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The Time Tribe - a new interactive educational game for 8 -13 year olds

Discussion in 'History' started by parkerheath, May 22, 2012.

  1. Hello,

    Through a group I am in on Linkedin, I have come across this new interactive educational game aimed at 8 -13 year olds (link below). I have yet to look at in detail, but at first glance it looks very good.
    As an archaeologist and teacher I am conducting on-going research into how archaeology can be used to teach across the curriculum at all key stages and I like the way this seems to be addressing not only history LOs but also those associated with citizenship etc. I thought some of you may find it useful and I'd love to know what other teachers out there think about it and whether they think they could use it in their teaching.

    Here is the link (if I do it correctly!)
    if you can't click on it, them I'm sure you can copy and paste...

    I have just realised that there is a kind of plea to give financial backing for the development of the game, but this is not why I have posted about it here!
  2. annajordan

    annajordan New commenter

    It certainly has potential. Whether it is really usable in a real world teaching scenario depends on how they set it up. It has to deliver some historical learning outcomes (whether in terms of knowledge, handling of sources etc) to be really pedagogically valuable. Without these, it would probably be, for most teachers, a 'nice to have' or a 'last lesson of term' kind of activity.I certainly love the idea of students using archaeological practice more in their history studies. I have booked enrichmentthrougharchaeology.co.uk for September to do a workshop with Y9, because I wrote a scheme of work on Troy and found students didn't really 'get' the archaeology bit as much as I wanted them to. I haven't used them before, so can't comment on the outcomes, but I certainly share your enthusiasm!

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