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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. I'm having a team planning meeting next week and hoping to get it all done then. Going in at the end of August to properely sort out the classroom and making a display at home as well so there will be at least 1 up in September!
  2. Whatever you do don't plan too far ahead...especially in year 1!!!

    I've had plans change drastically in a matter of days. It's good to have an outline for the time as someone else has suggested, but not detailed plans at this stage.
  3. ive used the hamilton trust plans to help with my planning. Ive done all of literacy up to october half term, and done RE and science up until feb half term :) got art, dt, music all planned out but havnt put it all in format yet tho. Phonics (letters n sounds) is all planned for the year. so feel quite good :) Got some topics too that iv got to sort. Im really looking forward to the next school year!

    Ill have 2 main displays up- one of the gruffalo- i have done a big gruffalo with the words 'oh help oh no its a gruffalo' and i got the children to paint their own gruffalos (this was one of activities done on afternoon with them) also another display i have done was from an idea from TES forums- an introduction to the children where i have made each a flower with 5 petals and on the petals is different infor about the child with the heading 'We are going to bloom in year 1'.

  4. can someone just help me get my head round the set up in the classroom please?

    i'm splitting my 30 kids into 5 groups then working with each group once a week
    Literacy: Group1 with me, Grp 2 with TA and others on independent activities around classroom related to literacy: roleplaying, writing table etc
    Numeracy: same as above
    Tuesday: Group 2 with me and Group 3 with TA etc

    So by the end of the week all groups have achieved two learning intentions (1 with me and 1 with TA) for Literacy, 2 LIs for Numeracy and 2 for foundation subjects (KUW)

    After completing activities with my groups I will then go and interact with other groups more and role play with them etc

    only planning two learning intentions for lit/num per week - is that ok? aswell as planning other related activities around the class
    Any experienced Year 1 teachers (or NQTs) think that is ok? or should I be teaching more per day?
  5. I'm going to be a year 1 NQT too!
    Luckily I know most of my class quite well as have done some supply in their reception class. I can't wait to get started and I've ordered loads of new toys etc.
    I'm just a bit concerned about the first few days. Our first week is 3 days and I've been told that they are off- curriculum and I'm really not sure what to do! I know I want one session for agreeing class rules - have a child with severe behavioural problems so need to get that started early!
    The other teachers have said I'll just be getting to know the chidren and where they are but I'm not sure what to do in that time. Anyone got any suggestions?
  6. Lots of assessment type activities, mostly based on the ELGs.

    Look for the gaps in learning on their Eprofiles and plan from there.
  7. Thanks pinkflipflop, I haven't actually been given their profiles but am seeing their old teacher tomorrow so will ask her then!
    I've got yet another year 1 question now! Do you think that each child needs their own tray? I will be keeping all of their books and folders and they all have their own bookbags and there's a home box for stuff they want to take home so I'm beginning to think there's no point in each one having a tray. This would also save space in the classroom which isn't that big.
  8. I don't have trays for them. There is no need really.

    In the spring term we put table trays out with scissors, glue, pencils, word cards etc. Just one per table with everything they might need.
  9. i have a tray per child for their bookbags n letters etc... they dont hav room in the cloakroom. i dont put their books in there tho :)
  10. Hi,
    I'm also going to be an NQT in Year 1 next year. Never been in year 1 as I was in Y2 throuhout my SCITT training year. A bit scared about them being so young and having no experience in Y1. After my transition days I feel a lot better. What is everybody planning on doing before they start? I'm not really thinking about planning as the school told me not to worry about it and I am at a 3 year entry school. Just thinking about displays really.
    Hope everybody is enjoying the rest of their holidays!
  11. Thanks for that advice, I won't give them trays either. I've got big boxes for their book bags to go in so I can't really see that they'll be needing trays.
    Don't be scared tinzel, I also did my SCITT in a year two class! Well it was officially a year 2/ year 1 mix but the year 1s were the most able in their year group so they were basically following a year 2 curriculum so year 1 is quite new to me too but having met the children I think it's going to be great fun!
  12. tinzel - I've had no experience of year 1 either.
    My class comes with drawers for each child - they put their book bags, letters and work in there apparently!
    I'm also not doing too much planning - having a planning meeting in a few weeks with the other Year 1 teachers so hopefully that will all be sorted then!
  13. Hello all

    Just a query really. Have been in to school to try and sort my room and am having trouble fitting everything in! I only have 26 children but I want them all to have a seat. The reasons for this are many but basically on my last placement towards the summer term the year ones who weren't in focussed groups for a particular lesson were asking me if they could do some work rather than the structured play i had planned for them. As a result I had to beg borrow and steal extra chairs and tables so that all had a seat, especially when doing art etc where they all wanted to take part. Anyway, what are people's views on this? I will be targeting groups but eventually I want all chidlren to be sitting doing work for at least some of the lesson so this means they all need a seat- may as well sort this now! Or am I wrong? Should i not worry about this? A friend is starting in year three and he's been told he does not need a seat for every child! V confused!

    thank you in advance!
  14. I guess it depends on the school.

    I have more than enough seats for every child in the class.
  15. I'm hoping to have a chair for every child, if not for working at then for a gathering point at hometime - if they are at their desk/chair then i know where they are :eek:)

    I am wondering how chairs and desks for 30 children are going to fit in though!
  16. i feel every child needs a seat... just for them to feel like it is their space etc... I have 27 next year and am gonna have a seat, as well as listening table with 2 chairs and writing area with 2 chairs. I too am struggling with space as obviously the carpet area takes up room too!! but I o feel they need a chair each :)
  17. I`m doing it like that but my craft table doubles up as a work table, my challenge area doubles up as a work area so they won`t have set places but there will be a chair for everyone!
  18. whats this about a challenge area? i've heard of it but never come across it? also a 'topic table' - i have obviously come across small topic tables before but my school uses them as an extra area of learning (like the roleplay area etc)...what kind of things go on them???

    im hoping to have a creative area, writing area, maths area and roleplay area - so not going to be able to fit everything in! OH and i obviously want a cosy book corner ha :D
  19. A challenge area is where you set your weekly challenge for the class.

    We have 2 challenges a week which the children have to complete by the end of the week during their highscope time. There are cameras there for them to record their work if they want to.
  20. Sounds good. Think I'll look into that. What sort of challenges do you do?

    I've started to freak out today - a lot of people I know have started going into their schools to sort out their classrooms. Quite a few of them are in a big panic about the amount of work they have to do...i.e tidying classroom/sorting it out.
    But I've been told that I can only go into the school for 5 hours for 1 day in August (a specific date). I'm now totally panicking that this isn't going to be long enough! Is this normal?

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