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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. pink_tink - thank you! Some great ideas to think about :0)

    P x
  2. I make my own resources at home so that I can keep them.

    If you photocopy stuff at school to use as resources you won't be able to take it with you when you leave!
  3. VCK


    You can join your local freecycle group too - everything free so long as you can collect it - people are often getting rid of some great resource materials.
  4. Thanks for the great ideas so far!! Does anyone have great tips for year 1 behaviour management? Im an NQT starting in year 1 in Sept and have lots of boisterous boys in my class who seem completely wild!!
  5. yeah I was also wondering about behaviour management...i have read posts saying go in hard and 'dont smile til christmas' - obviously this is different with EY/early KS1 - half the children will cry if your so harsh and never smile, foundation stage is about being fun and learning through play, early year one will also adopt this approach, how did people get high expectations for behaviour whilst following the idea of 'play'.

    Is it ok to begin structured lessons early on, for example short whole class introductions and plenary's and free choice of set out activities in the middle? in the foundation unit my children have been in they simply play play play then have say 10/15 min slots for news time or phonics.
  6. Even in foundation stage you have to be tough. If you aren't from the start you will have a bad year on your hands.

  7. Hello,

    Just thought I would say hi! I'm going to be teaching year 1 in a two form entry from September. School, staff and children seem lovely so very excited. Also quite terrified as I have lots of IEPS...argh!

  8. I think we all definately need clear, structured behaviour management systems and be firm but fair from the beginning even though they are yr 1.They can still take advantage of your soft nature otherwise!

    How are people thinking of organising their inputs/independent learning/adult directed work? And when will you build up to sitting at desks doing work as a class?
  9. Hi there I'm a very confused NQT teaching Y1 in Sept! I have been given the yearly overview for the foundation subjects and in it I have science, geog, hist, art, D&T, music and even French to teach from the word go. However the class also had the various areas for the children to play in and I know the school is keen to keep the structure of the reception class for a while.

    I really don't understand how I can get all of these things in without more formal methods of teaching.

    the only way I can think of doing it is by whole class input at the beginning and end of the lesson and by splitting them up into 2 groups, one to play and one to work then swaping them over half way through the lesson.

    Does this sound feasable?
  10. Hiya! I'm a current Y1 teacher, I started in February and have to say goodbye to my first ever class next week, woe :( But I am seriously looked forward to having my first "proper" class in September in Y1 :D

    I'm using Happy Harry from the resource bank as my class behaviour reward system and the schools sad face/smiley face/class star system for everything else. I've bought loads of stickers and am going to have many stamps for work too.

    In September I'm going to do one focused activity in the morning and rotate the children round throughout the day to complete it and then leave the other children to explore the classroom independently in the areas of provision. This will give me and my TA the chance to assess any ELG they still need to achieve before moving on to more formal "lessons".

    I've got my long term plan sorted so know which units I'm delivering and when, and I've got my timetable structured for the first half term (to be changed after October for Christmas etc!)

    I'm so excited, I can't wait!
  11. I too am starting in year 1 as a NQT and what is really confusing me at the moment is phonics, I know (well think i know) that strictly speaking should be on phase 5 but when i received a phonics group sheet thingy from reception teacher most of them dont seem to know all the sounds. This has left me really confused as to where to start in September. Should I just do an assessment in first week and go from there? Should I start from phase 3 or something?
  12. Im just as clueless as everybody else really, but ive been told to start on phase 3 even though they have recently been working up to phase 5 - apparently they'll forget alot of the summer so its best to go back to phase 3 and you can always speed through it quicker if they're good at it.
  13. My children are poor ability and only finished phase 2, I am going to recap on phase 2 then move onto phase 3. Has anyone got any good way of correlating letters and sounds with Jolly Phonics?

    Emnemz could you post an outline of your weekly timetable on here? I`d appreciate it to see if what I am thinking is ok!
  14. YAY! So glad I found this thread!
    I'm starting in a 3 form entry Year 1 class in Sept. I've been already and briefly (i.e 30 seconds to say hi) met my children. I have also spoken briefly to one of the other year 1 teachers who will be my mentor.
    She gave me some long term plans and medium term plans of the non core subjects and we are going to work together to do the literacy.
    They don't seem to have much of a transition period, but it is something I believe strongly in and so will try my best to change it.
    They have an extra room attached to each classroom for role play, reading area and 1-1 help. However, all they have for the role play area is a table and lack resources!
    Our first topic in September is Ourselves - anyone else got this? What sort of activities are you doing?
    Also, I haven't had a placement in Year 1 yet. I had 2 in Reception but both were very formal and they didnt have much free play time. THey used worksheets rather than practical activities, so I feel a bit behind. What sort of activities would you have available for the children to use while a small group were with the teacher?
  15. Genie girl, you seem like you got a good deal getting medium term plans and help with lit. I get NOTHING! Ourselves is my first topic, think I will do a doctors role play, or maybe a hospital. Not hard tos et up, even with minimum resources! Your classroom seems fab. I`m so jealous!
  16. Phonics.....

    I have very low ability children, all on SA and a lot on SA+. I assessed phonics in the first week and planned from there. We started at Phase 2, some still on Phase 1.

    Foundation subjects....

    Plan creatively. There are lots of ways to cover the skills required in the foundation subjects that don't involve worksheets/formal lessons etc. If you actually look at the NC the skills to cover are very minimal...you DON'T have to cover any particular content...they are just suggestions. There is no rule that says you MUST teach them about florence nightingale...there are plenty of other historical figures to learn about and learn from!
  17. i went into my school today, its a fab atmosphere and staff are lovely and even invited me to the leaving do tomorrow - bowling haha! should be interesting!

    one majour thing though is my classroom is tiiiiiny for 29 children coming from a colossal foundation unit, my dreams of play play play for transition etc for the first half term are slowly disappearing! and the teacher before more is lovely BUT has stripped my poor room naked! gonna be a mammoth task getting it workable again!

    oh and i have no year 1 resources as its an old year two room - hurrah! ;o)
  18. *me* not 'more' lol - i do appologise for my excitedness!
  19. We do actually have to strip them naked I'm afraid!

    My classroom looks really bare and sad and lonely :(
  20. I know I do feel very lucky, just wish I didn't feel so stupid and ignorant most of the time, questioning why they gave me the job etc!
    Pink Tink - I think I'm going to do a hospital role play area. Hoping to scronge some xrays and random bits of equpiment from the hospital (Mum works there so may make things easier) and maybe get a plastic doctors set from a car boot or something!
    They stripped my classroom today - looks very sad. I'm getting them to draw things for one display tomorrow ('We are all stars in Year 1') which I'll put up in the summer. I wanted one for a reward chart (reaching the top of the rocket or something) but none of the other teachers seem to have this...

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