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The Worry Club HQ

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. bbann I always worry about something! I would worry if I didn't!

  2. Yes, I know that feeling!
  3. What are we like?

  4. erm.... do you want me to answer that? LOL
  5. Not really LOL!

  6. WOW! A whole year without worries!
    Is anyone still worried or is that just me?
  7. I am always worried especially if I have nothing to worry about.
  8. Yeah I know that feeling.... LOL!
  9. bnm


    *gives barb a big Chrismassy hug and hopes she is well and not tooooo worried*
  10. *worries because bnm did not give her a big hug*
  11. bnm


    *gives mixu the biggest, squeeziest Christmas hug there is*
  12. Aww thanks! Big hugs to both of you!! xx
  13. Aww nice to be back ...missed you bnm!
  14. bnm


    Missed you too.
    And all the Calcutters.
  15. Awwwwwwww *sob*
  16. Aww what a nice thing to say.
  17. This thread went out in 2005 and I didn't even notice it. Now I have nothing to worry about and worry all the time.
    What a timely revival.
  18. Mental isn't it?

    The energy I use up just worrying!
  19. Hi mixu,
    It's nice to have you back .
    What have you been doing/
  20. Quite a lot really.....just sneaked back the other day for a wee peak and seem to be hooked again.

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