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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. Make sure you change your role play area regularly and link it to your literacy/creative topic/numeracy etc.

    Ours changes every 2 weeks.
  2. Anyone else feeling slightly overwhelmed and panicy about being in year 1?
  3. Yes!!!

    I had year 1 on one of my placements but it was after Christmas and they were a bright class so had moved on to a more formal approach already. The play based aspects (outdoor play and role play) were controlled by a play leader so I wasn't really involved in that side of things.

    In my new class I have 10 IEPS and haven't a clue where to start with the transition period...Argh!!! Need to find somewhere to put things like sand and water as well because classroom isn't really big enough.
  4. twinkle121

    twinkle121 New commenter

    glad i found this thread....i have no clue where to start....at my school its all cross curricular planning...and its all linked etc...so gonna have to try and get to grips witnh that.

    iwent into school last week...and seen 'my' classroom..which is a good size and have al;ready been given a new supply of stock...whiteboard pens, pencils, feltips,rulers, sharpeners. gluesticks, stapler, holepunch etc etc...all brand new.....woo hoo...!!!

    BTW...what kind of things is everyone else having on display in their classroom for sept?
    been lookin on **********...so many thin gs i wanna print off
  5. Hi, I have year 1 in september and was wondering if anyone else is using the creative learning journey- every child matters?? The first topic is an eye on London and any activity suggestions would be welcome!! x
  6. No not using learning journeys, the year 2 class did and changed it from an eye on london so it was adapted and they could then focus on their area too.
  7. Hi everyone :eek:)
    I too am a bit worried about starting in spetember. I have a lovely class of only 25 children, 9 have IEPs and the staff seem very supportive. But....the school uses Edison for their planning and it is something I have had no experience of whatsoever! If anyone has used this, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
    As for displays - if you have the opportunity, try taking photos of the children in the class and displaying them as 'We are Yellow Class!' (or whatever your class is called). I have downloaded the self-registration rockets from ********** (everything is free on that site now) and will cut out the circle where you could put the child's name and place their photo behind. As I have been lucky enough to work with 'my' class for a few days, I managed to get them to write 'speech bubbles' about themselves (I am Johnny. I am 5) to add to the display. Just a suggestion, but I think it will help to make the classroom feel more 'theirs'.
    It is so good to find this thread and see that I am not alone in my worries!
  8. What is everyone's biggest worry? Mine is managing their behaviour in such a small classroom (v.disruptive class,many individuals with many problems!) yet allowing for continuous provision and fitting all the subjects all in the timetable.
  9. lol my main worry is identical to yours pink_tink! a couple of my class have started acting aggressively so i don't think a small classroom will be the best environment for them, sharing and being so close etc

    im hoping if i make the rules together with them and seriously stick to them then they should be ok...as the reception teacher told me, they have never reall had rules before so it will be a shock for them! :s

    Apparently on the transition day my children kept trying to go outside etc...i don't really have my own sand and water trays etc and some toys are being given to the nursery so not sure how im going to tackle continuous provision just yet! im having a week in school with the other year 1 NQT during August and we want to try and get absolutely everything ready then!
  10. Hi everyone,

    I'm gonna be a Year 1 teacher in September too! My school is absolutely gorgeous - such lovely, supportive staff. Been in loads already and have been teaching my class2b every Friday for the last 5 weeks. Love them! We even did kareoke last week. ha ha.

    I feel completely overwhelmed with the prospect of the next year ahead though. I've been told we have a parents evening like 4 weeks in too!!! Eeek! My first topic is 'I am Special' which is an adaptation from Ourselves so I'm thinking about a hospital/doctors surgery for first role play too. A good tip for xrays for it is to photocopy your hands/arms (and legs/feet if possible). I did it on my last placement and laminted them and put them on the wall of the role play area - kids loved them!

  11. Wow - that's such a good idea! Now I've just got to think where I can go to photocopy myself without people thinking im an idiot!
  12. Well if we see people doing it we know where they got the idea from.
  13. Haha very true. Mum is trying to scavenge some xrays from the hospital for me, but some put the patients names on them now so no one is allowed them...grr
  14. RE post 44

    We use the creative learning journey but we don't do eye on london in Year 1 as it isn't suitable for them. In fact our school took it out altogether as the topic didn't interest them.

    Best topic (s) to do in the first term are things like, myself and my family, homes, toys...all stuff they will have had some experience of.
  15. Hi

    I am so glad I found this thread, I am an NQT in yr1 in september and totally terrified!!! My school has told me to keep things very foundation based, esp in the first term. My plan is to keep num and lit to 1 objective per week, split class into 5 groups and work with 1 group every day, while rest are doing independent activities (preferably practical) linked to topic, or working with TA.

    Can anyone advise of this sounds ok?? is the mix of independent and adult directed ok? and will 1 objective per week be enough??

    thanks, sorry for all the questions!
  16. you could try and do two objectives a week? I am doing 4 inputs a week 4 both, 4 groups, me with a group and a group independent or with a ta if poss...

    Start with 2 and if its too many cut it down to 1 or vice versa?
  17. yeah I suppose 2 a week would be do-able, and have less groups. Do you follow the literacy strategy at all then?? cos this doesnt really lend itself to continous provision I dont think.

    Thank you for helping :)
  18. I am planning to follow the literacy strategy but very simplified and more of the 'units' or 'themes' than the outlined objectives as children are v.below where they should be! I guess you have to do what is best for the children you have in your class!
  19. hey!!
    Im in my 3rd year as a year 1 teacher and its the best year to have :) Biased I know but it is!!
    Im curtrently on maternity leave and start again in september- my maternity cover has stripped my classroom down so im really looking forward to getting in there and making it my own again!!
    Right- top tip- LAMINATE EVERYTHING!!! Every display you do laminate everything you can reuse- photos, display title, passages of writing that goes with display! Seriously, i have a library of display things now and I know i can reuse again and again! it saves so much time, and even if you dont do the same topic every year you will prob use it again at some point!
    I have 27 children next year, and my classroom is an ok size but i want lots of things- reading corner, role play area, writing table, listening table etc... so gonna be hard but im sure ill sort it some how!

    Also have you looked at the hamilton trust website? You have to pay to join (or get your school too :) ) and there are all the planning resources you need for literacy and numeracy all year!! and science plans. Medium and short term planning! the plans are fantastic!! I truely reccommend these plans as I will be using them next year (with a little bit of tweeking!)

    If any of you need any advice or any year 1 related questions feel free to ask :)
  20. P.S. I know im not an Year 1 NQT now but I was 3 years ago :) hehe! xx

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