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The Year 1 NQT club 2008

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by pink_tink, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. There are a few threads for other age groups, so thought I`d start us off on one of our owns.

    The place to share your excitement, fears, worries, and gather us all together under one post!

  2. There are a few threads for other age groups, so thought I`d start us off on one of our owns.

    The place to share your excitement, fears, worries, and gather us all together under one post!

  3. Fab idea! I'm starting in year 1 in September, there's another NQT in the other year one class aswell who's been a TA in the school for a while so should be nice!

    I am a little worried there are two NQTs totally responsible for year 1...but I guess if one makes a mistake the other can learn from it too???

    Not really got a clue how i'm going to plan yet, the year one classes I have been in before have been very formal and the reception children coming up have been in a new foundation stage unit so they are only used to play! Hoping i'm going to find out lots when I visit the school again on Tuesday :eek:)
  4. I`m sure you will enjoy it, At least you have someone and someone who knows the school well! Mine is 1 form entry and also very foundation stage based as children are very poor ability. I`m excited but so nervous. No idea where to start with planning. A lot of my friends are getting their planning given to them! I have to start from scratch, which is fine, once I find out where scratch is... :O
  5. Hiya I am starting in year 3 in september and I am bricking it! I cannot do this job!
  6. any questions about year 1...especially the very important transition stuff!...then email me (add hotmail.com to my user name)
  7. would you be able to post any tips/experiences rather than emailing? then everyone can look :eek:)
  8. When I find some time I will...perhaps if people start with questions first as the stuff I could tell is endless!!!
  9. how did you plan for transition from the FS to y1? my school has a very large foundation unit where the children play most of the day and only have small group activities - how long did you follow the FS format before easing into formal type lessons?

    how much of a role can y1 children have in setting rules for the classroom?
  10. My year 1 class set most of the rules with guidance from me.

    I carry on with the exact same timetable as reception for at least a month, more if they need it. Planning is done from the foundation stage guidance as many will not have met their early learning goals.

    As for continued transition from then on we do an hour of high scope a day, normally half hour during self registration in the morning and half hour after lunch.
  11. I've got a year 1 class after spending most of teaching practice in year 6! Any ideas for transition/early days very welcome. Two F2 classes are being split so they won't have been together as a whole class.
  12. Hi,

    So pleased you started this thread, as I now know I am not the only one worrying :)

    My main concern is for the first week. It is a 3 day week and I been told to plan many getting to know you games and activites - which is ok but I have a pure year 1 class in the morning and then 7 year 2 children in the afternoon - how do i stop these children from missing out on the getting to know you activities carried out in the morning?
    Also I have been asked to plan some numeracy activities to act as assessment - where would you plan this from, the EYFS?
    My last placement was a very play based year 1 class but my new job is very formal and seems to lack many toys or actvities - Im losing sleep !

    Many thanks in advance
  13. i've not even seen my classroom yet, how bad is that lol! hoping ill get a look next week!
  14. So happy I've discovered this forum! Found out yesterday that I have a job in year one starting in September. I am so excited but at the same time starting to feel a little worried! Tomorrow I am going into meet my new class and I can't wait.

    What I would love some advice or ideas on is what to display in my classroom for September, I want it to be inviting for the children, but how do you do this without any of the children's work to display or really knowing what the children are interested. Any ideas??
  15. Plan from the EYFS until the children are ready to move on to national curriculum.

    Use the Eprofiles to see where they have gaps in their learning and go from there.
  16. Hi,

    I?m another NQT who will be teaching Yr1 in September. Met my class today but have to say I?m so so worried about the transition stage. Although I understand the expectations and methodology having worked in Reception, I just cannot see how I?m expected to set up my class for the transition when resources are virtually non existent, as is the school budget from what I gather. I have no furniture for a home corner, writing area, sand or water play. It would appear there is hardly any construction or small world play. White boards, which I assumed were a prerequisite in most schools are shared between two children across two classes! I don?t have any computers in my room, although we do have a compute suite. Even such things as pencils or backing paper for display boards are hard to come by. To cap it all, I can?t photocopy anything as this is done by the office and they require 48 hours notice beforehand so making resources will be difficult too!

    After being a TA at another school that was very well resourced, this is a bit of a culture shock. How do other people cope? Maybe I?m panicking needlessly or is situation rather extreme?

    Would love to hear your views and or similar experiences.

    P x
  17. You shouldn't need to do much photocopying, worksheets are evil and should be banned!

    Demand resources. Ask if you can bid for funding. Beg steal and borrow the resources that Reception aren't using on a daily basis, perhaps set up a rota or similar to share resources.
  18. i`m thinking of small trays for desk top sand/water.

    Playdough (costs next to nothing to make)

    writing area - use different shaped A4 paper and pens/pencils/a table and photos to inspire them. Print them of the internet.

    If you don`t have resources for a home corner then don`t have a home corner - do another role play area that can be set up cheaper? Link it to your first topic. Mine is Ourselves so going to have a hospital or a doctors. Ask around for posters/old xrays!

    Laminate some A4 paper - instant whiteboards

    Collect food packaging/toliet rolls etc ask children to bring in boxes - construction is sorted!

    Have the children make your small world. Make buildings out of boxes/paper/glue and then either use tiny wooden figures (20p from early excellence) and add bits of material for their clothes or search ebay/charity shops for cheap figers.

    The children will appreciate everything more! Hope these suggestions help you Phoebe2 - I`m sure, if you have had experience in reception, you can do it without money/resurces just be creative!

    I have only had a year 2 and year 5 placement and am going to be doing my NQT year in a deprived area with poor ability and lots of behaviour/social/emotional issues, I`d love to have had some reception experience as my children will need it!
  19. pink...i work in an extremely socially deprived area with serious behavioural and child protection issues in my school.

    If you have any questions/things you want to discuss then don't hesitate to email me....I've certainly had my eyes opened to some shocking things.
  20. Tend not to use worksheet, however photocopying is very useful when making own resources and for general teaching needs - however not possible in this case.

    Unfortunately demanding will get me know where as funding is non existent. Bidding may be the way to go!

    Yes I intend to do as much begging and borrowing as poss. But alas I?ve been told reception very rarely relinquish their stuff as it?s constantly in use.

    But thanks for your advice!

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