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The Worry Club HQ

Discussion in 'Personal' started by mixu, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Which means you must have done thousands!
  2. erm........ not especially!
  3. Are you half way there yet?
  4. Mixu (sorry for hijack thread)

    I can't log into my hotmail account, just in case you wonder why no message today.

    Love and hugs

  5. Okay Grace hope you are okay and not working too hard.

    Hope to catch you soon. xx
  6. Aww isn;t that nice! (sorry to interrupt)

    I am over half way Mixu but only just!
  7. So you are almost on the home stretch bbann ...keep going!
  8. I am? It doesn't really feel like it!
  9. I know ... the closer it gets to the winning post the harder it seems to be to write any more.
  10. That is how I feel just now. Think I will take a break and get ready to do lots tonight.
  11. Will you feel like it tonight?

    Could you squeeze one more out before you go to school?
  12. Gosh you are a slave driver! LOL
    I will have to feel like it tonight!!
  13. Yes you will but could still fit another one in before you go to school. Are you dressed yet?
  14. Here we go again.............
  15. I have been trying to post on hear for ages! How many have you done now!
  16. I know the feeling, so have I!
    How many have I done? Quite a lot but still got loads to do! They are taking me absolutely HOURS on end!
  17. They are a right pain ... so glad I did not have to write any.
  18. I might have to cry :-(
  19. *hands over box of cyber tissues*
  20. awww thank you xx

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