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The Strange Death of Primary History

Discussion in 'History' started by Mr Read, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. I
    submitted an article to the Historical Association's 'Primary History'
    magazine. Thanks, but no thanks. It wasn't printed. They don't really want
    to articulate or organise outright opposition to the marginalisation of
    history. 'Let's wait. If we oppose everything they won't listen to us'.

    understand their logic, but i fundamentally disagree. What have years
    of 'compromise' and 'negotiations' achieved? According to a survey in
    2006 history accounted for only 4% of teaching time in primary schools.
    That led to the shabby compromise in the Rose Review where history,
    geography and RE were subsumed into 'Humanities'

    Now Michael Gove is proposing a return to 'our island story', the chanting of Kings and Queens and the mnemonic learning of dates.

    is a time to resist and speak out. Historical examples? Martin Luther
    King was opposed by the majority of black preachers who refused to join
    public protests against segregation. 'Deal with it through the courts,
    you'll only provoke the white backlash'. In his letter from Birmingham
    Prison in 1963 Martin Luther King noted that, 'This 'Wait' has almost
    always meant 'Never''.
    Read the article
  2. haytypants

    haytypants New commenter

    I feel that History in Primary schools is now being largely ignored. For the past 17 years I have been the curriculum co-ordinator for Histpry in the school where I work. I love teaching History and still get a real buzz when my pupils share my enthusiasm. Sadly I am no longer in charge of History, but PSHE. History has so much to teach us about the world today. Unfortunately some of my colleagues did not share my opinions, which is their right, but I refused to accept their opinions that History is a minor subject!! Henry Ford once reputedly stated that 'History is bunk!', sadly it seems that some people agree with him. I think we need to inspire children to love History, not chant lists of kings and queens, but find out about real lives and why events, such as the 'Wars of the Roses' for example happened, or even to research their local area. I share the dislike many have for History being subsumed into 'Humanities' it has so many skills to offer.

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