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The Worry Club HQ

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Order going through BB!
  2. Mixu, you will be fine. FINE: it will go well. I mean it. If you're a quarter of how intelligent as you seem on these boards, you have NOTHING to worry about! And please get some sleep. You're always on here late!

    I worry that I have to go off on an IB trip with the deputy head. Will I be expected to "tour" with her and have meals etc.? Will spoil the whole thing!
  3. Oh you poor thing! No fun to be had either,
  4. Yeah: sounds great: I get to go to Buenos Aires for a week. Imagine the tourism. Imagine the culture. Imagine the lumpen mass sat next to me on a 10 hour flight moaning about how we teachers don't do our jobs! Imagine 7 days of being nice and hanging out with someone you simply don't respect. Imagine the small talk.

    Yes I volunteered. Yes I underwent an interview. NO I don't want to go now.

    Schemes are forming on how to get rid of her for ennough tme for me to actually enjoy myself. Killing her is foremost.
  5. ROTFL - What are you going to be doing over there? At least you won't have to sleep with her - will you?
  6. May have to sleep with her just to alleviate the boredom.

    Disturbing menatal image.
  7. It may stop her moaning too!
  8. I doubt it. My lacklustre performance will probably be item number one on the next SMT agenda
  9. LOL well it will give your peers a good laugh if nothing else! Your head sounds worse than mine!
  10. My peers aren't laughing. They are gathered in corners muttering phrases like "brown nose" and "golden boy". Many of them applied to go on this course and I have heard a couple of comments to the effect that they're glad I'm stuck with AMT: it's where I belong.
  11. But really this is just nonsense. I will find a way to escape and I will have a good time, and I AM lucky to be going. So shut up me!
  12. There is always a price to pay when something like this comes up .... yours is going with the Head!
  13. You're right, Mixu. I'll just have to lump it. I'll find a way!
  14. You will have to keep me posted as I will be wondering about the antics you will have to get up to to have a good time!

    When do you go?
  15. I leave on the 23rd May. I will of course post all about it. Don't want to start a thread in case someone is watching but will choose one of these where I know you'll find me!
  16. Feel free to email it as I need a good laugh at your expense - sorry at your misfortune!

  17. Have stuck you in my address book. Rest assured that when the fateful moment arrives, passes and is endured, that I shall let you know forst.

    Right. last tequila and then to bed (he says hopefully)
  18. What time is it there?
  19. 01.45. But there is a big party on the next street. Banda music blaring out. I'll never sleep with that. Earplugs are uncomfortable.
  20. Sounds like so much fun why don't you join them?

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