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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. rozness

    rozness New commenter

    Im SO glad this thread exists!

    Im starting my NQT year in Year 1 in Sept too and even though I taught my children in Reception whilst on placement im absolutely terrified!

    I have sleepless nights about planning and organising myself for teaching 5 full days. And i have an awful memory, I cant remember more than 75% of what i have to do!

    Im trying to create a checklist of all the things i need to remember, so stuff like, names of my 5 groups, making labels, role play area (think im gona do hospital as I love the idea of photocopying my arm!)

  2. Thanks Donna, I`ve seen the hamilton trust website and want to use i but my school are already subscribed so don`t know if I should just wait till sept
  3. I've got a Year 1 class till xmas, possibly longer and I am soooooooo excited but soooooooo nervous. Met them today. The school is very diverse and there is a large percentage of pupils in my class with EAL, a challenge I suppose. Staff seem very friendly. Going to have to start thinking about displays soon! x
  4. I am also a very nervous Yr 1 NQT !! I have a tiny classroom for Sept (and I mean tiny - there is just abt enough roomn for tables, chairs and a very small book area!) and there will be no room for a role play area, wet/sand or contruction area or writing table etc which you would normally find in a reception class. I am also on the first floor of the building so there is no outside area! Does anyone else have this problem?

    What can I do to make the transition easier for the children without these areas? Any ideas very much welcomed!
    Thanks x
  5. can you try and get a whiteboard and a blackboard attached to a wall area in the classroom for the children to use. I have this in my class and its ace!
  6. Hiya

    I'm also an nqt in year 1 in September. I have a question about role play areas. The former teacher has taken absolutely everything from her old classroom so I am basically starting from scratch. Our first topic is our local area and I was thinking of doing a post office for the first area (the ch all have post cards to send me over the holidays so thought this would link in well, talking about adresses and the postman's route etc). The nest topics are
    bonfire night/ Florence Nightingale. Mary Seacole (thought maybe a fire station and/ or hospital)
    dinosaurs (HELP!!)
    Under the sea.
    Any ideas welcome!!
    Also, does everyone kind of agree that transition works well with a gradual introduction to focussed lesson, eg: two groups working per lesson and rest of ch completing structured play activities and extending independent activities by christmas? What are others' plans for this?

    Thank you!!
  7. dinosaurs is my favourite topic to do!!! We extended our dinosaur topic because the class loved it so much.

    We were archeologists in our role play area, then we changed it into a dinosaur museum.
  8. SO glad I am not the only one in a panic! I am lucky to have a small class (15)and a good size room, but this role play area thing is a worry for me. One thread said you changed it every 2 weeks and now I am brain dead from thinking about how I can change it so regularly. I am starting with a hospital, but then thought if I changed it to baby clinic/dentist/vet the basic frame could stay but it would be slightly different. Or should it be totally changed?
    I haven't taught Y1 since Oct 2004 when I was on a placement that didn't support me and I didn't really enjoy it. My new head has said I have a lovely way with the children so I am positive that I will be ok with the children it's just everything else that scares me.
    Great ideas on here, thank you
  9. i wont be changing my role play every 2 weeks- prob every half term if im honest!
  10. Changing it every half term is better than every 2 weeks because otherwise the children won`t have time to get used to an area and build up on their role play skills and ideas for that particular area. Thats just my opinion anyway!

    I wish I had 15 children, I`m just so worried about the 30 children, behaviour issues I`ve been told about, all my SEN children and small room!
  11. I agree with Pink Tink re role play area - I feel the kids need more time getting used to the role play area before changing it.
    It seems like we all have the same panics - which I'm glad about!
    I'm worried about IEPs - they used them in my final placement but they wouldn't let me even look at them! So I have no idea what to do with those!
    I went to a car boot today and bought quite a few games (the teacher in my room is taking most of the stuff with her) and a few dressing up things (a whole bin bag full came to £5!)
  12. I like the idea of using Barnaby Bear in the classroom too. I have never seen this being used, and my new school don't subscribe to the Barnaby Bear stuff. But I have a gorgeous bear that I would love to use, and was wondering if any of you have any ideas of how to use it as a little added extra?
  13. i have Billy Bear, he gets taken home with a child every night and they write in their billy bear book what he did. They can draw pictures or put in photos too. Then the next day they bring himbk and share with the group. They get 2 haribo sweets if they bring him bk and write in the book, and 1 haribo sweet if they just bring him back. Children love it and he is like the class mascot :)
  14. Ah that's a good idea! I've seen that done with Reception, and they loved it!
    Maybe at Holidays I'll get a child/myself/TA to take him home and send a postcard/take a photo leading to a discussion for Geography or something! Thank you!
  15. Sorry pink tink not been on for a while!

    I'm basically rotating groups around for the first term and matching up ELGs with Yr 1 objectives. So for example I am starting off with Non-Fiction Unit 1: Lists, Labels and Captions - do a short input with them about all the labels they can see in the classroom and examples of lists and then we're going to make a list of class rules as a whole class. Then me and my TA are going to sit with a group each and create a poster with a caption of these rules so we can put them around the classroom.

    If you look at the outcomes for that one week:

    Phase 1: Children can say what the purposes of lists and labels in the classroom are.
    Phase 2: Children can give a complete sentence as a caption for an object or picture.
    Phase 3: Children write a caption for an object or picture in a complete sentence with a capital letter and full stop.

    Then it leaves you with plenty of time to fit in Numeracy in the morning too. I'm doing my foundation subjects in the afternoon and linking them to our topics. Changing the role-play every term in line with our topic but might see about changing it every half term depending on how well they respond to it.

    Phonics sessions will be first thing after play while they have their milk and fruit and my TA is taking ELS groups out after October half-term on a rotated basis so they don't keep missing the same lessons.

    In my areas of provision I'm going to have a specific tasks I want each child to have completed each day with a checklist to say they've done it. I've also got 2 other adults in my classroom helping 2 boys with SEN so I am going to deploy them to keep an eye out for any ELGs that are yet to be covered from the independent learning. Once me and my TA have finished with the group work I'm going to let all the children continue choosing independently and observe their learning.
  16. Hi Emnemz
    Thanks for taking the time to reply back to me with all that information. I appreciate it and it has reassured me as it seems very similar to what I wanted to do. I like the idea of asking support to observe for those still working on ELGs (although thats a good 70% of my children!) Thankyou for replying
  17. Hello fellow Year One NQTs,

    It's great to find this thread as I'm starting in Year One in Sept as well!

    Transition wise, there are 2 books that are supposed to be good on this - Smooth Transitions and Making it work in Year One, by Lynne Featherstone I think - I haven't bought them myself but heard they're good.

    Hope it helps! X

  18. I got a point score sheet from the Reception teacher so I'm going to be looking at that to see who needs what and hopefully creating some sort of tick sheet over the holidays to have up on the wall for everyone to access so if they see a child doing something we can all tick it off and continue their progression :)
  19. leaving role play areas for whole half terms is not always wise. The children get bored and uninterested in them.

    Changing them regularly sparks new interest and can encourage other children to use them.

    For example, the boys weren't so keen on the fairtale castle, but when it was changed to a car garage the role play and writing that came out of it in those 2 weeks was incredible.

    Our children regularly change the role play themselves too.
  20. Obviously it will depend on the children, but surely if the children enjoy it, if it realtes to a topic, consolidates learning and if they aren`t bored of it then there is no point in changing it every two weeks? Just my opinion

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