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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Ah right now i get it!!! lol...i need to read things properly!

    I start with ordinal numbers, then move on to things like bonds to 10 and 20, numbers in written form etc.

    Our literacy changes with each unit and is a working wall.
  2. Ace thanks :)
  3. Hows everyone going setting up their classrooms??? I went in all day today and don't seem to have got anywhere lol! there just aren't enough tables for all 30 children to have a seat and have all the areas of learning for continuous provision...they have never had a year one come up from the new foundation stage unit so im wondering if i can ask for more tables to cater for the needs of the class???? i did debate not having a seat for each child just a couple of 'working tables' but after discussing with a TA its best for them to have one each...

  4. You could always have a table as one of the areas - for example my writing area uses a table that has a specific group that work on there in the later part of the year. But that won't be a problem as when they first come up there won't be any group work where they will be on their own so I can just sit them at a different table with me leaving that table to be used as the writing area.

    If that makes sense hehe.
  5. Hi all,

    Just wondering which books you will be looking at in year 1 for Literacy. I would like to make sure i am using the most inspiring books which will also engage my rather top heavy class of 19 boys to 5 girls.

    Stories with familiar settings ( I would have looked at possibly Hansel and Gretel, but then fairy tales come into it in Unit 3) could i do this?
    Stories from a range of cultures
    Traditional and fairy tales
    Stories about fantasy worlds
    Non fiction
    Labels, list and captions

    i feel that we are really under resourced - book wise! Please help i need some inspiration quick! The time is ticking fast!!

  6. my class last year had 19 boys and 6 girls!! first few booka im looking at are:
    -peace at last (then using this to write own stories situated in schools where they re-write the story but with our headteacher trying to find somewhere quiet to work in school)
    -Going on a bear hunt-Tiger who came to tea.

    cant think what others yet but hope this helps!
  7. Check out literacymatters.com - they have books and example planning for each unit :)
  8. Thanku Donna, i love the idea of changing the setting/character of peace at last to the school, the ch. will love. Will also tell them that the head will want to read and view their great work! That will make them work harder as they are (thankfully) at the age where they want to impress the head.

    Yes having so many boys (all lower ability too) is going to be a challenge but looking forward to it!

    I will check out literacymatters.com, thanku for that Emnemz!
  9. Yeah thats great, ive just printed it out...very helpful! just wish we had more relevant books, ill nodoubt have to purchase a few titles!

    Thankyou for the information!
  10. Hello all,
    I am currently trying to come up with my long term literacy plan. ie. in whh terms i will teach each unit. but i am finding this tricky. has anyone got a sequence in which they will teach each unit? if so could i have a peek and then i could work from that and rearrange it.
    Thank you.
  11. If I can remember to dig it up ill post on here what order i did everything in last year.

    Although saying that, im doing it different this year lol!
  12. great thank u.. well anything would be helpful.
  13. This term we will be doing...

    Non fiction unit 1
    Narrative 1 (2 weeks)
    Poetry 1
    Narrative 1 (2 weeks)
    Narrative 2 (2 weeks)
    Non ficton 2
    Narrative 2 (2 weeks)
  14. Snap pinkflipflop! :D
  15. Last year in term 1 I did:
    Narrative 1 (4wks)
    Poetry 1 (2wks)
    Non-fiction 1 (1 wk)
    Non-fiction 2 (2 wks)
    Narrative 2 (2 wks)

    However I will be doing it differently this year - starting with non-fiction.
  16. How's everyone getting on? All ready for next week?? [​IMG]
  17. I'm not an NQT anymore....and I'm nowhere near ready for next week lol!
  18. Aw bless! I'm a bit nervous but am trying to think positively about everything.
    It occured to me yesterday that I will have parents with my new class...argh!
  19. Not ready. Having a real panic. Only been allowed in school for the last 2 days and my classroom is still in such a state, and I only have tomorrow left (and the school closes at 1) Arghhhh

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