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The Worry Club HQ

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. I worry that one day someone will finally suss about all the stuff I am supposed to be doing and dont!! Making the excuse that I cant fit it in doesnt even convince me. I dont want to fit in 'useless exercises'!
  2. bacardibreezer

    bacardibreezer New commenter

    Cripes, Mixu, you've started something here. if you have a couple of hours free, I could take over the whole board with the stuff that's been keeping me awake.

    Good luck with the obs!
  3. BB this is the place to let all the worries flow onto the page. Sometimes when you write them down it helps and also there are so many people on here who have been in a similar situation and can help.

    Thanks for the good luck too.

    Whining is allowed on here so go for it!

    Ladymary LOL I know what you mean ...... I have a report to write for SMT and honestly what a waste of my time it will be. It is due in at the end of next week and I have not even started it.

    I sound bolshy about it but there is that part of me that is worried about completing it. I was supposed to be getting assitance but the person in question pulled out. Cheers!
  4. Mixu,
    I just put messgage for you on 'who is not going....' thread. Am going out now
    etta x
  5. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Hello Mixu, great idea for a thread, particularly appropriate for me today.

    Normally I'm not a worrier, but have quite a few life changing decisions to make over the next few weeks and didn't quite know where to start on my worry list. Somehow it is comforting to know that I am not alone.

    Aside from your observation Mixu what else are you worrying about? I notice you are often up late posting. Are there things that are keeping you awake? I find that I sleep like a baby, even if I am worried, my problem is I wake in the middle of the night and try and sort my head out. I have now written a list and try to organise my thoughts into worries that have to be sorted out soon and those that are just plain silly and shouldn't enter my head anyway.

  6. Alena - I am recovering from Anxiety and depression and am much much better but when I am put under pressure, as in an observation, the old anxiety creeps back and panic takes over.

    What is your biggest worry?
  7. fishandchips

    fishandchips New commenter

    What a great idea this thread is mixu!

    Me, I'm worried cos I've got so much work to do for uni, but I don't want to take time off work cos that would make other people's lives difficult!!!

    I have 3 weeks in which to write 12,500 words and it has to be good!

    There's loads more worries, but I'm trying to only worry about one thing at a time!

    Good luck to everyone else with their worries xxxx
  8. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Hello Mixu,

    Glad to hear you sound so positive about your recovery. It is important that you put things like observations into perspective. If it goes well...great. If it doesn't it is only one lesson and is not a reflection on you as a teacher, but reflects whether you thrive under pressure, some people do, but the vast majority teach better when not under scrutiny. As for SMT reports...grrr!

    My worries are all intertwined because they all relate. It is really nice not to feel alone in the world when you are confused and worried about things. As I said this is new territory for me, but hearing about the worries of others seems to help put mine into perspective.

  9. Alena - I am recovering from Anxiety and depression and am much much better but when I am put under pressure, as in an observation, the old anxiety creeps back and panic takes over.

    What is your biggest worry?
  10. my computer is playing silly beggars today and I am never sure if I have posted or not.

    Thankyou Alena - I keep telling myself if is a bad lesson what are they going to do SACK ME! Honestly my mind works overtime! Of course they are not - are they?

    Hi Fishandchips!
  11. fishandchips

    fishandchips New commenter

    Course they won't sack you mixu! But if they do... tell them you know a crazy northern b**ch by the name of fishandchips who is gonna come down there and kick their rotten asses!

    *ahem* just relieving some aggression there!
  12. Thanks fishandchips ..... mind you not to have to go back to school would be lovely ..... should I give a bad lesson then? LOL!
  13. fishandchips

    fishandchips New commenter

    sounds like a plan! ;-p you'd get a break and i'd get to give your SMT a good kickin'! heeheehee!
  14. Yes please. A just promoted SMT is a pain in the nether regions as the think the are something special and put undue pressure on you to do extra work.

    A good kickin sounds to good for them!
  15. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Wow dozed off and have just woken up.

    So what lesson I they obseving mixu?

    Mine is ICT arghhhhhhhh!

  16. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Mixu they will not sack you.

    During my NQT year I had a particularly hideous deputy, who also happened to think he was my mentor. (Actually he was a bully and later left the school under a cloud). Anyway after one very unfair unannounced and not very constructive observation and feedback session I was handed my written feedback and found it helped me to take it home and give it to my husband, who then used it as toilet paper. The sound of a chain flushing has always been somewhat reassuring since!

    I'm sure you will have a great observation. If it doesn't go as well as you hoped don't let it get you down. Work is one small part of your life and one bad lesson doesn't mean you are a terrible teacher. I'm sure you are fab!

  17. What a good idea Alena.... Mr Mixu will be getting any written feedback ... oh the sound of a flushing toilet LOL! Cheers you have made me smile!

    Numeracy Neli - Is yours Ict in a suite? How do you find that?
  18. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Yes it's in the suite which is ok when everything is working well but one little blip can ruin the whole lesson.
    I wouldn't mind but both she and the Deputy watched me in there last year,(at different times) there are only so many wonderful ICT lessons I can come up with.

    What are you doing in Numeracy? I hope for your sake it's not bridging!

  19. Interpreting data

    What are you doing in ICT?
  20. neli

    neli Occasional commenter

    Do you work in Primary? If so there is some great software about which would really impress during an obervation. Too Simple, Too Graph, being one.

    I am supposed to be creating pictures so I might do somthing with an annimation programme I have recently acquired.


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