources/calm the class etc. Everyone else loves school. no one understands :(
  5. Sounds like a really obvious thing but do you write to do lists? At the beginning of a day I make a note of everything that needs to be done and then tackle them by priority. I find that being able to see things crossed off the list feels a lot better than flying around.
    When you are at home take time to sit back and chill out with your family. The world won't implode if you stop for a while and nobody will give you a medal for wearing yourself out by overworking.

  6. Tidally

    Tidally New commenter

    i write lists but can never follow it. I'm very anxious looking at it, i don't like facing it :(
  7. Hi

    I thought i would post this on here as everyone seems very supportive and helpful. I am also hating being in school at the moment. I have started a new school and new class after just over a year in another school. I did so well in my previous school, especially in my NQT year. But due to the member of staff i was covering coming back i had to find a new job.

    I found year 1 quite difficult to get used to at first and my class werent exactly angels but i have finally managed to get them on track and i feel really positive about that. However I spend most of my time alone in my classroom; my manager acts really nice to bhe offering advice etc but then when in front of others makes me feel like i cant do my job saying that i am doing the wrong thing. She will give me advice and then when i do it she says i am doing the wrong thing.

    The problem is the SLT are very clicky and the head cant see what goes on. I am not a sensitive person and would normally be able to stickup for myself but its done in such a way that no one sees it. Or i am been told i am just over reacting. It took me so long to find a job that i am reluctant to leave but i go home every night not wanting to go back the only thing that keeps me going is knowing those children need me.

    Theres probably nothing any one can say to help it just feels good to get things off my chest.
  8. I
    write to-do lists too and prioritise what needs doing - I know that I'm
    never going to get to the end of the list and I think this is a key
    issue. If you know that you're never going to actually finish all your
    jobs, then just set yourself a target of doing the first 3 that day or
    something. I found that during my PPA time I started doing one thing,
    then got distracted by another job, then another - I ended up whizzing
    around starting about 7 things and not finishing any of them! Now I
    start one job and finish it, cross it off and know that I've done it. I
    do the same after school - think about how long it will take to do a
    job and if I feel I can complete it before I go home I do so. Anything
    that can be left till the morning or another day I leave it till then.
    There's no point you going home stressing about all the things you have
    to do as you won't be able to spend any quality time with your family.
    You'll feel much better knowing you've achieved all you wanted to and
    you'll also feel better knowing what you have in store the next morning
    to accomplish. Plus you'll also be more relaxed with your family and
    you'll enjoy it more! :)

  9. I was not linking ine to be honest, and I have not been on here for ages, but got a new job for Jan and am really looking forward to it. Have to get my head around everything again though as completely different school.
  10. Oh my goodness, sorry for my horrid spelling! I`m too tired. I hadn`t finished either and I clicked post. I just wanted to say don`t give up, look for a new job or at least do the year and try another school before throwing in the towel. Each school is completely different.

  11. Ohhhh just found this, but I'm guessing no more NQTs in the club. I am an NQT, have an interview coming up for Year 1 class.

    Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a book and activity to do afterwards with the class for a 20-30 min interview. Not really sure quite what expected with a Y1 class, though I know that they are now using the EYFS in the autumn term!

    Thanks Amelie [​IMG]

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