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The Worry Club HQ

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Okay I am sitting here still worried and its my own fault.

    I should have planned earlier. The idea is in my head but as yet has not been committed to paper.

    I am so sad all I have to do is write it down and that will be it and I can go to my bed and maybe even sleep.

    I can live in hope!
  2. Am off to the SMT to see if my trip has to be sooo long tomorrow. Wish me luck.

    Mixu. Stop agonising and do it! And a word of advice to both of us: stop using TES as a work avoidance tool!
  3. Oh hatstand why are you always right!

    Look forward to hearin about the trip lol!
  4. I have planned one lesson this week ..... it is an important one and has only taken me a day to pull together. Now as to what I am teaching for the rest of the week will remain a mystery until I teachin it!
  5. Welcome to my world.
  6. I couldn't give a stuff either hatstand!

    Well your world does include a very cosy time with the Head and I do hope to avoid that type of situation .... LOL! Makes me smile when I think of your situation
  7. How did it go, mixu?
    Look forward to hearing from you!
  8. miz


    My dad has v high blood pressure - collapsed and was taken to hosp yesterday - back home now but still obviously very ill - I worry about him

    I have endometriosis (diagnosed last week finally) I worry that I will never have kids

    I also worry how that is affecting Mr Miz - he is lovely but my problems may affect his ability to be a father - I worry a lot about that

    I come from a family of worriers - dad's bp cannot come down because he gets stressed about it - he even gets worked up when he goes fishing!!!
  9. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Hello Mixu and Neli,

    Hope the observations went well for you both today - breathe a sigh of relief now that they are over and help yourselves to loads of wine/chocolate or whatever else you are into.

    Oh dear Miz, hearing your worries certainly puts mine into perspective. Why is it that stressful situations all come along together? Plenty of people who are diagnosed with endometriosis do have children. As for your dad, I have no helpful advice, but am a good listener if it helps you to talk.

  10. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Thanks Alena but I havent actually had mine yet. I like to worry a bit in advance.

    The Head hasn't even said when it will be yet, just that she will be 'doing' everyone over the next few weeks.

    Hope yours went reall well Mixu.

  11. Thankyou everyone for 'putting up' with a very worried me all weekend. You have all been fantastic!
    ((((((((((((((((((hugs to you all))))))))))))))))))

    I survived! Yes it was not life threatening! I still have my job!

    Neli - you will do it!

    (((((((((((((((((((Miz)))))))))))))))))) - big hugs to you. I hope your dad it okay.

    Not sure about endometriosis - read up on it, is there a support group or website. Speak to the practice nurse or doctor.

    Found this

    National Endometriosis Society
    provides information and support for women in the U.K. suffering from endometriosis.
    Category: Endometriosis
    www.endo.org.uk - More pages from this site

    Can you talk to Mr Miz about your worries about children and him?

    Take care xxx

    Lovebubble - I am still alive LOL!

    Alimund xx
  12. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Well done Mixu, I'm really pleased for you:)

  13. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Big happy hugs to Mixu for being so brave and clever! Neli, I'm sure yours will be great too.

  14. Well done Mixu...that's one box we can thrown in the bin!!!

    Come on the rest of you...lock your worries in my little boxes and I'll take care of them while you get on with enjoying life!

    (((hugs))) to all of you!
  15. Hurrah for mixu - perhaps you will sleep tonite!!!
    Big bucket o' Bailey in Baubles 4u Babe!!!
  16. Thankyou all! I am sure all your good vibes were circulating round my classroom today making it easier fro me.

    Coley ...... the box worked a treat! I was on that parallel universe once it ended so just gravitated towards the staffroom for a cup of tea.

    Coley's boxes are to be recommended! Cheers Coley xxx
  17. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Coley, I would love a few boxes, nothing big, just normal worry-sized. Anything you have in pink would be a bonus.

  18. The purply lilac one is very good for observations....

  19. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    I have my special toilet-shaped box for observation feedback that is not constructive. Perhaps something with stars on it too? Or is that being too demanding?

  20. No .... it has got to be able to chew up the feed back! Best place for it really!

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