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the water cycle year 5 lesson

Discussion in 'Geography' started by KatKam33, May 21, 2014.

  1. KatKam33

    KatKam33 New commenter

    Hi all you wonderful people,

    I need to teach a lesson on the water cycle to a class of year 4/5 pupils (25 pupils). I want to make it really interactive and fun. I was thinking of having one child as a water droplet and moving round the class from river to clouds to rain to mountains and back to river. However I need help on how to ensure the rest of the children are involved. Any ideas would be welcomed with open arms! Or if you have any other better ideas???

  2. Why don't you use online game like zondle.com? Select the game, make How to Guide and let the learners play. Further they can assess themselves by the scores.
  3. KatKam33

    KatKam33 New commenter

    Thank you, I muddled through using some resources I found online. Went fairly well I think. I'll take a look at that site though for future ref.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I think as teachers we need to review the available resources for speed and automation, age appropriateness and yes cost effectiveness for our institution.
  5. Angela

    Kindly tell me about any ICT resource which I can use for my Grade 6 learners for teaching Agriculture (problems and solution)
  6. angela

    Do you have any experience of ICT lessons regarding teaching and learning? Kindly share.
  7. angela33

    What are the hindrances in embedding ICT in your school curriculum? Kindly share.

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