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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. i agree pink-tink. I think every half term is fine! thats what im doing anyway! xx
  2. Aw bless! You'll have to repost it anyway cos it doesn't work :(
  3. Thanks!
  4. Went back to my final placement school today. It is aworld apart from my new school and I am so sad it is over! But I need to start thinking positively, going in next week to set up my room and make all the areas I want so I can relax, get on with MT plans, studying over the ELgs and making some sort of progress chart for all those ELGs not been met yet (there are loads). Help me think positively!
  5. experience is an interesting thing. We left one role play area for 5 weeks and it stopped being used. The children weren't interested in it as it didn't spark their imagination.

    We've had our home corner changed into all sorts by the children after just a few days without any prompting from us.

    As for to do lists....THEY NEVER END!!! ARGH!
  6. So glad i found this thread. I am also going to be in a yr 1 class in september. Excited but bricking it too. To think that i will be responsible for the children's education for a whole year is too scary for words. I'll keep checking in for good tips (hopefully I might be able to give somne too) and support x
  7. organisation is the key!

    As soon as your classroom management falters your behaviour management will begin to falter.
  8. Pinkflipflop can I ask what 'experience is an interesting thing.' is meant to mean?
  9. i think ill still stick to changing role play area every half term :)
    cant wait to get bk into my classroom- been off on maternity leave since january so classroom has been changed n left with lots of organisation to do!
  10. I had so many ideas that were very rigid in my mind when I started. Any ideas from others were shunned etc.

    Gaining experience starts to change things very quickly. Best thing I learnt was to be open to other people's ideas as an NQT to discover what worked best for me and my class.

  11. I'm still learning all the time through experience!

    My NQT mentor absolutely tore me to shreds during one observation because my role play area hadn't changed that term!
  12. well my mentor is the one who suggested to leave mine for at least a half term...I guess it depends on the most important part ...the children.
  13. Yes it does depend on the children, which was the original point I made. They soon get bored of an uninspiring role play area that changes infrequently.
  14. its a good job my role plays are inspiring then :)
  15. and what I keep saying! If the children like it then there is no way I`m changing it after two weeks. I`ll just have to try and make them as inspiring as I can like donna1605!

    Anyway, how is everyone getting prepared for Sept. I`m going to spend next week in school and planning then I`m going on hol and will try to enjoy my summer!
  16. im sure yours will be inspiring too pink tink!! im too going in one day next week to sort out then can enjoy my break away! Ive done a lot of my planning while on maternity leave. so i feel quite sorted for the first half term. just cant wit to get classroom looking good :)
  17. I've spent the last 2 days trying to set out my Literacy, Numeracy and Phonics planning for Autumn 1 - and success!! I've got my outline sorted out and I think I've managed to water down the activities enough so they're not going to take too long, so I should have time to lead from the ELGs and the children themselves (as we have already established in this thread!)

    Trying to sort out my History now...eep!
  18. I thought I was really organised! I better start planning...

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