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The TES is looking for your career highlights ? and low lights

Discussion in 'Primary' started by TES_Community, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. TES_Community

    TES_Community Administrator

    On 25 March, the TES will look into all things career-related, from the state of the jobs market to how teaching as a career has changed since we first published. As part of this special issue, the TES Magazine will run a feature on your best and worst moments in teaching - whether it's that time you delivered a lesson that actually felt like one of the teaching recruitment adverts, or the time you had to lock yourself in the store cupboard because you couldn't face the angry mob outside. Submissions can be anonymous, if you wish.
    Please post here or email features@tes.co.uk with your stories. Those published will receive £50 in M&S vouchers. The deadline for submissions is Monday, 7 March.
  2. We have started a new school year in Australia and just today one of the fathers from last year came into find me just to thank me for teaching his daughter last year. After the christmas holidays I though most people would not have bothered with this type of thankyou. Some of my other colluegues were there also, it was great to get this type of feedback after waht seems like so long and it's a very positive way to start the year[​IMG]
  3. The low point of my career ws going to a large primary school near Basingstoke which was like a prison camp and ran like a bank with a bunch of accountants by two workaholic anally retentive women
    The high point was getting out of there pretty quickly and finding a lovely little school in the countryside
  4. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    These Professional Development types really don't get it. Stay where you love and make a real, memorable contribution to those children's lives. Youll bwe remembered long after your retirement and I for one think that's an honourable and admirable career path.
  5. High point of my career has been working in a SM school in a 'deprived' area. Low point has been working in a SM school in a 'deprived' area! However, we are out now so all is well. My rant of the moment is how much I hate this new government and how high calibre potential teachers are finding it impossible to find training providers - grrrr!

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